Friday, October 26, 2012

Too close for comfort, too disturbing to ignore

What you GOP TRAITORS, liars, propagandists & Trust Fund Baby $ hoarders got coming... WATCH YOUR HEAD!

(I warned President Obama he needed to toughen up since he won in 2008. I just can't believe the 2012 election is so close. Mitt “the Vulture” Romney, REALLY?  It’s a testament to how fucked up our news media and moneyed election process is.)  

NOTE:  I’m writing to you too Chuck Todd.

John Fugelsang is the kind of Liberal I both admire and despise, depending on where we are in the political cycle.  Today for instance, I wanted to give him a cyber bitch slap. John was guest hosting Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, he commented on Progressives overreacting to the news of Tagg Romney having ANYTHING to do with voting machines ANYWHERE!

No John, there’s no f**k’n over-reacting here, if I had any power or pull, I’d be in front Taggs house with a 100,000 angry anarchists calling for his traitorous head on a stake… ESPECIALLY after the last 13 years of voter fraud/suppression. IT’S TIME TO ATTACK until someone comes up with nationwide election standards and get the money OUT of politics. 

We must fight back you see… because our law enforcement officials and Justice Department done nothing to save the American PEOPLE from the corruption. The best example being VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has refused to press charges against Colin Small for throwing away the voter registration forms filled out by Democrats in a Convenience Store dumpster.  WHAT?

And this BS is going on all over the USA by a bunch of religious zealots and Liberal hating fanatics. Why do they hate us so much? I don’t know, I don’t think those Conservative assholes even know, They hate Liberals because the AM radio Limbaughs and FOX told them so. I hope there’s Progressives near Colin Small who locate him and beat his ass, because what he did is about as un-American as it gets.

Now here’s the point where I start to admire Mr Fuglesang for his ability to remain cool, calm and non-violent under the greatest of duress which I do not possess. The threat to the USA these GOP, Conservative wacko crazies pose is off the red end of Homeland Security’s color coded terror alert scale. The words President Romney  bring on visions of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Now imagine Romney/Ryan winning like Bush/Cheney winning in 2000 & 2004. NOT ON MY 2012 WATCH mofo! 

This time the bad guys are being watched by 10’s of 1000’s Concerned Citizens with cell phone/digital cameras. Sort of a Progressive version of that gay weasel James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas, except we don’t have a million dollar budget… we have volunteers and whistleblowers on our side. By the way did you notice police are investigating latest Veritas victim, son of  Rep James Moran (D-VA) but the has done NOTHING to punish the voter fraud operatives working for the GOP.

Remember the Tom Delay operatives in 2000, remember all the voting horror stories, purged voter rolls, intimidation, the chads? Speaking for myself , Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 was a slow motion coup d’etat’ carried out by some very evil, power mad, greed stricken rich guys who should have been shot before they could carry out their Corporate Crime Wave.    

Sure there’s a time for the Fugelsang philosophical charm, BUT NOW AIN’T THE TIME! As John is interviewing some 3rd Party candidate who will now take votes away from Obama/Biden,     I get a text alerting me to the big gathering in Texas with Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck and Josh Romney. See now I have to question Mitt and Ann Romney’s parenting skills… would sent your child to Dallas to hang out with trash like Cheney and Beck? At least we know which Romney sons should be watched, CLOSELY!

REMEMBER: On December 19, 2008, 45 year old Republican operative Michael Connell, accused of vote rigging in Ohio, was killed in a small plane crash into a home near Akron. Karl Rove was heard by witnesses threatening to kill Connell if he testified against the Bush/Cheney Administration

I’m not surprised Progressive spokespersons such as Fugelsang shy away from rocking the boat. He’s made a good living off keeping the LEFT entertained. The Millers and Mahers and Stewarts and Moores and Garafolos and etc… keep the Liberals laughing at Republicans even though the Right is kicking the Left’s ass over & over &... Maybe it’s because you’re all taking the high road or maybe you’re just too busy getting goofy with Julie Brown, RIGHT?

Once again I admire John when he uses Bible quotes to spread love and peace and virtue. When I use the Bible it’s to damn Republicans/Conservatives to the everlasting flames of hell like they‘ve done to the LEFT for the last century. I don’t want to work with the Republican Corporate Ho Party I WANT TO DESTROY THEM using any means necessary…
( - HEY, it worked for Pat Robertson )

I guess I’m an Old Testament Progressive while John Fugalsang could have walked proudly in the New Testament along side Liberal JESUS spreading peace & goodwill until the evil, police state, money changers crucifies them both.

