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TWITTER (& USA) goes Corporate


LAST TWEETS of Cyber Think Tank Fellows
Sal Celeste. "St Justice" @flavius_sal  "Round 1"
the Charlie Stunats crew of Warriors "Special Political Op" @Obamagoonsquad  "Round 2"

were suspended by the hypocritical, pussy censors at TWITTER. We were all involved with a grand social experiment tracking hate speech and  racism THRIVING on the Internet. We knew about society of hate groups in the Military but we were surprised to find that TWITTER was encouraging right-wing groups while suspending Progressive Democrats who were questioning the sick, twisted and very disturbing tweets.

We NEVER had a user suspended because we believe in FREE SPEECH RIGHTS... Nazis want their White Power Utopia, fine but WE have the RIGHT to expose the hate for what it is. The RWNJs were using twitter censors to roadblock our research anytime we went into their twitter world.

A real Social Media and Internet FREEDOM are slipping away. We just realized TWITTER hasn’t had a good track record as far as community organizing in the USA goes. Has any American had actual success using tweets? 
( THINK about it and write us please - )

Sunday 11-10-13 (the day TWITTER killed @flavius_sal ) lol
Sal writing to bring awareness to the vital but ignored issues of our time. A good, hardworking American citizen, extremely frustrated after watching the regular selection of Corporate News BS. Pitiful Sunday news w/ David Gregory & “Meet the Puppet” aah, I mean Press or “Fake the Nation” or “This Weak” and  now “60 Minutes of BS”. 

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 11h
@Progress2day @SeannSara The rich assholes are slowly killing the USA slowly but not many want to fight a class war

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 11h
@ag_texas @JGalt9 @Roy__Rogers @Bidenshairplugs @SpreadButter #teaparty suckers & Enablers of Bushism - The Atlantic …

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 11h
@soxfaneast @Salon Right Wing Conspiracy Including @GinniThomas Creates Groundswell For '30-Front War'  via @sharethis

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 12h
#FoxNewsSunday guest, Follow $ - Stephan Curry > Benefits Planning Services > National Financial Partners > Madison Dearborn Partners > #ALEC

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 12h
#ObamacareRockAndRolloutHits #FoxNewsSunday small business guest bash #AffordableCareAct: Cade Joiner > Shred X > destroys documents 4 Kochs

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 8 Nov
@RawStory Mistake? Those Corporate #news Ho c**ksuckers tried to tilt the #election w 60 Minutes #Benghazi story, right? Fuck’n LYING Brits

 St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 8 Nov
@TXRngr_IDVndl “When fascism comes to #America , it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” SINCLAIR LEWIS

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 8 Nov
@Ljutic @BBCWorld If Corporate news Ho's were doing their job we wouldn’t had Iraq War or needed Wiki-leaks/Snowdon

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 9 Nov
@milesjreed @LibertyBelleJ According 2 Family Research Council, Rubio/Cruz/Brown Male Model/Escort industry has future in GOP politics (lol)

St Justice ‏@flavius_sal 20h
@rwillmsen Rumor - C. Stunats & Warriors will chop up silver spoon scumnag Charles Munger Jr. & feed 2 Gulf wildlife

TWITTER better re-think the suspension of St Justice ‏@flavius_sal or we're going to make it our job to destroy these self-serving corporate cowards.

After much travel, on-the-ground/in the trenches research, social experimentation and 20 years of community organizing this cyber think tank has formed a conclusion - the good guys can’t muster enough troops to defeat the bad guys. 

There is no hope for the USA. Coup after coup from the legislative and judicial branches of government turned FREEDOM into a delicate concept. “Destroyed from with-in” by insane silver spoon, trust fund baby Aristocrats, their Ho’s in government and news media, not to mention a Corporate culture that rewards vicious, greed stricken, power mad vultures or craven liars.

The very few Patriotic Concerned Citizens & Conscious Warriors who DO fight back ( such as @flavius-sal ) are road-blocked and punished at every turn. A majority on the LEFT side of the political spectrum are stuck on stupid still living out their chi chi 60’s protest fantasies. A non violent , non confrontational strategy that hasn’t got results since 1976. (lol)

(Not that it matters because the Conservative wackos have already killed us all by denying climate change) But the Liberal pussies haven’t figured out that 100,000’s of insane but very well-armed Right Wing fanatics are preparing for a new Civil War. Don’t be surprised at the domestic terrorism that will spring up on the American scene after Hilary Clinton is elected President. The Conservative propagandists Rush “Tokyo Rose” Limbaugh, Sean “fake soldier” Hannity  and Glenn “the victim” Beck will incite the weak-minded masses into a murderous frenzy during the 2016 election.

NOTE: (Good luck suckers, I’ve got my hide-out well stocked and guess what, I’m a Progressive who believes in responsible gun ownership …so if any of you naïve imbeciles messes  with my friends or family I’m going to blow your fuck’n head off! sorry, did I say that out loud... lol)

Anyways, gifted cyber companies such as Google, Facebook and now Twitter have been turned into well-tended slaves of the tilted system.

No better than consumer habits gathering flunkies for multinational Corporate scum or informants providing damaging information against internet users for the CONTROL by AUTHORITY Law Enforcement/Intelligence (sic) stiffs.

We have one question… How many boat-rockers have been suspended since TWITTER went Corporate? 


