Monday, November 12, 2012

V is for VICTORY

"What a pinko red commie puke bastard, gd Hollywood Liberals

NOTE: If they have a problem with Obama/Biden/Rice then they've got a problem with us too… 
COME ON! Bet, check, DO SOMETHING, ya petty losers. You numbskulls want to secede, by all means… get the f*** outta of our United States you TRAITOROUS scum. We’ve HAD IT with you LYING Conservative wacko mofo’s with your low grade thought processes. AND another thing, I'll buy my pizza (and other products) from the business who provides health insurance for it's employees.

Leaked Classified Document:
CIA Director David Petraeus was compromised, but not by a woman. Neo-Conservative CONSULTANTS in the agency, working for WAR profiteering special interests, were behind the attack on the Benghazi consulate TO MAKE Obama/Biden look bad before the election...”

BUT, what the right wing, chicken hawks didn’t know is President Obama has some real badass, tough guys/gals working behind the scenes to protect him from such hateful Republican “dirty tricks”. Petraeus is being punished for allowing himself to be diverted while all this seditious activity was going down... RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE!  (lol)

Let this be a warning to all those who try to defy, roadblock or sabotage the 2012 Progressive Democratic mandate. WE ARE WATCHING YOU! (10 OF 1000’S Concerned Citizens with cell phone cameras ARE paying attention…)
Anyways someone should write a soap opera about our nation's Military upper-crust hierarchy, the women who sex them and the shirtless FBI agents who do their bidding. (lol)

Funny thing, I didn’t hear any whining from John McCain, Lindsey Graham or Kelly Ayotte during the Bush/Cheney years. You idiots do know 11 Embassies were attacked during the Bush Jr Administration, over 60 dead and 100’s wounded…RIGHT? JEEZ! It’s time to get rid of these lying hypocritical bastards before ALL Americans have to pay for THEIR SINS! 

Conscious Man Consultants will be attempting a face to face with all those chubby, pink-faced young Republicans at Ole Miss who showed their true colors on Election Night. You idiot, racist, pig boys better take 2 steps back and reconsider your positions in this civilized society… because IT’S NOT LOOKING TOO GOOD FOR YOU ARYAN DEGENERATES RIGHT NOW! 

You want to take up guns and try to force your sick twisted version of how things should be in the USA, GO FOR IT! Be warned, you’re not dealing with you Daddy’s pussy, peace & love Liberals. There are 100,000’s of very angry Progressives just itching for a fight… WE WILL COME AT YOU DEGENERATES IN WAYS YOU CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! And if one of you Nazi devils gets it into your head to assassinate one of our leaders, be warned, we will take it out on your family, friends, loved ones if we can’t get to YOU!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Too close for comfort, too disturbing to ignore

What you GOP TRAITORS, liars, propagandists & Trust Fund Baby $ hoarders got coming... WATCH YOUR HEAD!

(I warned President Obama he needed to toughen up since he won in 2008. I just can't believe the 2012 election is so close. Mitt “the Vulture” Romney, REALLY?  It’s a testament to how fucked up our news media and moneyed election process is.)  

NOTE:  I’m writing to you too Chuck Todd.

John Fugelsang is the kind of Liberal I both admire and despise, depending on where we are in the political cycle.  Today for instance, I wanted to give him a cyber bitch slap. John was guest hosting Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, he commented on Progressives overreacting to the news of Tagg Romney having ANYTHING to do with voting machines ANYWHERE!

No John, there’s no f**k’n over-reacting here, if I had any power or pull, I’d be in front Taggs house with a 100,000 angry anarchists calling for his traitorous head on a stake… ESPECIALLY after the last 13 years of voter fraud/suppression. IT’S TIME TO ATTACK until someone comes up with nationwide election standards and get the money OUT of politics. 

We must fight back you see… because our law enforcement officials and Justice Department done nothing to save the American PEOPLE from the corruption. The best example being VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has refused to press charges against Colin Small for throwing away the voter registration forms filled out by Democrats in a Convenience Store dumpster.  WHAT?

And this BS is going on all over the USA by a bunch of religious zealots and Liberal hating fanatics. Why do they hate us so much? I don’t know, I don’t think those Conservative assholes even know, They hate Liberals because the AM radio Limbaughs and FOX told them so. I hope there’s Progressives near Colin Small who locate him and beat his ass, because what he did is about as un-American as it gets.

Now here’s the point where I start to admire Mr Fuglesang for his ability to remain cool, calm and non-violent under the greatest of duress which I do not possess. The threat to the USA these GOP, Conservative wacko crazies pose is off the red end of Homeland Security’s color coded terror alert scale. The words President Romney  bring on visions of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Now imagine Romney/Ryan winning like Bush/Cheney winning in 2000 & 2004. NOT ON MY 2012 WATCH mofo! 

This time the bad guys are being watched by 10’s of 1000’s Concerned Citizens with cell phone/digital cameras. Sort of a Progressive version of that gay weasel James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas, except we don’t have a million dollar budget… we have volunteers and whistleblowers on our side. By the way did you notice police are investigating latest Veritas victim, son of  Rep James Moran (D-VA) but the has done NOTHING to punish the voter fraud operatives working for the GOP.

Remember the Tom Delay operatives in 2000, remember all the voting horror stories, purged voter rolls, intimidation, the chads? Speaking for myself , Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 was a slow motion coup d’etat’ carried out by some very evil, power mad, greed stricken rich guys who should have been shot before they could carry out their Corporate Crime Wave.    

Sure there’s a time for the Fugelsang philosophical charm, BUT NOW AIN’T THE TIME! As John is interviewing some 3rd Party candidate who will now take votes away from Obama/Biden,     I get a text alerting me to the big gathering in Texas with Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck and Josh Romney. See now I have to question Mitt and Ann Romney’s parenting skills… would sent your child to Dallas to hang out with trash like Cheney and Beck? At least we know which Romney sons should be watched, CLOSELY!

REMEMBER: On December 19, 2008, 45 year old Republican operative Michael Connell, accused of vote rigging in Ohio, was killed in a small plane crash into a home near Akron. Karl Rove was heard by witnesses threatening to kill Connell if he testified against the Bush/Cheney Administration

I’m not surprised Progressive spokespersons such as Fugelsang shy away from rocking the boat. He’s made a good living off keeping the LEFT entertained. The Millers and Mahers and Stewarts and Moores and Garafolos and etc… keep the Liberals laughing at Republicans even though the Right is kicking the Left’s ass over & over &... Maybe it’s because you’re all taking the high road or maybe you’re just too busy getting goofy with Julie Brown, RIGHT?

Once again I admire John when he uses Bible quotes to spread love and peace and virtue. When I use the Bible it’s to damn Republicans/Conservatives to the everlasting flames of hell like they‘ve done to the LEFT for the last century. I don’t want to work with the Republican Corporate Ho Party I WANT TO DESTROY THEM using any means necessary…
( - HEY, it worked for Pat Robertson )

I guess I’m an Old Testament Progressive while John Fugalsang could have walked proudly in the New Testament along side Liberal JESUS spreading peace & goodwill until the evil, police state, money changers crucifies them both.

It’s not that I’ve lost the love, man… It’s all about Ecclesiastes 3:1... season and purpose are telling me it’s way past time to give the Right the fight it deserves. These people are some of the worst shameless evil hypocrites to have ever walked on this planet. If we allow them to get back in power they’re going to fuck the LEFT up this time. Anyways, Fugelsang for the most part, is one of the good guys.   

No matter who wins on November 6, 2012... America loses.  Just the fact that almost half of Americans want to give power back to the rich dicks who f**ked us over in the first place tells me I’m on a sinking ship. The world (and it’s corporate entities) will look at us as the United Suckers of America and treat us as such.

