Thursday, October 23, 2014

What has Conservatism really done for USA?

I do have a question for Mr & Mrs Conservative wacko: After the historic inequality of Reaganomics "trickle-down" economic terror and Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave / War Profiteering... can you PLEASE tell me what Conservatism has done for the American People?

I know what Liberalism has done, Social Security, Medicare, Equal Rights, roads, infrastructure, banking regulation, weekends/good wages, Clinton surplus, a good attempt at affordable healthcare and the Clean Air Act.

NOTE: For anyone who thinks Clean Air Act wasn't important look at China. Big cities all over China look like San Bernardino, CA used to look like with smog before environmental regulation... (suckers)

But can ANYONE tell us of one thing Republicans/Conservatives have done for the PEOPLE? It is still about the PEOPLE right? Y’know, all that about “of, by, for”… (ya corporate Ho's)

I can’t take it anymore. 30 plus years of holier-than-thou, Right Wing mind-numbing ignorance, low grade thought processes, the threats, hate speech, fear mongering, 24/7 propaganda… PAID FOR by Nazi trust fund baby Koch Brothers types or foreign agents like Rupert Murdoch / Saudi Royals.

the in-your-face pathetic Republican Cult LIES just to one-up a Liberal, Progressive or Democrat. All the while, voting for Republicans over & over & over, expecting a different result. Insane maniacs who want to WIN ...even if they have to bring down the USA to DO IT!

…blaming blaming, finger pointing, wagging fingers at sane people, SMART enough to KNOW these stupid mofos NEVER take responsibility for their poor voting choices, using FOX News (sic), Limbaugh, Beck Coulter like BS to escape the SHAME! Never pointing finger at their CULT leaders who get get caught daily committing terrible crimes.

I had this degenerate idiot in my face, one day, blaming Obama for losing Iraq. My first instinct was to knock his ass OUT but instead I told him:
Yea? You really believe that BS after Bush/Cheney borrowed $2 TRILLION from commie China to turn Iraq into an Islamic State?  
(then I punched him , lol)  

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Republicans act like tough guys on terror but Reagan cut & run after 241 Marines (and 58 French soldiers) were blown up in Beirut and 9/11 happened on Cheney’s watch. Why should the PEOPLE trust the GOP now? (unless you’re insane) I don’t think turning a BILLION+ Muslims against us is good for America, ya fear mongering degenerate, war profiteering scum!

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 & caller who asked that question on "Think Again" w/ L. Nathan Hare 10-18-14

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