Friday, January 29, 2010

One of the few Americans I had any respect for... Howard Zinn dead at 87

  “…to engage in whatever nonviolent actions appeal to us. There is no act too small, no act to bold. The history of social CHANGE is the history of millions of actions coming together at critical points to create a power governments CANNOT suppress. We find ourselves at one of those critical points…”   HOWARD ZINN

Ahhhh Howard Zinn… an ORGANIZER to the end. Zinn died at 87 (Wednesday, 1-27-10) while preparing to deliver a lecture in Santa Monica. When I first heard the news my breath was taken away… The world had lost a GREAT MAN!

Howard Zinn served as a bombardier during WWII. Professor, author, community organizer, social activist and my friend… While I was in jail 75 days for attending a protest march... The police state mo f**kers put me in housing full of aryan, skinhead, nazi types where I had to watch my back the whole time.  Howard sent me a letter full of wisdom, strength and encouragement that got me through the tough times. 

"...don't get desperate... Remaining non-violent in the long run, pays off. Otherwise you become self-destructive"

One of the reasons I remain active,  writing my biting commentary and expose is because Howard, after reading some sample chapters of my manuscript, called the work “VIVID and COMPELLING”. He signed his name in a letter and said I could use that review WHEN I get published. Since Howard is one of a few Americans I still had ANY respect for…  I KNOW I’M ON THE RIGHT PATH! 

Thank You Howard Zinn for fighting the GOOD fight… 

F. G. E.



"Howard Zinn lived in Massachusetts… I believe his heart was broken after his fellow citizens voted for a mad Conservative to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. YOU RIGHT-WING, male nude model loving  c*@$#^~'s killed my HERO! HOWARD ZINN  DIES... the Class War BEGINS"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Really, don't you COWARDS think it's TIME to fight back?

NOTE:  (The New Orleans Times Picayune reports “four people were arrested on Monday for allegedly posing as telephone technicians and trying to tap the phones of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in her New Orleans office…”

One of the men involved is a Louisiana Prosecutor’s son… another was filmmaker James O’Keefe who’s best known for playing the part of the pimp, along with prostitute Hannah (lol) Giles tried to demonize ACORN by asking advice for a brothel. The ONLY question here I’m really interested in is just WHO financed these covert operations?

NOTE: (damn that Giles little conservative Ho is FINE! She’s got a body that was made for men to droll over. I’ll bet she’s been given high paying job offers from every Republican in Congress. I wonder if Hannah one of those Conservative fanatic, assembly line, female news/pundit, Ann Coulter $sluts the Claire Booth Luce Institute pumps out every few years?)

And WHAT the #*~/ do Conservatives have AGAINST ACORN and Community Organizers? They teach young people to use their Constitutional Rights, register voters and help poor people… Again, WHY DO YOU WANT TO DESTROY THEM? Don’t these mentally unstable morons realize this great nation was conceived by COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS?)

Progressives can be very, VERY afraid… or FIGHT BACK!

Recent events has led me to the conclusion that there is NO WORKING with Republicans/Conservatives. What I can’t figure out is WHY NO ONE ON LEFT WANTS TO HELP ME FIGHT THESE RIGHT-WING FOOLS? It’s not like these idiots haven’t shown their TRUE INTENTIONS. They want to destroy Progressive thinking people like me and our cherished belief system which includes “LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE

There has to be Democrats, Progressives or Liberals out there with the COURAGE to DEFEND THEMSELVES? These dumb@$$ Conservative degenerate m’#*~/ers want to destroy our way of life and our children’s future and all anyone on the Left can do is #*~/’n TALK! That’s the problem with having leaders would’ve NEVER BEEN IN A STREET FIGHT! There comes a time for one to throw down and get plain mad dog mean before the other guy kills you

I’m talking about all the right-wing extremists that exist on the American scene nowadays. COME ON! You know they’re out there… The WAR profiteer crowd, the Corporate Crime Wave scumbags, all those Conservative Labyrinth* think tank troublemakers, the Skinhead, Nazi racist holdovers… ohhhh and HOW CAN we FORGET the Fundamentalist Christians...

* (Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth by John S. Saloma III)

The real problem here is Republicans/Conservatives finance their fighters.  (y’know, those of us willing to go to extremes or do WHATEVER IT TAKES to WIN types? …non violent of course)

It all started after Bill Clinton was elected. Republicans/Conservatives decided that OBSTRUCTIONISM was more important than sane domestic and foreign policy. You remember all that “nasty, naughty boy” bull$hit from all the sexually depraved Republican Larry Craig types. The evil lawyer, Ken Starr Conservatives used the 300+ MILLION dollars for the Clinton/Lewinski investigations to PERFECT their dirty tricks and propaganda techniques.    

You saw them suddenly appear to disrupt the 2000 Presidential RECOUNT in Florida… They showed up in 2004 as those Swift-boat evil bastards… Once again in 2008 during the John McCain presidential campaign and NOW we know them as the Tea Party Movement. Decades of huge budgets to BUY Republican election victories.

The only question that really matters here is WHY DON’T THE WEALTHY, POWERFUL DEMOCRATS, PROGRESSIVES OR LIBERAL finance those who are not afraid to take on and counter the right-wing fanatics in a WAY THEY CAN UNDERSTAND.