Like Osama bin Laden basing his whole terrorist plan on the fact that George W. Bush would be ignorant cowboy enough to break the bank and US economy fighting a WAR on Terror. No one will tell you that both the Bush’s and bin Laden’s were heavily invested in the Military Industrial Complex and depression/pain killer prescription drug industry… how convenient, right?

I blame the news media for this madness. The American PEOPLE handed over the public broadcast airwaves to news organizations who signed public service agreements to keep a informed and educated electorate. What I want to know is who is responsible for so many people not knowing about vote suppression, the Romney’s, Sensata, Delphi, China. Yes, Mr. “Meet the Puppet” David Gregory, “the American people feel comfortable enough with Mitt Romney…” because NEWS pussies like YOU weren’t doing your job.   
© 2012 by SPQR

"While Clinton campaigns for Obama, Bush 43 in Cayman Islands guarding Romney’s $,"  The Ed Show

EMAIL to Gregory Rummo - Columnist:
"I just read an article by Columnist Gregory Rummo in (10-29-12) TITLED “Where 4 more years of Obama…” What I see is a paid propagandist who knows NOTHING about the role of journalism in the USA. Remember the 4th Estate?

Mr. Rummo selectively stacked the BS against the responsible economics of Obama/Biden while totally ignoring the reckless economics of Bush/Cheney. No mention of the debt that carried over from the previous Administration. Just try and get a FOX News anchor, Tea Bagger or Birther or some inbred redneck Conservative wacko to admit 32% of our current budget is to pay for Bush/Cheney spending our national wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card.

HOW could you degenerates forget 2 wars, tax cuts for the rich, Medicare Part iDiot and all the other ridicules supplemental spending that was never paid for, RIGHT? Only the worst, bias, shameless, ignorant, hypocritical traitor could ignore THAT FACT! Mr Rummo didn’t even know 2009 spending was the last Bush 43 budget.

If I wanted propaganda I’d go to Limbaugh or FOX Spin… aahhhh, I mean news. I DEMAND responsible journalism before these Conservative wackos destroy us all. News organizations have missed an awful lot this election season. News focused on Libya but forgot Romney’s tax returns, Mormon charitable & other tax avoidance scams, Delphi, Sensata, Salt Lake Olympic gov bailout, all the vetos while he was Massachusetts Govenor and lies about bipartisanship. What about Project ORCA? (y'know, Romney sending out Tech minions to corrupt voting machines) 

As a matter of fact, WHO needs TV news or read newspapers/magazines that are too bias, stupid or lazy to figure out Mitt Romney is a pathological LIAR?

I’m starting with Gregory Rummo, demanding this HACK is never put in print again… Conscious Man Consultants is coming out with a list of the worst news violators. Like I always say “responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress”. 

News organizations deserve to be investigated to see if they took any of the $1.6 billion Bush/Cheney spent on spin and buying off reporters. It’s not like we DON’T have loads of evidence, I say the mainstream news media should be held accountable for NOT keeping an informed population.

I blame the so-called news journalists for not doing their job during the 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney. NOT REPORTING ON ALL THE WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE, SCANDAL, CORRUPTION, ARMS DEALING, WAR PROFITEERING, Corporate Crime Wave etc… I don’t feel you people have lived up to your public service obligations. Especially the TV networks and AM radio stations. Those are the public airwaves you’re using, right… Or did Republicans give THAT away too?"
from the desk of:
Special Political Operative 101

©2012 by Spo101

"Yea, they can get rid of the electoral college AFTER someone invents a time machine and we can go back to 2000. Funny thing, my fantasies have morphed from the sexy babes of my youth to a sane, righteous, imaginary world of the President Al Gore administration."  
SpoAct on "Up with Chris Hayes" comment board  

NOTE: The legal division of Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank is compiling a target list of government employees who shirked their duties or remained silent during the Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave… And then got high paying jobs in the private sector world of business. (See: “Bailout” by Neil Barofsky) 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tribute to Alan "blind owl" Wilson

I couldn’t stand that the Canned Heat video that was posted on this blog didn’t include the real genius behind the group, Alan “blind owl” Wilson, who unfortunately died way too young on 9-3-70. Accomplished in blues guitar, harmonica, falsetto singing and environmentalism,  RIP bro...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

work together OR ELSE!


I’ve had it with you low grade thought process, Conservative idiot motherfuvckers. I’M NOT GOING TO ALLOW you brainwashed numbskulls to fuck up our future any more than you’ve already done… You people better take two steps back rethink your actions cause that Koch Bros, Tea Party, True the Vote, Lyin Ryan/Romney, Nathan Sproul, voter suppression, fear/hate mongering bullshit is going WAY too far

I ain’t your Mommy’s Liberal, suckers… There’s MILLIONS of strong, ANGRY Progressives who are JUST ITCHING FOR A FIGHT! If I had any power I’d shoot you right wing nut job, Neo-Con, racist, fundamentalist Christian freaks down on site, chop you morons up and feed you cocksuckers to Gulf wildlife.”
Charlie Stunats & the Warriors
Excerpt taken from “
TOP 100 Most Evil People”  by Professor Dale Cassidy

LA TIMES comment:
rhythm79 at 5:37 PM September 2012: "Notice Mrs. Romney is using a Canadair Challenger 601. Outsourced even the aircraft".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years from the 9/11

Oh oH, here we go again, 9/11, war profiteers right? Like Jeb said, George W. kept Americans safe… except for 9/11, anthrax attacks, DC sniper, journalists/contractors getting decapitated, Corporate Crime Wave, job outsourcing, economic collapse, financial terrorism, gutting regulatory agencies, etc…

What will it take for you pitiful pussies to get angry enough to DEMAND ethics, responsibility, accountability or just to punish these evil bastards? Republicans haven’t taken responsibility for last silver spoon, trust fund baby they voted for in 2000-2004, now want to burden Americans with ANOTHER, Mitt the Twit Romney... come on, REALLY? (WAKE UP ya ignorant, pathetic, shameless @$$holes)

"I know it’s a stretch… but for arguments sake lets say Americans can conveniently forget about the 6570 dead, 31,000+ wounded US soldiers and only GOD knows how many Iraqis and Afghanis. Forget that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove took the good will of the world after 9/11 and turned it to HATE and mistrust.

How these chicken hawks sent our troops into battle WITHOUT PROPER ARMOR or any clear cut plan beyond George W. declaring “Mission Accomplished”. Never mind military strategists didn’t think it was a good idea to get rid of the ONE dictator (Saddam Hussein) in the Middle East that had an IRON BOOT on the throat of fanatical Islam. Remember… the terrorist, Osama bin Lunatic, degenerates that caused 9/11?

Forget IRAN? Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove and Morning Joe can have victory in Iraq when they can stroll through Iraq WITHOUT an armored division and air support to keep them from harm… y’know like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done several times since the USA got rid of Saddam.

FORGET the 4 TRILLION dollars wasted or the 20 BILLION dollars missing or the 175,000 weapons misplaced or all the arms dealers and WAR profiteers that milked our national treasury. FORGET about all the Constitutional VIOLATIONS, domestic spying, bold lying, Justice Dept. bias, Walter Reed, Abu Ghraib, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy military contractor work…

YEAaaaaa… once again, imagine we live in a country where almost half the population is dumber than a tree full of monkeys.  These citizens are so damn ignorant they allowed some of the worst criminals in history bend them over and fucked them in the @$$ for 8 years. Even worse these numbskulls LIKED IT so much they want MORE!

