Monday, November 12, 2012

V is for VICTORY

"What a pinko red commie puke bastard, gd Hollywood Liberals

NOTE: If they have a problem with Obama/Biden/Rice then they've got a problem with us too… 
COME ON! Bet, check, DO SOMETHING, ya petty losers. You numbskulls want to secede, by all means… get the f*** outta of our United States you TRAITOROUS scum. We’ve HAD IT with you LYING Conservative wacko mofo’s with your low grade thought processes. AND another thing, I'll buy my pizza (and other products) from the business who provides health insurance for it's employees.

Leaked Classified Document:
CIA Director David Petraeus was compromised, but not by a woman. Neo-Conservative CONSULTANTS in the agency, working for WAR profiteering special interests, were behind the attack on the Benghazi consulate TO MAKE Obama/Biden look bad before the election...”

BUT, what the right wing, chicken hawks didn’t know is President Obama has some real badass, tough guys/gals working behind the scenes to protect him from such hateful Republican “dirty tricks”. Petraeus is being punished for allowing himself to be diverted while all this seditious activity was going down... RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE!  (lol)

Let this be a warning to all those who try to defy, roadblock or sabotage the 2012 Progressive Democratic mandate. WE ARE WATCHING YOU! (10 OF 1000’S Concerned Citizens with cell phone cameras ARE paying attention…)
Anyways someone should write a soap opera about our nation's Military upper-crust hierarchy, the women who sex them and the shirtless FBI agents who do their bidding. (lol)

Funny thing, I didn’t hear any whining from John McCain, Lindsey Graham or Kelly Ayotte during the Bush/Cheney years. You idiots do know 11 Embassies were attacked during the Bush Jr Administration, over 60 dead and 100’s wounded…RIGHT? JEEZ! It’s time to get rid of these lying hypocritical bastards before ALL Americans have to pay for THEIR SINS! 

Conscious Man Consultants will be attempting a face to face with all those chubby, pink-faced young Republicans at Ole Miss who showed their true colors on Election Night. You idiot, racist, pig boys better take 2 steps back and reconsider your positions in this civilized society… because IT’S NOT LOOKING TOO GOOD FOR YOU ARYAN DEGENERATES RIGHT NOW! 

You want to take up guns and try to force your sick twisted version of how things should be in the USA, GO FOR IT! Be warned, you’re not dealing with you Daddy’s pussy, peace & love Liberals. There are 100,000’s of very angry Progressives just itching for a fight… WE WILL COME AT YOU DEGENERATES IN WAYS YOU CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! And if one of you Nazi devils gets it into your head to assassinate one of our leaders, be warned, we will take it out on your family, friends, loved ones if we can’t get to YOU!