NOTE: (Pay ME, m'#*~/ers… Me and mine can come at the pathetic right-wingers in WAYS THEY CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! (all legal methods, of course) lol

In his 2010 State of the Union address, if President Obama comes out with that whiny “work with Republicans” crazy bull$hit then I can’t help him anymore. What the first Black President really needs is to form a Department that regulates and protects all Americans from these pitiful right-wing reactionaries. Really, WE need to thin the herd. These #*~/‘n maniacs are the types who cheered for the Joe Pesci character in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”. lol

NOTE: (You want to freeze spending why don’t you Washington, DC m’#*~/ers cut back budgets for the Military/Pentagon WAR Profiteers,  Corporate/Wall St. welfare, those longtime losers at DEA and the “tits on a bull”, gay lover bureaucrats at Homeland Security. There's an old joke circulating in activist circles about the ONLY thing taxpayers got for their Homeland Security dollars were those idiotic color coded terror alerts)

Republicans/Conservatives have been calling you Mr. President, every name in the #*~/'n book… They question your motive, integrity,  patriotism, EVEN YOUR CITIZENSHIP. They made 2009 a living breathing hell for you and all those who WORKED SO HARD to get you ELECTED! Ruined MOST of your plans, called you a LIAR and insulted your mother-in-law, wife and kids… AND he’s STILL trying to work with other side of the aisle? COME ON!

Everyone always talks about Obama playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers… but I was kinda hoping our President was playing “rope a dope” with these crazy @$$ Republicans, JUST WAITING TO THROW KNOCK OUT PUNCHES to the head!  It won't hurt them much, the damn Neo-Conservative monkeys aren’t using their brains anyway…

What could the LAW do? He’s the PRESIDENT. I mean G.W. Bush killed WHAT maybe 1-200,000+ people in his War in Iraq… THEY LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THAT! Be a MAN, stand up and FIGHT BACK... A MAJORITY Americans will be back you up if you show you're SERIOUS about the CHANGE thing!

UPDATE: I just heard on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” about today’s “worst person in the world” It seems Bill O’Reilly has been calling for Democratic leaders Pelosi and Reid to be kidnapped and tortured… Y’know, the same O’Reilly who used hate speech on FOX News to get some right-wing Fundamentalist Christian nutcase to WHACK D. George Tiller? Believe me these Neo-Conservatives are preparing for a new bloody Civil War…

WHY the #*~/ isn’t  Bill O’Reilly in PRISON for using the public airwaves to incite violence on American citizens? I keep telling chi-chi, stuck in the 60’s Liberals, who are STILL preaching their non-confrontational, pussy-ass-bitch,  response training bull$hit… that their whole way of life is being THREATENED on a daily basis and they need to PREPARE for the FIGHT! 

I think it best if ALL Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and sane 3rd Party CONCERNED CITIZENS get together and give the hard Right as taste of their own bitter medicine.  The best thing the LEFT could do right now is to set aside all the 100’s of issues that consume your time to focus on helping us destroy NEO-CONSERVATISM in the USA. Republicans/Conservatives LIKE undercover, surveillance??? Get out your camera phones and hidden video cams and FOLLOW a Republican near you…

With a reasonable stipend I could put together a crew of serious activists with PROVEN TRACK RECORDS of bringing their adversary’s to their KNEES! (Once in So. Cal. I ruined the careers of both a Judge and DA who gave me 75 days in **** County jail for attending a protest march)

We only use legal methods and techniques meant to make the adversary ANGRY. There’s no hiding one’s true nature when one is pissed off. Soon as the enemy has exposed their weaknesses that’s where we come in to make their lives the living, breathing HELL they deserve...

©2010 by SPO

"...IT can be said that those who do not completely UNDERSTAND their adversary's point of view do not full understand their OWN"
David L. Bender

UPDATE: 1-27-10
Well, I think the President gave the perfect speech for this time in US History. Obama laid out the facts and realities of the present State of the Union. He called out Democrats, he called out Republicans, he even had the ciones to call out the Supreme Court sitting right in front of him. 

I don’t see how any sane, reasonable, RESPONSIBLE, concerned American Citizen could criticize Obama for such a speech. I actually DO believe he wants to work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE. He needs our  help… every Democrat, every Republican, every Independent to fix a nation devastated by greed, incompetence and reckless economics. The Stimulus statistics and CONTENT proved his Administration had successfully halted the economic meltdown of the previous Administration.

He made an excellent points about Obstructionism and the eternal campaigning politicians are caught up in. It isn’t about winning elections, it’s about problem solving… He stated the facts about ALL PROBLEMS Bush/Cheney left for him and all Americans to struggle through…  how just saying NO to EVERY piece of Democratic legislation is NOT LEADING…  and he challenged Republicans to come up with a better plan than just finger pointing and the tired BLAME GAME! Ohhhh, let’s not forget JOBS and tax cuts, Tax Cuts, TAX CUTS!  

As usual the Republican side of the Hall looked like Constipation/Impotent Alley. The five Conservative Supreme Court Justices appeared insulted, I thought Alito was going to yell “LIAR”, lol. The Republican rebuttal from Viginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell left me wanting. Once again I didn’t hear any Republican solutions to the MANY problems the USA is facing.

That’s how you can tell if your fellow American is a brainwashed FOOL. Following politicians leading them NOWHERE! Following an ideology that almost DESTROYED the greatest nation on Earth and then NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT! Observing NOTHING, knowing nothing, forgetting history… The only thing these pitiful excuses for American citizens believe is what Tokyo Rush Limbaugh/AM Radio Free Conservative and FOX Spin… ahhhh, I mean News tells them.

How else can one explain how the shameless bastards conveniently FORGOT about all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, corruption, reckless economics, pettiness, DEBT, job loss, lies, war profiteering and Constitutional VIOLATIONS dished up by Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006)

I wish the Pharmaceutical Industry could find a cure for the severe superiority complexes and religious delusions most of the Right-wing is suffering through.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These Conservative monkeys always reply to my blog posts and newspaper comments with their useless accusations, name calling and high, mighty, holier-than-thou bull$#!~… They have the NERVE to call me stupid and crazy when it’s them who VOTED FOR George W. Bush not ONCE but TWO TIMES? Can you say SMALL-MINDED, DUMB@$$, right-wing FANATIC FOOLS?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supreme Court CAUGHT legislating from the Bench and lazy Democrats...