MORE of the waste, fraud, abuse, lies, incompetence, scandal, fear mongering, sexual deviancy, corruption, off-shore tax evasion, media consolidation, arms dealing, reckless economics, deregulation, war profiteering, deregulation, Bush/Paulson corporate welfare, Constitutional violations and a Corporate Crime Wave of EPIC proportions. THE GREATEST LOOTING OF A NATION’S WEALTH AND RESOURCES IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!

IF THE READER CAN POSSIBLY FORGET ALL THAT… then the WORST thing the Bush Administration DID was NOT raise taxes to pay for the WARS, tax cuts for the rich and Medicare Part iDiot
©2010 by FGE

9/11 an inside job? Nooooooo… I know, I KNOW… it’s just a coincidence Bush/Cheney kept George Tenet -CIA and Norman Mineta - Sec. of Transportation over from the Clinton Administration. The two agencies most affected by 9/11 so they could blame Democrats, RIGHT? 

9/11 is the guilt you neo-cons can’t escape from. You dirty rotten ~*@#suckers were WARNED by the CIA about terror attacks on US soil from May 1, 2001 to the famous August memo yet you losers DID NOTHING! Now you degenerates try to take credit for killing bin Laden? WHAT! There is special place in HELL for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Rice, Wolfowitz, etc SINNERS!

suggested reading: "500 Days" by Kurt Eichenwald

NOTE: Whck Rove... FREE Don Siegelman!

© 2012 by Spo101

I’m telling you something stinks this whole situation. Neo-Cons move greedy fanatic savages around the Middle East like so many pawns on a chess board.
"The breaking news in Libya and Egypt is a farce. The same covert-op, Christian, neo-con devils who instigated the protests before the Iran Hostage taking incident during the Carter Administration are perpetrating these traitorous acts AGAIN! The situation in Iran led to the defeat of Jimmy Carter to Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6... Big monied interests are paying off Libyan-Egyptian locals to storm US compounds in a concerted effort to bring down Obama/Biden before the election. By the way, what has Ollie North been up to recently? Learn to THINK again... 

by SpoAct

"In a July interview on CNN, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated, “I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing, in regard to our security, more than anything that I can remember in the past.” He reiterated that position in an Aug. 3 interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News.
As the Jewish daughter of a holocaust survivor, the security of Israel is of deep personal concern to me. Romney’s misguided accusatory remarks about U.S./Israel relations indicate to me that he does not have the background or skills to become commander in chief." 
Written by Francie WOLFF

"Hey Useful Tools & other Conservative imbeciles... remember October 23, 1983 how 241 Marines were killed in Lebanon then President Reagan cut & run ?

Chris Hayes on Real Time with Bill Maher…

Progressive spokespersons such as Hayes, Ed Shultz, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, the Young Turks, etc making the case for raising taxes on the Rich is actually a good argument... BUT, I can’t help thinking an important ingredient in that mix would be how the money is SPENT once governments bureaucrats get their slimy little fingers on it. (lol) SEE: post titled "A serious misallocation of resources"

What good is raising taxes if it goes to money pits like the Military Industrial Complex or the WAR ON DRUGS Industrial Complex or the Oil Subsidies Industrial Complex or the Jail/prison Industrial Complex or the Paramedical Industrial Complex or even the Wall St/K-St Corporate Crime Wave?

WHY is Chris Hayes agreeing with the Conservative wacko concerning the Carter Administration? Instead of looking at the HISTORICAL FACTS that big business and the military sabotaged the 4 years Carter had to fix the Nixon mess. An Oil shortage… REALLY? Inflation… REALLY? Ollie North was in charge of the FAILED Iran Hostage rescue mission… REALLY? 

NOTE: See post on Class War Cyber Bitch Slap titled “May Day 2012, The People are coming to dinner”,
Special Political Operative 101


Sunday, July 1, 2012

A sad goodbye to a radical genius

UPDATE July 4th 2012: 
After all the flag waving, patriotic songs and fireworks... love of the USA and doing what’s best for this great nation took over. I couldn’t bring myself to help Republicans no matter how much money was offered. A while back I decided to ask legitimate questions about a Mitt Romney Presidency and the answers I got were quite disturbing. One struck  me as particularly hypocritical since the Conservative wackos made such a big deal about the pitiful lies concerning Obama taking his oath on the Holy Koran. I was shocked to hear that if elected President, Mitt Romney will swear an oath with his hand on the Book of Mormon. What do all you holier-than-thou Evangelical Christians think about THAT? I can only hope and pray readers remember who said it first before all those Liberals plagiarize my writings again...
© 2012 by FGE


Never Mind:  X (*deleted) 
NOTE: I had a major family catastrophe and needed $ fast, AND THE CONSERVATIVES OFFERED BIGTIME! I had a moment of weakness...
But when it came down to it I would have never sold out to the big $ assholes no matter how bad things got. I'm back now, "Send the GOP to hell in 2012"
CONFESSION: I made this decision after watching the 60 Minutes segment on Qartar (7-1-12) It hit me how badly our so-called representatives in government screwed over the American PEOPLE for a very few wealthy *****’s and how few citizens are holding them accountable. So I decided to act like the majority... watch out for my own best interests, watch out for my own best interests, watch out for... (lol)

I was going to give the Obama/Biden campaign the one sentence that will ruin any White House hopes the Romney’s had.  Since I almost single-handedly strong-armed 3rd Party Liberals/Independents in New Mexico to vote for Obama in 2008... FOR FREE, I thought good information might be worth $. But the Democrats don’t pay for their community organizers and political activists like the GOP does. It wasn't easy, the 3rd Party Liberals/Independents really hated Obama (watch local Indy Media broadcasts 2007-2008)

Now NOTHING is for FREE anymore, the sale signs are going up because I’ve come up with questions and answers that can sway the 2012 Presidential election for Obama/Biden

No KIDDING  here, if I write or speak these words then it will spread throughout the land and turn Conservatives against Romney.  I’m hoping the penny pinching, tight @$$es in the Democratic Party pay up because the last thing I want is for that silver spoon trust fund baby Mitt Romney to win the White House. It would be a death blow to any rights and freedoms enjoyed by the average American citizen. The One World Order dreams of elitists like George H. W. Bush (41) would come true as well of his statement; “…this is an ownership society”. 

The problem is I’ve lost faith in our system, 3 branches of US Government and in the American PEOPLE who don't seem to care the Republicans turned us all into debt slaves. 

Mitt Romney, the Bush Crime Family, Koch Bros, Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court and all those rich *******’s on the Council for National Policy are going to try an buy or rig the 2012 election and only a handful of Americans are DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY!

I can’t imagine how these misinformed, apathetic *****’s  are going to explain to their children/grand children how they did nothing while a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad silver spoon con artists ravaging/expatriated most of our nation wealth/resources and THEN turned FREEDOM into a delicate concept. This will be especially difficult for voters who remain loyal to those degenerates in the GOP. The youth will curse their very existence.

The rich guys actually got the dumb@$$es to vote against their own best interests or not to vote at all. I’m starting to despise the Left as much as I do the Right because they refuse to put up a real fight against the Conservative wackos.  The LEFT WING has never learned the value of long term strategic planning dimension in politics 

After the Bush/Cheney disaster I thought the American PEOPLE would rise up to demand accountability and take their power, public airwaves, financial system and representative government back… But those cunning, scheming, vicious but well financed son of ***** used the average citizens anger against them. The Tea Party and 2010 GOP victories were an abomination against everything I believe in.