It’s not that I’ve lost the love, man… It’s all about Ecclesiastes 3:1... season and purpose are telling me it’s way past time to give the Right the fight it deserves. These people are some of the worst shameless evil hypocrites to have ever walked on this planet. If we allow them to get back in power they’re going to fuck the LEFT up this time. Anyways, Fugelsang for the most part, is one of the good guys.   

No matter who wins on November 6, 2012... America loses.  Just the fact that almost half of Americans want to give power back to the rich dicks who f**ked us over in the first place tells me I’m on a sinking ship. The world (and it’s corporate entities) will look at us as the United Suckers of America and treat us as such.

Like Osama bin Laden basing his whole terrorist plan on the fact that George W. Bush would be ignorant cowboy enough to break the bank and US economy fighting a WAR on Terror. No one will tell you that both the Bush’s and bin Laden’s were heavily invested in the Military Industrial Complex and depression/pain killer prescription drug industry… how convenient, right?

I blame the news media for this madness. The American PEOPLE handed over the public broadcast airwaves to news organizations who signed public service agreements to keep a informed and educated electorate. What I want to know is who is responsible for so many people not knowing about vote suppression, the Romney’s, Sensata, Delphi, China. Yes, Mr. “Meet the Puppet” David Gregory, “the American people feel comfortable enough with Mitt Romney…” because NEWS pussies like YOU weren’t doing your job.   
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"While Clinton campaigns for Obama, Bush 43 in Cayman Islands guarding Romney’s $,"  The Ed Show

EMAIL to Gregory Rummo - Columnist:
"I just read an article by Columnist Gregory Rummo in (10-29-12) TITLED “Where 4 more years of Obama…” What I see is a paid propagandist who knows NOTHING about the role of journalism in the USA. Remember the 4th Estate?

Mr. Rummo selectively stacked the BS against the responsible economics of Obama/Biden while totally ignoring the reckless economics of Bush/Cheney. No mention of the debt that carried over from the previous Administration. Just try and get a FOX News anchor, Tea Bagger or Birther or some inbred redneck Conservative wacko to admit 32% of our current budget is to pay for Bush/Cheney spending our national wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card.

HOW could you degenerates forget 2 wars, tax cuts for the rich, Medicare Part iDiot and all the other ridicules supplemental spending that was never paid for, RIGHT? Only the worst, bias, shameless, ignorant, hypocritical traitor could ignore THAT FACT! Mr Rummo didn’t even know 2009 spending was the last Bush 43 budget.

If I wanted propaganda I’d go to Limbaugh or FOX Spin… aahhhh, I mean news. I DEMAND responsible journalism before these Conservative wackos destroy us all. News organizations have missed an awful lot this election season. News focused on Libya but forgot Romney’s tax returns, Mormon charitable & other tax avoidance scams, Delphi, Sensata, Salt Lake Olympic gov bailout, all the vetos while he was Massachusetts Govenor and lies about bipartisanship. What about Project ORCA? (y'know, Romney sending out Tech minions to corrupt voting machines) 

As a matter of fact, WHO needs TV news or read newspapers/magazines that are too bias, stupid or lazy to figure out Mitt Romney is a pathological LIAR?

I’m starting with Gregory Rummo, demanding this HACK is never put in print again… Conscious Man Consultants is coming out with a list of the worst news violators. Like I always say “responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress”. 

News organizations deserve to be investigated to see if they took any of the $1.6 billion Bush/Cheney spent on spin and buying off reporters. It’s not like we DON’T have loads of evidence, I say the mainstream news media should be held accountable for NOT keeping an informed population.

I blame the so-called news journalists for not doing their job during the 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney. NOT REPORTING ON ALL THE WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE, SCANDAL, CORRUPTION, ARMS DEALING, WAR PROFITEERING, Corporate Crime Wave etc… I don’t feel you people have lived up to your public service obligations. Especially the TV networks and AM radio stations. Those are the public airwaves you’re using, right… Or did Republicans give THAT away too?"
from the desk of:
Special Political Operative 101

©2012 by Spo101

"Yea, they can get rid of the electoral college AFTER someone invents a time machine and we can go back to 2000. Funny thing, my fantasies have morphed from the sexy babes of my youth to a sane, righteous, imaginary world of the President Al Gore administration."  
SpoAct on "Up with Chris Hayes" comment board  

NOTE: The legal division of Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank is compiling a target list of government employees who shirked their duties or remained silent during the Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave… And then got high paying jobs in the private sector world of business. (See: “Bailout” by Neil Barofsky) 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tribute to Alan "blind owl" Wilson

I couldn’t stand that the Canned Heat video that was posted on this blog didn’t include the real genius behind the group, Alan “blind owl” Wilson, who unfortunately died way too young on 9-3-70. Accomplished in blues guitar, harmonica, falsetto singing and environmentalism,  RIP bro...