*or  "The Death of Democracy"

NOTE: (I find it disturbing there wasn't ONE NEWS STORY about this Supreme Court ruling in ANY of the Conservative Spin... ahhhh, I mean News media)

Believe me I’d like NOTHING better than to NEVER have to talk about the Bush/Cheney years AGAIN! But these criminal corporatists did SO MUCH damage to both the economy and Constitution, the terrible RESULTS of their pandering and incompetence keeps popping up in ALL segments of our society.

Today the Supreme Court proved George W. Bush appointees Chief Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts (among the other 3 Conservatives) are there to do the bidding of multi-national Corporations and wealthy individuals.

The last time the 3rd Branch of our government sunk this low was on April 10, 1950. The Supreme Court gave in to hysteria and washed it’s hands of the Constitution leaving rights and justice to H.U.A.C. (House Un-American Activities Committee) That time is best remembered as the McCarthy Era

Today’s ruling has the potential to do MUCH MORE damage to the USA than ANYTHING we’ve faced before. The Court has opened the doors for a wave of Corporate and foreign interests to INFLUENCE our election process and government officials. AND YES I WILL SAY IT… to buy politicians for about the same price as a long term relationship with a high class prostitute.

What I don’t understand is how the Court overreached it’s authority in this one particular case. Wiped out a 100 years of precedent and any chance McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill had to restrain influence of wealth on our elections. Justice John Roberts WILL never admit to it but this is LEGISLATING FROM THE BENCH!

Really, the case before the court was supposed to be Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In 2008 Citizens United (a Conservative Labyrinth front group) wanted to spend HUGE amounts of money to promote a feature length movie making outrageous criticisms about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But somehow Citizens United attorney Ted Olson (Bush/Cheney) started arguing that “Corporations are People”.Someone should have been there to bitch slap him and yell "Bring back the Tillman Act".

Olson made a case that Multi-national Corporate entities have the same rights to Free Speech as any American Citizen. (with Limited Liability of course, lol) Conservatives (as usual) kicked civility and truth to the curb. The biggest losers are the VOTERS who will have to endure unlimited campaign ads with expensive/elaborate productions either tearing down or building up the candidate of Corporate America’s choice.

I think President Obama best described this Supreme Court decision:
“…this decision is a VICTORY for big Oil, Wall Street and foreign interests. The ruling gives special interests and their lobbyists even MORE power in Washington, DC. This while undermining the influence of average Americans who make small contributions…”

Ralph Nader came out as soon as the bad news hit the wires and called for a Constitutional Amendment to negate this ruling.

Not for nothing, but the best thing for America is for one or two of those Conservative Chief Justices to DROP DEAD! Maybe we could say a prayer or click our heels and make a wish or something… right? lol

I can imagine how angry the Christian Right will be when the stupid m’#*~/’s realize the whole anti-Abortion Issue thing was just a ruse to get the fascists…. Ahhhh I mean Corporatists on the court.  

I guess all the right-wing degenerates celebrating this ruling haven’t taken a minute to consider the worst part of this Supreme Court decision. FOREIGN INTERESTS INFLUENCING OUR ELECTION PROCESS! These pitiful fools don’t even know the TRUTH about FOX NEWS and Radio Free Conservative.

UPDATE #2: As soon as the Massachusetts election results came back Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (owner of FOX Spin… ahhh I mean News) made an unholy alliance with the Saudis. Bill O’Reilly’s, Sean Hannity’s, Glenn Beck’s, etc… their BOSS is now a Saudi Prince. (Check out mafia hit-man looking Prince Alwaleed on Charlie Rose)

The Saudis really appreciate the way Fox News was able to brainwash the ignorant masses…  Groupies of Fox News and am Radio Free Conservative want to put ALL Americans under the thumb of the Saudi Royals and Commie Chinese… THANKS FOR NOTHING, you #*~/ right-wing monkeys!

I can’t BELIEVE the damage these so-called great Americans have done to the good ole USA.  WHO would’ve ever believed our Conservative Chief Justices would become TRAITORS to the Constitution???   (I know a red ant hill to stake these evil m'#*~/er's out on)

Anyways the best way to fight this ruling is to vote for the candidate with the LEAST MONEY! lol

© 2010 by F. G. E. 

Lazy ass, apathetic Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, etc...

Rant aired on Stephanie Miller Radio Show 1-21-10 (not on tape)

I’m so sick of these Democrats, Progressives and Liberals complaining about President Obama… I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT all the volunteering YOU DID DURING THE 2008 ELECTION season  for Obama… I worked hard too… But what have you done since then?  The Conservatives ORGANIZED a whole protest movement in a few months but Democrats have been sitting back FOR A YEAR living off their victories of 2008

Did the Left-wing DEMAND accountability, single payer health care or that Bush/Cheney be prosecuted? Did you get out to the streets to voice your ANGER OVER Wall Street bonuses or to counter the Tea Partiers? Have you really backed up President Obama like he begged you to do?

Democrats in Massachusetts couldn't even get out enough of a vote to defeat a male nude porn model… (for god’s sake didn’t you people have any voter registration drives. Citizens of Mass could have registered right up until the day before the election)

The PEOPLE want CHANGE?  You’ve got to WORK FOR IT… AGAIN! 

Obama  provided a FREE website for us all to gather around. It’s called ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA and there’s probably an office near you. Use IT or lose it... ya apathetic m'#*~/er's

I mean what’d  you think… Obama/Biden was just going to take power and in one year fix 8 years of Bush/Cheney  incompetence, scandal, fraud and corruption?