I want at least $250,000 before the deed is done. The first camp that pays me off will get the information needed to win the election and the data against them will be destroyed. THIS IS NO JOKE, this info against Romney is so damaging he will never recover… 

As far as Obama/Biden is concerned they’ve done nothing wrong other than off-shore oil drilling policy, accountability issues with the Wall St criminals and not prosecuting Bush/Cheney. This isn’t personal it’s business… I've got nothing bad about Obama/Biden... this is about a strategic plan I've worked out for the Obama campaign that would assure them a victory. I’ve always volunteered and supported Democrats but they’ve been plagiarizing me for so long without giving me credit for my work, I’ve had it. 

I can only hope the youth gets their heads out of their consumerism lifestyle @$$ and carry on the political activism/community organizer work I’ve spent half my life volunteering my precious time to. The blog post concerning ORGANIZED CRIME will be the last I write. SPQR, Spo101, Sal Celeste, Lloyd the Baptist, Charlie Stunats, Mary B. among others will continue to carry the serious radical torch. I’ll be too busy writing both a non-fiction and fiction version of my manuscript before my time is up…
Goodbye and good luck,

NOTE: Contact my associate Special Political Operative at Conscious Man Consultants to start the bidding.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Organized Crime

 Bush the dancing cheerleader president. *Coming soon: Mitt Romney dances for billionaires!

Wow, I bet Obama & Holder regret not prosecuting Bush/Cheney...

Fast and Furious, huh? That original program WAS instituted by Bush/Cheney, right? Hey, what happened with all those Mexican Special Drug Agents who were armed and financed by George W. and then started working for the Drug Trafficers?  What about those two Federal Air Marshalls who were caught smuggling cocaine? Did Issa or anyone in the Republican Corporate Ho Party investigate ANYTHING during Bush/Cheney?

Funny but I didn’t see any Issa hearings after 175,000 weapons turned up missing in Iraq during the Bush/Cheney disaster. By the way, wasn’t Darrell Issa a car thief? What a bunch of shameless hypocrites. It seems the real crooks are politicHo’s making laws to protect themselves from being prosecuted for the 100’s of crimes elected officials have committed since 2000.

When I heard real life “Goodfella” Henry Hill died, the first thing I thought of was how much Republicans reminded me of the crooks and con artists, RIP paisan, ya ****’n rat (sorry, lol)

They say Mitt Romney learned how to be a Vulture Capitalist watching the scene in “Goodfellas” where the hoods takeover the chump’s restaurant.  Voting for Romney is a vote for fascism, “…more appropriately called Corporatism…” or will he make the trains run on time? (lol)

Italian-Americans got a saying about Rudy Giuliani, “Rudy got rid of the Mafia in NYC and then the US Government took over organized crime”.  (LOL) I know, I KNOW, it’s just another coincidence a new smokable form of heroin showed up in inner city America not long after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld invaded Afghanistan. The same thing happened during Reagan/Bush with crack cocaine, Tosh Plumlee & Iran/Contra… strange, right? Rumors since tell how the GOP learned to launder drug profits through their campaign contributions.  Evil?

What about those Capos in the Supreme Court legislating “Citizens United” from the bench?  Americans haven’t had a Court this criminal since the McCarthy Era. The 5 Conservative wacko Justices essentially made bribery legal and negated the argument that Republican do work for the People because Corporations are now PEOPLE too. Also they gave the rich guys an advantage by tightening the grip of Unions having the freedom to spend their own money. Supreme Court appointments are an important factor when picking Presidents, one more Conservative Justice and the USA is f***ed!

NO kidding, I've heard George W. Bush’s favorite movie is “Goodfellas”, lol. I wonder who killed more people and  stole more money, the Mafia since 1932 or the Bush Crime Family since 1988.  I know, I KNOW, it’s just another coincidence every time a Bush is in the White House Americans have to suffer through a banking/financial crisis/scandal... ya suckers.

WASP, white collar, Bank robbers with police and Secret Service protection, now THAT is Un-American. Maybe economic terrorists? Talking about an evil mob, the Republican Corporate Ho Party turned us all into the United Suckers of America.

A long list of legislation starting with “fiscal conservatism” and “trickle down economics” led to the decline in federal aid to local governments from $64 per resident in 1980 to $29 in 1992. To REPLACE the lost funding, a mandate for LAW ENFORCEMENT and Criminal Justice (sic) System to generate revenue for itself, State and local governments. PROFIT margins created a government VS. the PEOPLE mentality.

NOTE: (Sunday, April 16, 2000 Press-Enterprise B-1 article titled “San Bernardino County leads nation in forfeitures” WHAT? Joseph D. Mcnamara, a research fellow at Stanford University and former police chief in San Jose, said: “I think in general it’s a BAD MISTAKE to have the police interested in anything other than the pursuit of justice

Add the special interest pandering which further separated the PEOPLE from “LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE”. As a mater of fact JUSTICE became a commodity bought and sold by the wealthy, powerful and well-connected. Jail and forced slavery for everyone else who can't afford to PAY UP…

Southern speed traps, stupid drug laws, Red State expensive toll roads and Arizona routine traffic stops. Hidden taxes through police ticketing, tolls, fines penalties, code enforcement, seizures, court costs among other  ways law enforcement generates income for itself and local governments.  The whole system reminded me of something I couldn’t put my finger on when it hit me… a shake down by ORGANIZED CRIME!  

"All the adults of my youth were Italian immigrants, so I’ve heard the stories about living under Mussolini during WWII. They suffered, they endured and they DAMN WELL KNOW A FASCIST POLICE STATE WHEN THEY SEE IT! So forgive my inbred hatred of anything resembling totalitarian tyranny". FGE

Speaking of tyranny has anyone read the new Free Trade Agreement?

Managia la America,

Mafia hit list to save the USA! by Charlie Stunats

1)The Republican Corporate Ho Party who’ve done MORE damage to the USA than any Middle Eastern terrorist or Mob street criminal.
"As far as I’m concerned, after the Bush/Cheney disaster, the Republican Party is dead to me. The results of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) speak for themselves. Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy contractor work, job off-shoring, arms dealing, obstructionism, environmental deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a corporate crime wave of epic proportions. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth & resources in the history of mankind… Yet these shameless hypocrites have the audacity to act they’re the responsible adults at the table, when they can’t even take responsibility for their own failures, incompetence and low grade thought processes. BULLS***!

2) The fake mainstream news media that tries to convince the American PEOPLE that crazy Republicans are still relevant after the Bush/Cheney catastrophe .

3) those ignorant, racist, inbred deadneck, numbskulls who keep voting for the insanity Republicans have offered over & over & over &…
"I’m convinced Republican voters are suffering from some propaganda induced madness. Severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia, racial hatred, religious delusions and all the pharmaceuticals Conservatives are ingesting have them making the same mistakes, over & over & over, expecting a different result…" (insanity). QUIT GETTING DUMBED DOWN BY FOX NEWS OR am radio LIMBAUGHs, ya freaks! 

4) Those rich, well-connected assholes like the Koch Bros, Bob Perry Diane Hendricks, Sheldon Adelson, Rich Devas, Foster Friess, Louie Moore, Trevor Rees-Jones and those greed stricken, power mad idiots who make up the Council for National Policy.

5) All those Sexual Deviates and Cougars at FOX News sexually abusing young impressionable interns.  These predators use their power to use the lure of an exciting, well-paid job at FOX to satisfy their twisted sexual desires.  Bill O’Reilly being the best example, passed on his evil legacy to those who came after him. The new generation of deviates includes Steve Doocy’s gay son who organized the so-called Millennials for guest appearances and scandalous after-hour orgies not seen since Nero’s Rome.  

