Saturday, September 28, 2013


* from the desk of the Western White House

NEWS ALERT: Statement from Conscious Man Consultants calls for ACTION!

"Across the border, the Canadian Government has been taken over by Big Oil companies. Activists against Oil/Tar Sands, leaking pipelines, huge spills, bureaucratic corruption are being labeled TERRORISTS! The same plan is now being implemented HERE in the USA against any Concerned Citizen who demands ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY OR RATIONAL STANCE!

We at Conscious Man Consultants have always held to a stance on NON-VIOLENT protest… but those days are gone. A vain, self-serving, greed-stricken, power mad, elitist Ruling Class has crossed the line… and IF THE PEOPLE DON’T FORCIBLY TAKE THEIR POWER BACK THEN YOU CAN KISS THE AMERICAN WAY GOODBYE!

FREEDOM has become nothing more than a delicate concept. Rationality, Truth, Decency and Virtue fly out the window on a breeze of Low Grade thought Processes.  Driven by a CONTROL by AUTHORITY agenda where our leaders only represent big moneyed interests. 

The Supreme Court has made bribery, fraud and insider trading legal for our so-called Representatives in Congress so the PEOPLE cannot question their AUTHORITY. The “Citizens United” legislation from the bench gave our bureaucrats an exemption from being held accountable or prosecuted. Corporation are PEOPLE now so the politicians can say they’re working for the PEOPLE with a straight face. 

The LEFT needs to stop screwing around and get to the root of most of America’s problems. We all know the Ditto-heads, Conservative wackos and Tea Party faithful are all dumber than a tree full of monkeys, but why is that?  The root of this problem is all these Koch Bros, trust fund baby types pumping millions into spreading hate speech, bad information and propaganda. The American people need to rise up seize their assets and prosecute them for seditious activity against the USA and the President. 

 The PEOPLE need to realize their role in ETERNAL VIGILANCE. All that about “Life, Liberty, happiness, Equal Rights and Justice”,   “Of, by and for the People wealth that has been stolen from us by the Neo-Conservative trickle-down bullshit and Corporate Crime Wave… NOW!

One fact can't be explained away... there's 50 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level, but one wouldn't know if the Corporate News Media had its way. 50 MILLION very angry, very tough, very creative/talented poor people watching all those fools in Washington DC or the Ivory Towers. The silver spoon, trust fund baby hoarders need to share the wealth or they're going to go down HARD!"

signed by everyone at Conscious Man Consultants

NOTE:  There are homeless camps (like above picture) hidden all over America... Many of them occupied by COMBAT VETERANS! We've got guides that can reveal sites near YOU! 

"Find those degenerate idiots supporting a Tea Party group in YOUR community and punish them for their poor voting choices. Americans can't afford having incompetent, ladder-climbing wannabe elitists like Ted Cruz controlling our government..."   
Charlie Stunats & the Warriors

NOTE: The following blog represents notes, documents, communications from our brainstorming sessions. Ideas to organize a planned action against a scandalous Ruling Class


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