©2010 by SPO

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Massachusetts voters, rational stance and common sense??? Not likely

UPDATE: 1-19-10 7:06 pm PST

Ok... you Conservative dolts REALLY stuck it to Obama, right? NOW WHAT? Thanks to you #*~/'s NOTHING WILL GET DONE IN wASHINGTON dc.

#2) Congratulations Massachusetts, you’re the first state to elect a nude porn model as senator. Scott Brown??? You dullards might as well voted for Sarah Palin…. THIS is how you reward Ted Kennedy for a lifetime of service?

What’s this nation coming to? Voters in Massachusetts THOUGHT it was a good idea to elect a male nude porn model to the US Senate… I heard rumors about ooolala Curt Schilling but I didn’t know there was SO MANY gay men in the state. Please next time don’t let your sexual preferences steer your voting choices… lol

We’ve been getting disturbing reports of voting machine irregularities from all over Massachusetts. A paper trail seems to indicate ballots are coming back already having voted for Scott Brown. If Republicans/Conservatives think they’re going to get away with election crimes like the ones perpetrated in 2000 they better take a step BACK!

What better definition of TRAITOR than those who would corrupt the election process. Our people in New England are heading to the offices of Diebold affiliate LHS Associates at this very moment with sawed off baseball bats. (and Curt Schillings house too)

see you pathetic idiots in 2 years...

as posted on comment boards in every newspaper in Massachusetts

As soon as the Massachusetts election results came back Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (owner of FOX Spin… ahhh I mean News) made an unholy alliance with the Saudis. Bill O’Rielly’s, Sean Hannity’s, Glenn Beck’s, etc… BOSS is now a Saudi Prince. The Saudis really appreciate the way Fox News was able to brainwash the ignorant masses. Maybe all you Conservatives can kiss the PRINCE’S right shoulder now... Groupies of Fox News and am Radio Free Conservative want to put ALL Americans under the thumb of the Saudi Royals and Commie Chinese… THANKS FOR NOTHING, you #*~/ right-wing monkeys!

WHY the Scott Browns of the nation WIN
Conservatives FIGHT! The right-wing has a superior spin machine.  Republican/Conservative spokespersons (like Karl Rove) can LIE so convincingly (while waving the flag) they’ve made FOOLS of just under half the voting public.  Their ideological leaders have so much control in the mainstream news media THEY CAN ACTUALLY REVISE HISTORY for their own benefit.

Don’t take MY word for IT… Try this social experiment by going to conservative rag website (like the Weekly Standard or Boston Herald) go to the comments boards and ask the brainwashed ditto-heads who was responsible for the economic meltdown.

Anyone with half a brain tied behind their back can AGREE Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) had a HUGE part in almost taking down the US economy. You can present all the fact, statistics, CONTENT and legitimate evidence one needs to prove the point. BUT the reply to your information will be met with hatred and scorn. Conservatives will BLAME Bill Clinton, they’ll BLAME Barack Obama. IT’S LIKE BUSH/CHENEY NEVER EXISTED!

According to 95 percent of those Herald readers polled it was Clinton, Obama, the 2006 Democratic takeover of Congress and poor people with adjustable mortgages that RUINED THE ECONOMY?

Conservative have been trained like a circus monkeys. “Duuuuhhhh Conservative good, Liberal bad”… In the face of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY!

John S. Saloma III WARNED Americans about this phenomenon WAY BACK in 1983 in his almost prophetic book “Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth”. (READ it, IF you can find a copy. NEVER has a book been buried like this one)

Unfortunately for ALL Americans, Saloma died (mysteriously) not long after completing his enlightened manuscript.  All the CONTENT one needs to UNDERSTAND what exactly happened to the USA. How Conservative think tanks laid the groundwork make us all into the United Suckers of America.

I think I’m starting to despise Democrats worse than the Republicans… For poor planning, for being COWARDS and NOT FIGHTING BACK! The whole political scene has become an affront to anything our Founding Fathers had in mind.

If Obama/Biden and the Democratic MAJORITY doesn’t start taking Progressive seriously in the next year then the 2010-2012 election cycle will be a disaster. The GOOD NEWS is after Republicans take back power and complete their job of totally ruining the USA… Well… then we can ORGANIZE a REAL revolution with a powerful 3rd Party that will take America by storm.

NOTE: (by then most Americans will be so bad off they won’t care if the boat-rockers chop up the wealthy Corporate Crime Wave types and feed them to the poor… 

On a personal note I actually had Italian family ancestors who were in the crowd when Benito Mussolini was SHOT, HUNG and LIT ON FIRE! Lord that must have felt SOoooo GOOD after years of the fascist corporate/state bs)

Original post:
NOTE: (On January 19th, 2010 a special election to fill the US Senate seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy. Democrats Martha Coakley is ahead in a tight race with Republican Scott Brown)

I want to remind Massachusetts Democrats to ORGANIZE and get out the vote for candidate Martha Coakley. Also it’s time for Progressives, Liberals, 3rd Party voters and disgruntled Republicans to step up and vote for a little SANITY and what’s really best for the good ole USA.

Martha Coakley is the very definition of honesty and experience. As Mass Attorney General she recovered Billions for taxpayers. Coakley took groundbreaking steps to hold predatory lenders and Wall Street con artists ACCOUNTABLE for their reckless economics.

Scott Brown represents the Sarah Palin, Rudy Guiliani, Pat Robertson right-wing wacko crowd rather than a rational stance, common sense approach to public policy. All these Republican types have to offer is fear and the old timey, irresponsible, finger pointing, blame game that got us in this mess in the first place. If you liked George W. Bush you’ll love Scott Brown… NEED I SAY MORE?