How is it possible all that law enforcement/Homeland Security missed the Corporate Crime Wave that occurred during Bush/Cheney? Waste, fraud, abuse of power, corruption and war profiteering on a scale not seen since the Robber Barron Era. THE GREATEST LOOTING OF A NATION’S WEALTH/RESOURCES IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND and I didn’t see one Republican Party official or Wall St. derivatives manager get clubbed or pepper sprayed. Somebody is taking kickbacks…

It used to be called bribery, collusion and all those crimes covered by the RICO Act. How come they can get away with a white bred corporate crime wave of epic proportions but our jails are filled by pot smokers and Italian-Americans? WHY IS THAT, ya ****'n racists? These Wall Street guys ruined our economy with their reckless policies and deregulation, so why aren’t the American PEOPLE standing up to them? WHY AREN’T THE FED’S PROSECUTING?

The Wise Guys would’a loved the suckers of the Right-wing because the hypocrites are thick as thieves. Open your eyes and look at the Bush/Cheney catastrophe… The rich guys spit in American faces, pulled down Americans pants, f***ed Americans in the @$$ for 8 years and stole your wallet before they left in 2008.

Any American citizen with half a brain is VERY angry, demanding accountability but Republicans don’t see it that way. They liked the violations so much they want MORE! No wonder they vote for all those candidates with that certain boyish good looks (Rubio, Brown, Ryan, etc.) 

GOP - Gay Old Party, lol…I heard the Minneapolis airport men’s room was the most popular hangout during the 2008 Republican National Convention, lol.

NOTE: HA! Did you see the way Senate Republicans resembled smitten school girls talking to Jamie Dimon at the banking hearings? It was almost as bad as all the Bush Jr. kissing and hand holding every time the Saudi Royals came to the Crawford, TX ranch. Shameless Ho's... (lol) 

©2012 by FGE

Revised after Senate Banking hearings:
"After watching members of Congress questioning Jamie Dimon like they were a bunch of smitten school girls… and then listening to those sell-outs in the news media cover the banking crisis/scandal… I realized our government doesn’t have it’s heart in holding the rich guys accountable for their billion dollar crimes. Now, as laid out by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence it’s up to the PEOPLE to ACT!  If the PEOPLE don’t fight and take their power back then FREEDOM and RIGHTS will be reduced to delicate concepts. Allow me to explain how this is happening.

Corporations are people too?
Republicans believe Corporations have a right to do as they please. Most card carrying conservatives are so ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO… The Neo-Conservative credo is “limited intervention in the economy and substantial intervention in morality”… which means let the rich guys do whatever they want while pointing fingers at the little people

A “Conservative Labyrinth” preaching, jailing, fining, penalizing, taxing, code enforcing, pepper spraying and blaming the Average American. The Rich @$$holes almost bring down the world’s economy and the LAW ignored it but CONTROL by AUTHORITY targets the lower classes like they grew a tail and it looked like a cop (lol).

The Billionaire Aristocrats and their Republican Party flunkies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR! These vain, self-serving, power-mad, greed stricken silver spoon con artists have turned the USA into the United Suckers of America.

Reagan/Bush killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. By 2006, it is the exact opposite. Why? Years of Republicans selling out the American middle class, that’s why. The Bush’s and a Republican Controlled Congress (1994-2006) gave it up for a very few wealthy families.

And what did these elitists DO? Stall new technology, steal pension funds, move to China, India, Mexico. THIS while paying for those high priced, patriotic commercials, WE LOVE THE USA, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, etc. BS!  (when I snap my fingers you‘ll wake happy and refreshed… lol)

I think we need to focus on those in the TOP 1% Koch Bros, the Bush Crime Family along with their flunkies such as the Mitt Romney, Scott Walker types. An American Aristocracy, who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers… The water, air and wealth of resources used to manufacture the goods. The brain power and innovation, with American ingenuity, technology, ideas… using infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer… And how did they repay us? The silver spoon, trust fund baby m’f***er’s moved all our jobs to Asia, fouled our environment with stuff that would make a bill goat puke and turned our politicians into a stable of high priced prostitutes.

It used to be called bribery, collusion and all those crimes covered by the RICO Act. How come they can get away with a white bred corporate crime wave of epic proportions but our jails are filled by pot smokers? WHY IS THAT? These Wall Street guys ruined our economy with their ALEC, reckless policies and deregulation, so why aren’t the American PEOPLE standing up to them? WHY AREN’T THE FED’S PROSECUTING? WHERE’S THE IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATIVE NEWS REPORTS documenting the outrage?

It’s up to the PEOPLE to focus on those billionaires meeting at the Koch Bros, rich @$$hole Convention in San Diego. These are the true enemies of the our beloved USA who want to do a hostile takeover of everything Americans hold dear about our great country and turn the average American into a debt slave.

Conservative are insane, you brainwashed fools YOU! Here’s the thing Conservative/Republicans have yet to grasp. Sure we’re fighting war on terror (allegedly) at the front door but you people left the back door open to economic terrorists. Remember the COLD WAR? Remember our former enemy those Red Commie pukes? How much did we spend to fight them, TRILLIONS? AND WHAT BECAME OF THAT? The rich guys decided to sell the American worker out to the Commies. Communist China now owns a third of our national debt. Thanks for NOTHING m’#*@/r’s!

After the corporate crime wave that was perpetrated during the Bush/Cheney disaster… I can’t believe there is still morons/fools out there who think capitalism can survive WITHOUT ethics, responsibility and  accountability. Believe it or not, Republicans all over the nation are involved with a reverse Robin Hood philosophy of raising taxes on the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich… INSANITY!

If the government doesn’t start to regulate and punish the con artists on Wall St then the PEOPLE will rise up to get the power back. Like I always tell my Conservative wacko friends, this ain’t no Tea Party, this is a full scale Class War and the Aristocrats are kicking the American People’s @$$! If you don’t join the fight then you’re a coward who doesn’t deserve the rights and freedoms the Constitution affords.

None too soon, because the hypocrites are thick as thieves. Open your eyes and look at the Bush/Cheney catastrophe… The rich guys spit in American faces, pulled down Americans pants, f***ed Americans in the @$$ for 8 years and stole your wallet before they left in 2008. Any American citizen with half a brain is VERY angry, demanding accountability but Republicans don’t see it that way. They liked the violations so much they want MORE!

There’s only a few thousands of them but there’s MILLIONS of us. There’s 48 MILLION of us living below the poverty level. Probably another million+ non-violent offenders ruined by the jail/prison industrial/vendor complex & Convict Lease System. That’s a fight I’ll take… what about YOU?  I am somebody who despises cowards"

Frank from Albuquerque
© 2012 by FGE


Monday, May 21, 2012

Serious misallocation of resources better known as the WAR on Drugs

“…come’a California on vacation, I & I leave on probation…” SPOACT (on You Tube)

So the State of California has a debt problem… With all those people railroaded to jail/prison... With all the vendors and seizure artists profiting from them. With all those police fining, harassing,  penalizing, abusing power, ticketing, searching, seizing, code enforcing, among techniques of law enforcement generating income for itself, state and local government.  It's funny, CA government can’t get it’s act together.

I was listening to the news describing how drug agents were burning tons of marijuana seized in CA State Parks… Ok let me get his straight State of California. ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? Not only do youi waste money on all the law enforcement used for this operation but then you burn one of the most valuable commodities on the planet? You stupid m‘*****ers deserve to go under.