Last tweets from:
Special Political Op ‏@Obamagoonsquad Jan 29
@jjauthor @ShaneHall84 Oh, U mean those fake Black Panthers hired by GOP & FOX Spin 2 scare foolish useful tools lol

Special Political Op ‏@Obamagoonsquad Jan 29
@StinkTanks @goodechoice #GOP wins because of gerrymandered districts & #Koch Bros $ buying up GOP Corporate Hos lol

Special Political Op ‏@Obamagoonsquad Jan 29
@repmichaelgrimm @USMC u do know elected officials have 2 answer ?s from news reporters, right? U threaten the 4th Estate again expect visit

Special Political Op ‏@Obamagoonsquad Jan 28
@DefendWallSt @HarrietBaldwin wow where did u guys learn to be giggling fools f/>@marcthiessen ? gonna punch all those silver spoon Koch Hos

Special Political Op ‏@Obamagoonsquad Jan 28
Jan 28 @pdonutsmack @HarrietBaldwin @RepPaulRyan duh, lol. Tax cuts for rich & billionaire offshorers or demon $ hoarders had NOTHING 2 do w/ it?

Translated quote: 
 consciousness can only be achieved through suffering and degradationDostoevsky

I just figured out problem with trying to organize in USA!  Most of the people are a bunch of spoiled, self-absorbed, apathetic, celebrity worshiping dolts who know NOTHING about SERIOUS activism, DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCONTABILITY or Community Organizing!

So far our "fair tweet" campaign has been ignored. Once again, RWNJ's are using twitter censors to stop Progressive Democrats from questioning all the hate speech, racism and threats. We never flagged anyone but the moment we write to the haters our associates have been suspended.

How can one conduct a experiment without contact? The media incitement of hate is worse than anyone can imagine. (just look at how low they go like "Thug" vs Hannity/White Superbowl) As soon as the RWNJs realize they'll never win an election again THEY WILL STRIKE OUT AGAINST THE LEFT! Remember who warned you 1st ya bunch of cowards.

I live here & know these spoiled assholes in USA, THEY haven’t suffered enough yet. That’s  why Twitter was a such fantastic organizing tool for the Middle East, Eastern Europe  and the Asia/ Stans These people have known suffering for 1000’s of years. The worst times  Americans have had to endure was all the wars, Robber Barron’s, Economic Royalists, Bush/.Cheney and the poor voting choices useful Koch tools in the Tea Party. 

Honestly I’m starting to despise the Liberals almost as much as I hate the RWNJ s because they don’t have the courage to get out to the streets and ACT!

There is such a thing as “Power to the PEOPLE”… all IT takes is for you self-absorbed, apathetic mofos just get out start with your own community and DO SOMETHING! Then we all join forces. You give me 6 months of REAL FIGHT and I’ll give you back your wealth, rights and freedoms that was stolen from you by the “Conservative Labyrinth” (“Ominous Politics…” by John S. Saloma III) and Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave. Only a handful of twitter users GET IT: 

Jessie Flagg @Jessieflagg1

@ RevenendWrath @indydee  That seems to be true actually. I have reported several TP types who spam me, others have 2, but they're still here

@indydee is that right? That would xplain why they target me

Then the famous comment board boat-rocker SpoAct posted this post on Politics Nation with Rev Al Shaprton: Only reason I came back to MSNBC is to help a friend. Read and weep TWITTER users:

Class Warrior ‏@goodechoice · 7m
@OBAMA4ME2 @jasonemryss blah blah blah WOMEN in USA r all @!$%#n talk. Not one women last nite paid attention to Val Sandy A's plea 4 assist

Class Warrior ‏@goodechoice · 9m
OK Twitter users. You ignored Val Sandy A during "WOMEN TAKEOVER" last nite. Ignore following @ReverendWrath then live w/ fact you're a fake

Rev. Chris Ward ‏@ReverendWrath · 15m
If every Progressive doesn't boycott TWITTER right now then you fakers keep pretending you want Progressive CHANGE. TWITTER playn U 4 fools

Rev. Chris Ward ‏@ReverendWrath · 18m
The following 2 tweets r just 2 of 10s of 1000s those conservative rich guys at Twitter let slid while suspending @obamagoonsquad who defend

Rev. Chris Ward ‏@ReverendWrath · 22m
RT> @whitepower865 to
@_Laidback : fuck you nigger I'll put two bullets in your head and throw you off in the rock quarry end of story

Retweeted by Class Warrior

Rev. Chris Ward ‏@ReverendWrath · 30m
RT> @MisterAK47 to @ReverendWrath @VP @DNCHispanics you PUNKS will NEVER MAKE IT to the State Pen, you Obama Cock-Sucking Douchebags = LMAO

Rev. Chris Ward ‏@ReverendWrath · 36m
@JessieFlagg1 @indydee Twitter suspends users on Left but ignores #RWNJ racist hate mongers. We will bring down Twitter by makng them uncool

Class Warrior ‏@goodechoice · 41m
Twitter does as much good for Progressive Left-wing as me staying home to masturbate. Quick thrill but wished I had went out instead, lol

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Rev. Chris Ward ‏@ReverendWrath · Jan 30
@ROWGHANI @gabrielstricker PLZ get your support team 2 restore Special Political Op @obamagoonsquad. Thy interrupted vital social experiment

These 2  mothafuckers /\ are twitter Company Executives … of course they ignored my tweet, lol

But the PEOPLE oh the poor dumbass American PEOPLE. AFTER ALL THAT HARD WORK, RESEARCH, CONTENT, STRATEGY, WRITINGS & fuck’n TWEETING this dumbass mothafucker tweeted to me that:

"the haters & racists make twitter more FUN"...?

This ain't GAME you idiot mofo, the hard right is worked itself into a frenzy of hate AND THEY WANT TO KILL LIBERALS, dark-skinned minorities, gays and last but not least the dreaded JEWS! WE MUST SAVE THE USA FROM THEM!

The good news is Randi Rhodes, THE Goddess of Talk Radio picked up my twitter feed and commented on her amazing radio show (1-31-14) Let the fuck’n TRENDING begin…



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