NEVER FORGET it was the Republicans who set us on the path severe recession, job/health care/pension loss and 8 miserable, mind numbing years of Bush/Cheney. If Brown beats the odds and wins this election all the dead Kennedy’s will turn over in their graves…

Obama can’t win this one for you Citizens of Massachusetts . It’s up to you to stand up, get involved and vote for the best interests of ALL Americans and the Democratic Majority in the Senate.

"You Massachusetts voters are going to be haunted by all 4 Kennedy Bros AND the spirit of Martin Luther King… Since the Republicans paid off millionaire jocks like Curt Schilling to sway the ignorant masses… If Republican Scott Brown wins this special election… WARNINGS from GOD indicate Massachusetts will NEVER HAVE A WINNING SPORT TEAM AGAIN. Not in baseball, football, hockey or basketball.  This WRATH of GOD will last until the generation who voted a Theocratic madman like Brown into power are gone."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MORALISTS have ruined responsible journalism

GOD help me… I can’t take political punditry anymore. Here we are in the middle of the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression, two wars and the huge military budget, Homeland Security screw ups, home foreclosures, JOB LOSS… And WHAT is the mainstream media focused on? Harry Reid’s racial comments? COME ON?

Even worse Bill Clinton’s enormous sex drive is back in the news.

NOTE: (fuck you assholes… I had enough of news about Bill Clinton’s private sex life WAY BACK in the 90’s. Now these motherfuckers are going to make me relive those petty days of Republican moralists trying to ruin the Clinton Presidency. This while the degenerates were in the men’s room with Larry Craig or Ted Haggard getting free blowjobs or in closed session with Ken Starr, masturbating to Monica Lewinski testimony… FUCK YOU!)

I had ENOUGH! The only thing I care about right now is who can best fix the HUGE MESS Bush/Cheney left for the American PEOPLE to deal with

Besides, what business is it of mine what any politician does with their own personal sex drives. A long as an elected official is working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE (not corporations) It wasn’t an issue while JFK was going around hitting every piece he could get. RESPONSIBLE journalists were too busy working on the vital stories of the time to waste time on fluff stories… 

Bill Clinton is a horn dog… so what? At least Democrats can STILL GET IT UP! Not like those old timey constipated curmudgeons on the Right side of the political spectrum with their government health care Viagra and gay porn.

In the immortal words of Tony Montana: “…first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women…”  What do you want… a leader who ISN’T sexually satisfied? WITH HIS FINGER ON THE BUTTON?

It think MOST Americans are ready to leave behind the petty bullshit and FOCUS ON THE VITAL ISSUES OF OUR TIME! (our children will thank us)

© 2010 by Special Political Operative

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RESULTS... remember?

So Senators Dodd and Dorgan are retiring. Good for the Democrats… OUT with the old, IN with the new. At least the Democrats embrace CHANGE. The Republicans are stuck on those same old, crusty  curmudgeons and wealthy, silver spoon aristocrats who have NO IDEA what the average American is struggling through. 

If one thing is true it’s that Americans NEED a change from these long time Congressional members. As far as RESULTS go the US government of the last 25-30 years has oversaw the most STUNNING failure in the history of Mankind.

These Representatives of the PEOPLE violated their sworn oaths and became no better than high class PoliticHo’s for multi-national corporate entities. They took the world’s shinning star of Democracy and turned it into a corporate owned fascist state BURIED IN DEBT!

The Constitution was LOST in a sewer of waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, reckless economics and an ORGY of war profiteering. A Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions turned both Republicans and Democrats into the United Suckers of America.

12/1/2000 - Leaked CIA document Case# F-2001-00009:
International Crime Threat Assessment” defines “Kleptocracy,
…rather than serve PUBLIC INTEREST, top leaders use nations resources solely to enrich themselves and their cronies. To cover up crimes the stage is set for social and political upheavals

Sound familiar America? The CIA will never admit they included USA “top leaders” in that report. I say anyone with half a brain already realizes something is just NOT RIGHT! One news story after another about  the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of our top leaders.

Am I mistaken, isn’t the job of our top leaders to protect the PEOPLE from “upheavals”? The problem here is our 4th Estate failed us completely and NOT ENOUGH American PEOPLE had the COURAGE to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from those in power. Elected officials and public sector officers in general get away with the same things those of us in the private sector would be fired and prosecuted for. There’s NO incentive to be VIRTUOUS.

Not only top leaders in government but also those from the business world that have INFLUENCE over America’s future. I think this phenomenon was best described by Benito Mussolini:
“… fascism might more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power…”

And we all know how badly THAT turned out THEN and what the consequences are of history repeating itself NOW!  The Supreme Court and tilted legislation deemed that Corporations had the same rights as the American PEOPLE was the biggest con ever perpetrated…(and Limited Liability, lol) Except the 1976 Supreme Court decision Buckley v. Valeo.

So when attorney Ted Olsen argues that corporations are people, SCREAM back at him... "BRING BACK THE TILLMAN ACT" (so the corporations can't purchase politicians or PoliticHo's) lol

I’d SAY it’s time to MOVE ON and give the new guys a chance. How come the Progressives NEVER get their ideas put to action? Why all the diversions, roadblocks AND… What kind of FOOLS believe Capitalism can survive without ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY?

Is this shitty-ass, old timey, corrupt, fraud ridden, elitist Status Quo really WORTH preserving? That’s the question I’d be asking of police departments and National Guard Units across the USA. It’s time the American PEOPLE rise up and take back their power.

If our economy is failing it’s because of low grade thought processes involved with the long range fiscal planning of the Republican Party since 1980... THAT NOT ONE OF THEM WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOW! But what really makes me angry is that the Democrats OR the mainstream media didn’t have the COURAGE to take a stand against the MADNESS!