That goes double for the Feds… If I was a DEA agent or Narc I’d be too ashamed to admit it. Did you know the first drug law was enacted in 1914, huh? With productivity like THAT in the private sector and Americans would strill be driving Model T’s, hauling ice and shoveling coal… (lol) 

I am somebody who hates a serious misallocation of wealth and resources

©2012 by Frank Spo

Men on fire?
I have a question for Conservative voters. Do you care that Karl Rove is lying to you… AGAIN? Conservative men are always bragging about toughness but they let Karl Rove treat them like they’re stupid fools over and over.  Rove has been lying to the Conservatives for over a decade now but the COWARDS refuse to call him on it. It’s actually the most pitiful, pathetic thing I’ve ever been witness to.

Karl Rove and his super PAC Crossroads/GPS has come out with an anti-Obama/Biden ad that is so deep with lying BS I don’t know how he gets away with it. Either Conservative voters are getting some really bad information or you people really are the biggest suckers in the history of mankind.

That's how it goes for the news media. Oh Lord, I wonder if there is ONE Conservative news person who will come out and do a rundown of the lies from the GOP and Crossroads political ad? Will one newsman hold Rove accountable?  I know it won’t be on FOX…

When are Americans going to realize WHAT IS TRUTH? Who are the real enemies of FREEDOM? Rich @$$holes like Rupert Murdoch have deep connections in China. In the last 3 years, I feel a number of scenes were staged to make the Obama Administration (and Democrats in general) look bad and to gain bargaining tools for the Communist Chinese. FOX News has become a terrorist cell for the Commie Chinese and Saudi Royals. (lol) “Stellar Wind” huh? All made possible by Republican controlled Congress of 1994-2006 who legislated foreign ownership of our PUBLIC broadcast airwaves.

The best example being Fox news… This powerful propaganda tool uses a harem full of leggy, high heeled, leggy young Ho’s (from the Clair Booth Luce/Ann Coulter Institute) to deliver the Tokyo Rose one liners for the foreign agent Rupert Murdoch. I like to call it propaganda porn… (lol)

Murdoch is working for the Commie Chinese. (Murdoch married a Chinese intelligence agent and built his new mansion in China in case he had to escape prosecution from all the Western nations he screwed over.  This den of spies use FOX news as their cover and means to spread their “divide and conquer” propaganda. This and the economic terrorism on Wall Street proves Homeland Security and the Patriot Act  were HUGE failures.

Several studies have proven that people who watch FOX news are more misinformed than those who watch NO NEWS AT ALL! Conservatives wackos are traitors but they’re so ignorant they don’t even know it. If only they’d turn off the propaganda and look at the facts. What are the results of Republican rule compared to when the Democratic Party is in power? In every category the results speak for themselves. The American PEOPLE do better under Democratic rule.

©2012 by Spo101


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 - VOTE for Democrats or die...


 I don’t like what I’m hearing from Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Independents… you're sounding like quitters.

Ever been to a political meeting of Liberals? FOCUS is not their strong point… Passion yes, energy yes, noble deeds yes,  the ability to accomplish one task at a time, toward a higher goal… f*** NO!

Just in the last few months I’ve wasted precious time listening to every issue under the sun. these rights those rights, this environmental disaster or that one, this war or that, this arms dealer to that, this endangered species or hunters, the Palestinians and more than I wanted to hear\ about LGBT and abortion… AND MORE! When all I wanted was to get everyone on board with ONE GOAL IN MIND that was VERY IMPORTANT at this time. That would be to do everything possible to get to the root of ALL OUR PROBLEMS… to DESTROY the Republican Corporate Ho Party in the next few elections.

But I just can’t get the Liberal elite mofo’s to understand. Who am I after-all, just some loudmouth whose volunteered half a life of my free time in the trenches fighting the good fight. During the great anti-police brutality, government accountability movement (1998-2004) in So. Cal, Howard Zinn sent me a signed letter calling my writing “vivid and compelling”. 

NOTE: Hey don’t take my word for it. Read “Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth” by John S. Saloma III, the book of all books describing how the Left failed to counter the plans of the Conservative Labyrinth 

It’s like the Republicans are the  ONLY people who have any idea what Long Range Strategic Dimensions in politics. They have acquired a steady stream of financing or contributions, set in motion political action groups, religious broadcasters, corporate political organizations. They had the patience to follow through to achieve their goals and agendas.

Look what the Republicans/Conservatives did after the Left-wing victories in the 60’s-70’s, they formed Conservative think tanks and policy centers, they networked with the rich silver spoon trust fund babies,  war profiteers, an army of attorneys/spin doctors and police protection with ONE GOAL IN MIND! "...Never, NEVER allow this *****’n “Power to the People” thing to happen ever again…"

In the late 70’s early 80’s, while the LEFT was watching “Cheech and Chong” and grooving to FM radio music… The RIGHT was buying up AM radio stations, all over the nation, at bargain basement prices… as much as I hate to say, IT WAS GENIUS. They put together an propaganda empire that made Radio Free Europe look like two cans and a string.

Radio Free Conservative
or what the Intelligence community calls psychological warfare, Rush “Tokyo Rose” Limbaugh and clones put together the greatest brainwashing of a target simple mind population in the history of warfare… RIGHT ON OUR HOME SOIL! 

(I thought financing propaganda inside US borders is a No No procedureboy)

They had the patience to plan for 30+ years to have their greed stricken, power mad orgy of the Bush/Cheney disaster. A corporate crime wave of epic proportions, the greatest looting of a nations wealth and resources in the history of mankind…

YET, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Independents are acting like this sort of BS happens every day. YOU PUSSIES SHOULD BE RIOTING IN THE STREETS AND CHOPPING UP THE ARISTOCRATS and feeding them to Gulf wildlife. No you f*** cowards are going to run away from Obama/Biden like some jilted schoolgirl and allow that silver spoon trust fund baby take over and run our nation into the ground.

You @$$holes were already turning on Obama/Biden two years into the mess they inherited. What’d you people think? The Obama Administration could come onto the scene and repair what the Republicans/Conservatives took 30 years to ruin? COME ON!

Ok, simply put, here’s the ONLY plan that will work for Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents. (See

2) get rid of the Republican Party, the root of all our problems
3) after the GOP is history, do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party (which is much easier to do than get a 3rd Party candidate elected)
4)force the government back to it’s original purpose of working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE (corporations are NOT people

If your working on anything else you’re a pathetic loser who knows nothing about real CHANGE! If Liberal attitudes after the Bush/Cheney cataclysm have taught us anything it would be “if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem”. Truth be told, I’m starting to despise the Liberals almost as much as I hate the Conservatives. Pass the torch, I put my time in, I’m too old and too hurt to volunteer anymore, I need to get paid for my experience and creativity. I’m writing the great American Novel now so any publishers pay attention and share the ****’n wealth.
© 2012 by Special Political Operative 101 

Seen in the chat room for  “Talking Liberaly, Stephanie Miller show”, Current TV  (5-16-12)
Spo101 says: “The GOP is full of liars, con artists and all those suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions… if they win the USA is f***ed

FOCUS! Please focus...
Every election season the GOP gives the microphone to the crazy Evangelical gay haters and lets the divisiveness begin. Sorry Liberals, Romney’s gay bullying story is a plus for the Conservative wacko voters.

Look, I’m all for LGBT rights/unions but I think you’re na├»ve if one doesn’t know the Republican Corporate Ho Party is playing gays for fools. Listen to spokespersons such as Kerry Eleveld on the Bill Press Show, criticizing President Obama because he hasn’t done exactly what she wants.

Someone even mentioned the LGBT community wouldn’t be supporting Obama/Biden in 2012. I know one thing for sure… THIS is a NO WIN situation for President Obama. Forcing the issue at this time was a Republican Plan! Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered just handed the Christian Right VOTE over to Mitt Romney… even Ralph Reed crawled out of his coffin to make a statement on Obama’s so-called WAR on Marriage.

Most of the Evangelical Christian Coalition were going to sit this election out because of Romney’s Mormon background. As of  a week ago Evangelicals were still debating whether Christians would vote for a Mormon. See Christianity Today politics blog, 4-16-12... (hey why do Christians need a politics blog? I thought tax exempt status meant no political organizing)

BUT, many so-called Christians have been inbred to believe gays and commies are the devils spawn who should be shot on sight. (think I’m joking? Listen to AM radio preachers next time one drives cross country) Their hatred of fags, dykes and fancy pants out rules their disgust of other religions.  (if JESUS were alive today he’s never stop throwing up at the way his philosophy was hijacked by money changers)

Anyways, the *****’s at the GOP just rented the Larry Craig suite at Minneapolis Airport men’s room, opened a bottle of expensive Champagne, bent over the famous Conservative transsexual Ann Coulter and let the party begin… Ted Haggard and Mark Foley are putting on a sexual deviancy power point presentation. (lol)

I say SHAME! It’s not like the President doesn’t already have his plate full of problems… I’m not sure the 49 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level even think about LGBT issues. There’s the dicey economy, war profiteers, high gas prices, Right Wing extremism, mortgage crisis, Citizens United, voter suppression, Republican obstructionism, environmental disasters, not to mention the Wall St. con artists and Corporate Crime Wave who perpetrated the greatest looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of mankind… BUT LET’S ALL SPEND OUR PRECIOUS NEWS MEDIA TIME HARPING ABOUT SAME SEX MARRIAGE!

How’s this for political strategy LGBT community? GET RID OF YOUR OPPRESSORS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! You have two choices in 2012, VOTE for Obama/Biden and get respect… OR don’t vote, vote for 3rd Party, then Republicans win and gays are sent to Christian/Mormon re-education camps where they’ll beat the gay out of you…
Good Luck **********'s

 “…Even with all the evidence,  Americans haven’t woke up to the fact that Republicans voters are f***’n insane, becoming a danger to themselves and society . The best thing that could happen for the USA is to whack all those million/billionaires who’ve been turning the Republican Party into a bunch of  high priced prostitutes.
I think we need to focus on those in the TOP 1% Koch Bros, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney types, who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers… with American ingenuity, technology, ideas… using infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer… And how did they repay us? The silver spoon, trust fund baby m’f***er’s moved all our jobs to Asia, fouled our environment with stuff that would make a bill goat puke.
Occupy Wall St failed because they didn’t have the ciones to storm Wall St, K-St and the FOX News building, drag it’s occupants out to the street and punish the vain, greed stricken, power mad *****’s for their crimes against humanity. Managia la America

Charlie Stunats "Prince of Pine Ave"

Communication to "UP" & MSNBC in general;
Isn’t it fascinating watching a table full of cable news elitist, silver spoons voicing their opinions about EVERYTHING… with no solutions.  “Ask them about gay marriage to make news…”, said one silver spoon peon on Morning Joe (5-7-12) and later Chris Matthews and peon breathlessly reporting on Joe Biden comments about gay marriage.  OK, do you people know the Obama/Biden Administration has more important issues to work on?

I dare any anchor on network news to say anything bad about Jamie Dimond and unregulated derivatives

I was wondering, have any of the news punditry has experienced the pain and suffering of 48 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level? Did any of lose your job, home, investments or retirement because another bunch of silver spoon, trust fund babies needed MORE MONEY? I call MSNBC line-up elitists because you dismiss the true radical thinkers like we’re not worth listening to. CHANGE is more than a word to us.

I’m only wondering because almost NOTHING you people are saying makes any sense to me. Why is no one discussing the root of ALL our problems or planning strategy to SOLVE the grand failures/mistakes of the Bush/Cheney disaster. It’s that 18-32% of Conservative inbred, racist, dead-neck, holier-than-thou, ignorant degenerates who voted for Bush/Cheney that make race and gay rights an issue.  If we could get rid of them the USA would be a f***’n Utopia, lol.

Of course who cares what I think, right. I’m only an ordinary serious political activist/community organizer who spent half my live volunteering precious time for the GOOD FIGHT!

Come on, any Progressive knows what he “good fight” is, right? You so-called news people do opinion segments after opinion segments, week after week exposing the news EVERY LEFT WINGER WITH A HALF A BRAIN ALREADY KNOWS!

I don’t need to read a book on the “Republican Brain”. I already know they’re f***ed up. How else does anyone explain the Bush/Cheney nightmare? Y’know… read it on the blog

As far as I’m concerned, after the Bush/Cheney disaster, the Republican Party is dead to me. The results of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) speak for themselves. Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers, arms dealing, environmental deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a corporate crime wave of epic proportions. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth & resources in the history of mankind…”

And even with all that legitimate evidence not one of your expert punditry has the courage to talk about fighting back. Not only do Liberal spokespersons refuse to fight back but they make light or criticize those who DO!  (NOTE: look at how the mainstream and liberal news media reported on the violence by Seattle anarchists)  

Centristism or Pacifism is for diplomats and cowards.  Look at that “No Labels” @$$hole, who used to work for Bush Jr. Here’s a smart Republican that knows his people f***ed up BIG-TIME… so he wants to deflect the righteous anger of the LEFT wing and sing cumbayha.  He’s smart enough to know there’s 5 to 10 MILLION angry Progressives who want total destruction of  the Republican Corporate Ho Party and Dick Cheney’s/Donald Rumsfeld’s heads on a stake.

For anyone in-the-know (experienced) IT’S SCARY AS **** OUT THERE! You ****’n elitist Liberals refuse to fight back in a way the matters.  When are you pussies going to finally decide to fight… when the Control by Authority crowd is marching your families to the ovens? The Conservative wackos are well-armed and have friends in high military places.  (search out the Aryan/Christian military web sties… scary)

I thought what the Powers that Be did to me WAY BACK in 2000 at the Democratic National Convention in LA wasn’t possible in the USA, but it’s gotten much worse since 9/11. BE AFRAID mofo’s… Everyone who experienced these type Constitutional violations are in the fight.

NOTE: (I’m too old and too hurt, I’m passing the torch, I’ve been volunteering my time since the “Love Canal” toxic waste disaster in the 80’s. I WRITE NOW! And want to get paid, right share the wealth mofo‘s)

I thought Liberal cowards would have got into it after that miserable nightmare known as the Bush/Cheney disaster. But NO, Liberals allowed the 2010 election to get away and stood by and did NOTHING while ACORN, Van Jones, Shirley Shirrod, Elizabeth Warren, etc… went down hard.

Have you richy riches ever bailed any of the OCCUPY PROTESTERS? Mention any of our names from arrest reports or got the ACLU to check on us while in custody?  Maybe do a segment with information on Occupy/protester arrests across the nation. The numbers will stagger you. 

The anarchists in Seattle are a needed aspect in the fight for Progressive victory. Don’t put them down, stay shut because the powers that be will listen to cooler heads like the Young Turks after they see how bad things can get with the angry youth.  Abbie Hoffman told me in the 80’s “Nixon would have never listened to the anti-war movement if the WeatherMen hadn’t been threatening to blow up corporate America…”

Wake up, every heard of long range strategic planning in politics cause the left isn’t very good at that sort of thing. 

© 2012 byFGE


News Alert! (not heard on FOX or any other news media outlet in USA)
Article in Prensa Latina, on 5-11-12 “China and Bolivia sign Military CO-OP agreement…”  

News Alert: 5-10-12 China launches a military reconnaissance satellite… (huh)

WOW, All this happened this week while our so-called journalists spoke breathlessly about same sex marriage... SEX is news, right? 