Republicans believe Corporations have a right to do as they please. Most card carrying conservatives are so ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO. “Limited intervention in the economy. Substantial intervention in morality”. This means let the RICH/POWERFUL do whatever they please while finger pointing and preaching to the average Joe and Jane Schmuck.

Reagan/Bush killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. In 2010, it’s the exact opposite. Why? Years of Republicans selling out the American middle class, that’s why. Oh and let’s not forget Reagan union busting and DEREGULATION. The root of ALL future Corporate scandal.

A long list of legislation starting with “fiscal conservatism” and “trickle down economicsled to the decline in federal aid to local governments from $64 per resident in 1980 to $29 in 1992. In 2010 take a look at how many local governments are IN THE RED!

To REPLACE the lost funding, a mandate was passed down for LAW ENFORCEMENT and Criminal Justice (sic) System to generate revenue for itself, State and local governments. Fines, penalties, code enforcement, searches, seizures, tow charges, storage fees, bail bonds, court costs, etc… the LAW was turned into a business empire. PROFIT margins created a government VS. the PEOPLE mentality.

NOTE: (Sunday, April 16, 2000 Press-Enterprise B-1 article titled “San Bernardino County leads nation in forfeitures” WHAT? Joseph D. Mcnamara, a research fellow at Stanford University and former police chief in San Jose, said: “I think in general it’s a BAD MISTAKE to have the police interested in anything other than the pursuit of justice

Add the special interest pandering which further separated the PEOPLE from “LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE”. As a mater of fact JUSTICE became a commodity bought and sold by the wealthy, powerful and well-connected.

Robert Ito in Los Angeles Magazine writes: “…YES, the $40 BILLION dollar private prison business is recession proof. The Corrections Corporation of America controlled 52% of the domestic market. Net income grew 75% in 1997, it’s stock doubled…”

NOTE: (YEA! Ask Bob Barker about investing in the jail/prison industry. Bob Barker plastic soap dishes, jail shoes… and how can one strip down, bend over and COUGH without thinking of Bob Barker latex examination gloves?)

Then we go to the 90’s with Phil Gramm/Newt Gingrich/Tom Delay/John McCain/etc… Republican’s busy selling out the American middle class. I wanted to ask the Grich about all the hidden legislation such as the “Expatriate Clause” in Clinton’s Family Leave bill. It allowed the super rich (multinational Corporations, Saudi royals, drug trafficers, etc) take their billions out of the country PENALTY FREE!

While President Clinton and the American PEOPLE were MISDIRECTED by the media, fake Christian morality and the famous Monica Lewinski blowjobs… Newt oversaw legislation/policy that paved the way for outsourcing of American jobs, off-shore accounts scandal, media consolidation, predatory lending and the “Corporate Crime Wave” (Enron, etc.) 

While Republicans were waving the American flag and professing love of our great nation, behind the scenes they were busy selling out our children’s future. Explain to me please Newt, what good can come from insuring the venture capital of Corporations that move American jobs to Communist China?

And what were the TOP OFFICIALS doing while all the so-called representatives of the PEOPLE were breaking their sworn oaths and ignoring the SIGNS from a turbulent Middle East? ...Well, they were hanging out in the “Halls of Congress” with Larry Craig, Mark Foley and Ken Starr MASTURBATING to Monica Lewinski testimony

Then the biggest insult to the American Constitution conservatives could possibly come up with… these pathetic morons elect George W. Bush (not once BUT TWICE) and there is the death blow to the US economy.

What kind of FOOL took pleasure in Bush bragging about his TAX CUTS? What you idiots don’t realize is he’s had to borrow TRILLIONS of dollars from foreign entities to pay for his WAR in Iraq. 12 billion dollars a week going to the Iraqi money pit, arms dealers and war profiteers. AND OUR CHILDREN AND GRAND-CHILDREN WILL GET STUCK WITH THE BILL! How’s that for fiscal irresponsibility?

The really scary thing is that many right-wing extremist hawks/war profiteers in our Intelligence Community are suspected of trying to sabotage the Obama/Biden Administration. As far as RESULTS go… the ONLY thing the American PEOPLE got for all those BILLIONS of Homeland Security dollars were those idiotic color coded terror alerts.

Seems to me Americans are STILL plagued by the same intelligence sharing problems Homeland Security was supposed to remedy. Seems to me YEARS after 9/11/01 it’s the airline passengers that are the REAL frontline in any WAR on Terrorism. (why the fuck do we need YOU overpaid bureaucrats? Civil Servants my skinny Italian A,merican ASS... just who the fuck is serving WHO?)

Progressives NEED to ORGANIZE… NOW… for the next few elections. AND the best way to power is not a 3rd party strategy but to WORK within the Democratic Party. Progressive Democrats have NEVER had a better chance to do a hostile takeover of both the Democratic Party and the US Congress. Only IF we can ENERGIZE the same Concerned Citizens who volunteered so much time and contributed to a Obama/Biden, Democratic Party win in 2008...

THEN we can put our agendas into actions. After all, the alternative scenario of Republicans taking over the Congress is too terrible to think about…  RESULTS remember?

© 2010 by SPO

Jinnbad writes:

"What a sad, SAD political age in which we live… REALLY, certifiably INSANE! Let me give you an example. Michael Steel… WHAT the fuck is THAT? He’s the Republican Party’s ANSWER to the first Black President. “…honest injun”.  It’s like Conservatives found some low level white bureaucrat and had him colored a pleasing shade of Negro…

After 8 years of the George W. Bush Administration, no matter WHO was head of the Republican Party… they were doomed!  It’s a joke anyway, so the Republicans decided to put out this token Obama, this in-the-heesi Sambo, this Rochester from MARYland,  this glee club Uncle Tom kissing up to the slave master…

(OK, maybe I went too far) BUT!

Most Black Men I know are pretty firm in their belief system but Steel seems to be some made up character like Pinocchio.  This man has changed his position so many times I’m sure his STRINGS are all tangled up…   

The Republican Party has gotten SO PITIFUL... I almost feel sorry for the poor corrupt bastards. If only the American PEOPLE had the guts and will to make sure these evil beings NEVER take over our government again! If Democrats, 3rd Party, Progressives and Liberals all got together WE COULD HAMMER DOWN THAT FINAL NAIL in the Republican/Conservative coffin. I swear to GOD, if these scandalous right-wing wackos take back Congress… WELL…  I’m turning revolutionary…  "

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swift Vets are STILL stupid... Conservatives didn't learn a damn THING during the Bush/Cheney DISASTER!

NOTE: Email forwarded from think tank associate Sal C. 

Sal and SPQR get people involved by making them ANGRY. There's an old saying among the  activist crowd that goes something like: "if your adversaries are not completely PISSED OFF AT YOU THEN YOU'RE not DOING THE JOB RIGHT

One constant of human nature is There's NO LYING when one is angry.

Read this hilarious e-mail back forth with those silly, misinformed Swift-Vets. VERY telling and representative of the WEAK MINDS that drive Conservative ideology.

Reports that Detainees from Guantanamo, released to the Saudis during Bush/Cheney Administration, turned out to be the masterminds behind recent Christmas airline terror plot. Once again there’s a Bush/Cheney/Saudi connection to airline terrorism. With a side of Michael Chertoff, who represents Rapiscan Systems... (I’ll bet there’s a GOOD “follow the money” story behind that… RIGHT, Mr/Ms so-called responsible journalist/investigative reporter?) 

As far as Al Qaeda goes it seems they’ve moved operations from Afghanistan to Pakistan & Yemen… Makes one wonder WHY Bush/Cheney WASTED ALL OUR NATIONAL WEALTH/RESOURCES IN IRAQ, right?

UPDATE 1-3-10: Happy New Years
MISTAKE? Most of our foreign policy and CIA covert operations HAS BEEN A MISTAKE! It’s SO simple… just look at the US history of WAR, foreign policies, intelligence community operations… SEE the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES and then LOOK AT THE RESULTS…

Our Pentagon and CIA meddling in the Middle East has led to a string of FAILURE unlike the world has ever seen. Here’s a simple version of a long, sad story. We finance and arm sadistic dictators, fanatical degenerates or tribal savages only to have the locals turn against us in the end.

No $#!~. Everything from Iran-Contra to Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Lunatic to those special Mexican drug police Bush/Cheney gave millions of $’s and unlimited weaponry to only to have them go work for Drug TRAFFICERS. LOOK AT THE MESS IN THE MIDDLE EAST… LOOK AT THE MESS ALONG THE MEXICAN BORDER…

Anyone with half their brain tied behind their back should UNDERSTAND it’s time for a little PROGRESS in our government POLICY. Y'know PROGRESSIVE!

Conservatives HAD THEIR CHANCE and it almost destroyed the greatest nation on Earth. GET BACK JACK! Republicans need to back down, shut up and ONCE AGAIN… let the Democrats FIX the MESS the opposition LEFT FOR THEM…

Update 12-27-09: Joe Lieberman on Sunday morning news shows. Lieberman calling for WAR action in Yemen like HE thought of it first. HEY JOE! The Obama Administration HAS been addressing the Al Qaeda in Yemen problem. (they just didn’t TELL your droopy, turncoat ass. Joe would have ran over to his Republican suck buddies to use it against the President)  y’know, what TRAITORS do…

We’ve been providing military financial support for the Yemeni government to fight against the fanatical, misguided Islamic degenerates… These two Nigerians with their FEEBLE Christmas Day attempts to bring down airliners are most likely a response to this Obama/Biden foreign policy.

It seems disgruntled Africans from all over the Continent are gathering in Yemen for terrorist training… We need try the same surgical strike techniques used to rescue Captain Philips from the Somali pirates. Osama bin Lunatic and Al Qaeda is NO REASON to break the US economy with EXPENSIVE WARS. But staunch Conservative HAWKS like Lieberman, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and the rest just DON’T SEE the pain of 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level.  Their WAR PROFITEERING buddies are making SO MUCH money… THE NEO-CONS NEVER WANT THE PARTY TO END! 

(…and Osama bin Lunatic couldn’t be happier)

©2010 by SPQR

REPLY from Swift-Vets:
admin <>
Sal Celeste <>

Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 4:37 PM
RE: foreign policy mistakes?

hide details 4:37 PM (14 hours ago)

Bleeding Hearts and Jihadi Revolving Doors
by Michelle Malkin

Sen. Joe Lieberman was right to sound the alarm about Yemen in the wake of the Undy-Bomber's Christmas Day terror attack over American skies. But he was wrong to call it "tomorrow's war." The Yemen-based jihadist network has been at war with us for years -- since before the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, since before Sept. 11 and well before our current commander in chief had begun his vaunted work as a community organizer.

The bleeding-heart ostriches of the left are blaming (who else?) cowboy George W. Bush for radicalizing poor, oppressed Yemenis. But the killer fruits of botched bomber Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab's loom have nothing to do with poverty, social injustice, Western imperialism or Bush Derangement Syndrome. The fundamentalist Muslim is the privileged son of a Nigerian public official. He lived a "gilded life," as the Independent of London described it, studying engineering at one of Britain's most prestigious universities before training for terror in Yemen.