So, China has bought ports and set up military presence in Mexico, Central and South America… Anyone think those bag boys at the Pentagon, CIA or FBI has noticed?  I know they know about  Rupert Murdoch but they’re too scared to do anything about the rich powerful propaganda monger, like those pussy Brits. 

It's just a coincidence, right? COME ON!
No no f*** no, I don’t believe this China vs. Chen Guangcheng thing is happening NOW, COME ON? The timing is too convenient, more than one expert thinks the Chinese allowed Chen to escape just as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton makes her first trip to deal with this totalitarian nation.  It took all the attention off making the Chinese accountable for taking our jobs, devaluing our dollar and pirating our technology.

Rich @$$holes like Rupert Murdoch have deep connections in China and I feel this scene was staged to make the Obama Administration look bad and to gain bargaining tools for the Communist Chinese. FOX News has become a terrorist cell for the Saudis and Commie Chinese. (lol) “Stellar Wind” huh?

This powerful propaganda tool uses a harem full of leggy, high heeled, leggy young Ho’s (from the Clair Booth Luce/Ann Coulter Institute)  to deliver the Tokyo Rose one liners for the foreign agent Rupert Murdoch, who’s working for the Commie Chinese. (Murdoch married Chinese intelligence agent and built his new mansion in China in case he had to escape prosecution from all the Western nations he screwed over.   

Yet Neo-Con Republican crazies such as Rep. Allen West are as toxic as the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. I don’t know what kind of mental deficients voted this maniac into office but they need help. Like the Dow chemical poisons that are STILL killing children in India, West spreads his infectious hate speech and tilted propaganda.  Like some right-wing nutcase straight out of the 50’s McCarthy Era, West is pointing fingers placing the Communist label on his fellow Americans.

This very ignorant man doesn’t even realize the Republican Party he belongs to had a huge role in selling out the American worker to the Communist Chinese just so a bunch of silver spoon trust fund babies could make more money from Asian slave labor and easy toxic waste dumping. West pays no mind to reports that the Chinese government has been working against the American dollar since the start of the War in Iraq in  2003. (See Keiser Report on the news network RT, April 13/14, 2012)

West takes pleasure in his taunting Progressives hoping they say thing like he resembles a piece of s*** with a MC Hammer haircut. (lol) But I’m going to stick to the facts.

I’m not quit sure why Republicans love the Chinese so much to have sold out the American worker. Other than slave labor camps and easy toxic dumping there isn’t much for the Republicans in China. For one thing the Chinese government isn’t afraid to prosecute it’s corrupt politicians… for much less than occurred during the Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave.

Ohhh yeeeaaaa, politicians, corporate leaders and even their wife’s are not immune from the long arm of the law. Check it out they’re going down like flies Bo Xilai and his wife or maybe Shanghai party secretary Chen Lianyu who was sentenced to 18 years of hard prison labor for bribery and abuse of power.

WOW, Chinese Minister of Justice Wu Aiying has big BALLS. I wish our Justice Department would stop wasting our time and tax dollars on medical marijuana growers and focused on those greedy *****’s who almost sank our economy and committed war profiteering crimes. The wrath of GOD will come down upon these evil Republicans before our own Justice Department has enough courage to hold politicians and corporate leaders accountable for their criminal activity.  I am somebody who wants EQUAL RIGHTS & JUSTICE!

©2012 by Conscious Man Consultants

Ohhh, this American aid worker captured by the so-called al Qaeda or what CMC calls private black-op war profiteers who want to make President Obama look bad. Does He deal with al Qaeda or not? Something stinks. It rings of the Ian Hostage crisis that ruined Carter/Mondale. Observe how Fox News and the Conservative blogs are spinning this story… IT’S A SET UP MR. PRESIDENT! There’s traitors in our midst”.   Rev. Chris Ward 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who votes for these cowards?

The GOP is full of cowards, racists and hypocrites... WHY oh why do they keep getting over on the LEFT? Anyways, this segment was great and we at CMC take back anything bad we said about the Young Turks.

Bloody Mary screamed "…NO, Ann Romney… IT’S OUR TURN!"

Now, many Liberals/Progressives/Independents have the wrong impression President Obama has sold out his base, buckled in to the big banks and failed to prosecute Wall St… but I understand how things work in Washington, DC in the 2000’s…

I’m sure the “Too Big To Fail” crowd, subtlety suggested to the President that if he interfered with their agenda they would crash the economy and very likely have Obama assassinated by one of the flying monkeys working for Eric Prince of Darkness or whacked by a Capo in the Bush Crime Family.

This is why Obama begged his base to MAKE DEMANDS to force him to make CHANGES we all know the nation needs. OBAMA/BIDEN CAN’T DO IT BY THEMSELVES! All Americans need to stand up and defend our President from the crazies, criminals and likes of Rupert Murdoch & the Koch Bros.

From Rush “Tokyo Rose” Limbaugh to Mitch “Turtle” McConnell to Tea Party baggers to that Un-American draft-dodger Ted “Scratch” Nugent have threatened our President’s very existence.  It’s hard for me to believe, or understand, the misplaced hatred the Conservative wackos feel for President Obama. Domestic terrorism, Joseph Stack, Jared Lee Loughner and Timothy McVeigh come to mind… If ANYTHING happens to my President because some Bill O’Reilly mofo is screaming Dr. Tiller, then  there’s going to be hell to pay. 

Concerned Citizens will come at you antagonists in ways you can’t even imagine. It’s going to be open season on anyone who participated in the “Conservative VS Liberal divide and conquerscam. (See

I’m convinced most on the Right Wing don’t even know why they’re so angry at Obama. He’s done a fantastic job in the face of overwhelming odds. He saved the economy from the Bush/Cheney disaster... He made sure insurance companies don’t rip off  the vulnerable or sick people anymore… He oversaw the end of Osama bin Lunatic, al Qaeda, Gaddafi and put fanatics, all over the world, in their place…

Oohhh, and HE DIDN’T TAKE YOUR PRECIOUS GUNS! (I’ve got several myself)

Even though it cost him support, President Obama (like South African President Mandela before him) realized he was leader of ALL THE PEOPLE… and gave the Republicans across the aisle respect and enough rope for the Conservative monkeys to HANG THEMSELVES! 

And boy wowee, you Republican really did string yourselves up. Your Conservative philosophies almost ruined the greatest nation on Earth. The accomplishments of Republicans since 2008 are nada, NOTHING! Obstruction, lies, hate speech, propaganda, racism don’t count for anything in the USA in case anyone forgot that vital point.

USA didn’t become great because of a bunch of selfish @$$holes screaming “me, Me ME…” or pointing finger at the other guy for their own mistakes. Republican rule has led to some of the worst problems we’ve ever faced… I know, I KNOW… it only a coincidence every time a Bush in the White House Americans have to suffer through a banking/financial crisis

I think the sane Republican voters have FINALLY realized that results matter. Who wants to be led by people who are wrong all the time? The evidence is set in stone, not even the best bullshit artist, spin doctor can explain away the last 20 years of Republican Party failures.  Only a foolish idiot or ignorant racist would vote against President Obama in 2012 for that silver spoon twit Mitt Romney or any other GOP hopeful . The Conservative wackos need to remember it was ANOTHER silver spoon twit George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) who trashed our economy.

Republican voters are like some kind of rich guy groupie cult. Crazies...
gutter scum


The Secret Service scandal? I wanted to ask those Columbian whores, just who paid for them to be in the hotel so close to the President’s Secret Service detail?”
 John Henry Falk III