Media sympathizers have spotlighted Abdulmutallab's web postings bemoaning his "loneliness." But more compassion and empathy -- the remedy Barack Obama prescribed in an infamously clueless Chicago community newspaper op-ed after the Sept. 11 attacks -- are useless salves to the terrorist's damned soul. Like so many of his wealthy, educated jihad brothers and sisters before him, from Osama bin Laden to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to Fort Hood mass killer Nidal Hasan, M.D., Abdulmutallab targeted us for who we are -- dirty, unbelieving infidels -- not anything we've denied him.

And for his failed act of self-eunuchery and mass murder, the all-too-enlightened leaders of al-Qaida in Yemen and beyond hailed Abdulmutallab as a "hero."

Another of these "heroes" in Yemen is Jamal Muhammad Ahmad Al Badawi, the convicted mastermind of the U.S.S. Cole bombing that took the lives of 17 American sailors in October 2000. Despite being sentenced to the death penalty, escaping twice from jail and being indicted in the U.S. on terrorism charges, the Yemeni government freed him in 2007 in exchange for a promise that he renounce his old infidel-murdering ways. More than two dozen of Badawi's jailbreak buddies, including bin Laden's former secretary, Nasir al-Wahayshi, reunited to form the jihadi training team that now claims it supplied Abdulmutallab with his incendiary device.

Yemen human rights activist and blogger Jane Novak has reported for years on how Yemeni intelligence and military officials have facilitated al-Qaida training camps -- often providing "safe houses, training and passports to the jihadists that travel to Iraq to attempt to kill U.S. troops."

The Yemeni government, Novak points out, has also used al-Qaida mercenaries to fight northern rebels and train tribal militias. Jihad spiritual advisor Anwar al-Awlaki, linked to the Sept. 11 hijackers and Fort Hood mass killer Hasan, also calls Yemen home -- and reportedly blessed the Crotch Bomber attack, according to The Washington Times.

Now, the Yemen government has the gall to blame the West for not providing enough assistance to stop the breeding of hundreds of future flying Crotch Bombers.

America, unfortunately, is hardly in a position to criticize Yemen's jihadi revolving door. ABC News reported this week that two of the four jihadi leaders behind the Christmas Day terror plot were released from Gitmo during the Bush administration in November 2007. (What a quandary for Bush-bashers who have stubbornly denied that Gitmo recidivism threatens our national security.) The freed detainees were shipped off to terror-friendly Saudi Arabia, where they underwent "art therapy rehabilitation" -- the ultimate bloody brainchild of the jihadi-as-victim mindset.

In January 2009, the two "rehabilitated" recidivists released a video vowing to wage jihad to "aid the religion," "establish the rightly guided caliphate" and " fight against our enemies." One of the duo, Said Ali al-Shihri, is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the United States embassy in Yemen's capital, Sana, in September 2008.

Another Yemeni at Gitmo, Ali Hamza al-Bahlul, was convicted by a U.S. military tribunal in the last days of the Bush administration for conspiring with al-Qaida, soliciting murder and providing material support for terrorism. He had scripted the videotaped wills of two Sept. 11 hijackers and boasted of making a two-hour al-Qaida commercial designed to recruit suicide bombers, according to FBI testimony. The recruitment ad celebrated the U.S.S. Cole bombers in Yemen.

Hundreds of Yemeni detainees at Gitmo abandoned the benefit of the doubt years ago. Yet, Attorney General Eric Holder's law firm, Covington and Burling, has provided dozens of them pro bono legal representation and sob-story media relations campaigns. True to form, former Covington and Burling lawyer Marc Falkoff dedicated a book of Gitmo detainee poetry to his Yemeni suspected terrorist "friends inside the wire." And the White House is rolling out the red carpet to bring them to U.S. soil for civilian trials.

At a time when we should be disabling the jihadi revolving door, its rotating shaft is spinning out of control.

Sal Celeste <>
admin <>

Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 7:28 AM
Re: foreign policy mistakes?

hide details 7:28 AM (0 minutes ago)

Michele Malkin??? COME ON! What the #*~/ kind of reply is THAT? My original email was SPQR's response to Conservatives/Republicans playing POLITICS with that unfortunate Christmas Day terror attempt to bring down a passenger airliner.

First of all THERE ARE NO EXPERTS ON THIS S0-CALLED WAR ON TERROR!  Any average Joe off the street could do a better job than those well-connected, silver spoon geeks getting cushy government jobs. Finagling to get some wealthy/powerful guy's dumb brother or some elected official's gay lover a good career as a CIA/NSA/Homeland Security bureaucrat ISN'T PROTECTING AMERICANS.

For any Conservative wacko who goes out of there way to blame Obama/ Biden, Democrats, Progressives or Bleeding Heart Liberals for ANY TERROR ACT... let me REMIND you, 9/11 HAPPENED ON BUSH/CHENEY'S WATCH! and no American airline passenger died on Christmas day  2009... ya pathetic @$$holes

REPLY from Swift-Vets

admin <>
Sal Celeste <>

Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 7:33 AM
RE: foreign policy mistakes?

hide details 7:33 AM (0 minutes ago)

Fuck off, and stop sending unsolicited (and stupid) emails.

All future communications will be reported to gmail.


My REPLY: WOW they told me...huh? lol
Ok, I guess the DEBATE is finished. NO facts, NO statistics, NO content... just mindless FOX news type propaganda BULLSHIT that makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

Just like any discussion of what these Swift-Vet (so-called patriotic Americans) did to John Kerry in the 2004 election. I'm wondering if those idiots have ANY REGRETS about helping get Bush/Cheney a 2nd Term. THANK FOR NOTHING m'#*~/ers!

Now go away and #*~/'n DIE before you Conservative types totally destroy this great nation.


2010 by CMC