Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks for being so #*~/ed up

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Mayoral Election (10-6-09) in Albuquerque, New Mexico was the first public referendum/election since the Great Democratic Party victories of 2008. Here's a side story.

A group of political activists and radical boat-rockers went to New Mexico after Democrat Patricia Madrid lost a midterm election to un-seat Representative Heather Wilson (R-NM) Madrid had the election in her pocket right up until she froze up during a televised debate. The group was in Southern California at the time... screaming answers at Madrid on video. New Mexico Democrats NEEDED A LOT OF HELP!

The activists came to NM in 2007 to help turn a Bush Red State of 2004 to a monumental Democratic SWEEP in 2008. (Obama/Biden, 1 Senate, 3 Representatives) They used a brilliant strategy of grassroots organizing and behind the scenes political meddling. Getting Concerned Citizens ANGRY at local meetings/watercoolers, e-mail/letter writing campaigns, news service message board posting, calling local talk shows on Cable Access TV and radio. A most effective aspect were the calls made to one of the local Radio Free Conservative AM radio stations. The boat-rockers gave right-wingers vital information and alternative viewpoints they REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR!

After 8 years of Bush/Cheney, the political activists had one goal in mind… DESTROY the Republican Party and theConservatives Labyrinth (“Ominous Politics” by John S. Saloma III) They see the Right-Wing as silly, delusional, dangerous TRAITORS to everything the USA stands for.

Even though the Republican Richard Berry was elected mayor, there was a great lesson to be learned from this local election. Like Tip O’Neil once said “all politics is LOCAL politics”...

Democrats LOST THIS ELECTION BECAUSE the MODERATE AND PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS SPLIT THE VOTE. (I hope Democrats take note... because I've just introduced a whole new dimension to long range, strategic planning)

Republicans/Conservatives are celebrating this local victory and convincing themselves they will win back Congress and then the Whitehouse. (GOD forbide)

The following communication was sent out just after the polls closed... to deflate their egos.

NOT ONE of those mentioned in this commentary had the courage to reply:

forward: 10-6-09
The Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank wants to thank the City of Albuquerque under Mayor M. Chavez, KKOB-am770, APD, Bernalillo County Sheriff, Rio Grande Foundation and the local Conservative population. Our successful societal experiment in behind the scenes political meddling was only possible because of your incompetence, severe superiority complexes, self-serving agendas, shameless hypocrisy and revenue generating schemes. We plan to publish our findings and conclusions in the near future. Our documentation uses the City of Albuquerque and it’s political climate as a representation of everything that is wrong with the USA.

Commentary from the desk of Frank from ABQ:
Now that polls are closed for this election I want to say the ONLY mayoral candidate worth voting for was Richard Romero. But I felt he had no chance because most of the ABQ voters are either spoiled civil servants/public sector employees OR Conservative wackos suffering the effects of years of ideological propaganda OR just plain MORONS without the least bit of common sense or rational stance.

So my cyber think tank associates and myself decided to play the spoiled Mayor Marty crowd against all those right-wing nutcases who would vote for a Republican no matter who is running. The local Republican Party could’ve ran Bonzo the Chimp for mayor and the Conservative wackos would have voted for him just because the monkey worked with Ronald Wilson Reagan. (or the other way around, lol)

I WIN no matter what the result of this election. If Democrat Chavez wins then I get to point out how the Conservative uprising of 2009 was a farce. Even with all the bullshit coming from the Limbaugh’s and FOX news types inspiring the Tea Party, Birther, anti-Obama, Conservative nutcase movements… the Republicans couldn’t even win a local election.

If Republican Berry wins (you were lucky two Democrats split the MAJORITY vote) then I can take a certain pleasure seeing a New Mexico Democrat get what he deserves. The problems, scandal, corruption and ineffective governing of NM Democrats was like a black cloud over the National Party and it’s 2008 election victories.

NOTE: (The best lesson learned from this election is that the Democratic Party needs to embrace the Progressive Democrats of America. 3rd Party progressive candidates will SPLIT the Democratic VOTE in the next few elections. Republicans will win, then be able to continue their work ravaging and expatriating all our nation's wealth and resources... lol)

Instead of "PROTECT & SERVE", Mayor Chavez chose to use fines, penalties, seizure, code enforcement and red light cameras to generate revenue for the City. Mostly at the expense of people already struggling below the poverty level. The City and it's law enforcement agents were SO BUSY generating income, they MISSED CRIME AFTER CRIME AFTER CRIME...

What really gets me is how in such a sun soaked, windy ass place… Chavez did NOTHING to make ABQ an example of the alternative energy city of the future.

AND on a personal level, I made sure both Berry and Romero knew how I was treated by the City after my truck and tools were stolen from my parking lot by a skilled tow operator.

Everyone involved with Albuquerque City government including the cops I’ve dealt with, have sent out one message. We will not take responsibility for Albuquerque being the auto thief capital of the planet… INSTEAD ABQ city government represented by Mayor M. Chavez will blame Mexicans… GET THE PICTURE? I CALL THAT HATE SPEECH and inciting violence on a ethnic minority…

The cop who came the morning my truck was stolen wouldn’t even get out of his cruiser to investigate the TWO tire drag marks my truck made when it was stolen by an EXPERIENCED tow truck operator. Or take finger prints from empty beer bottles littering my parking lot after the late night theft. NO, mother#*~/er, too bad for YOU! …right?

As he drove off the unsympathetic police officer PROTECTED AND SERVED me by saying that my truck is “in Mexico by now” and there’s NOTHING he could do? Yea Officer, YOU can tell ALL THAT just sitting in your comfy cruiser, huh... YOU MUST BE A #*~/'N GENIUS!

I want citizens of ABQ to stay up late one Saturday night. Go out to the bars and observe all the cops out waiting to pounce on party goers. THEN between 2:00 am and 6:00 am go back to your neighborhood and see if you can find a cop when you need them… Criminals time their crimes to dull law enforcement routines like that.

I was here in the early 80’s when Albuquerque was one of the coolest places in the nation. Now it’s nothing but a tourist trap and Air Force Christian, military industry, cost plus contract HELL.

This morning (10-6-09) on the local early news was a good example of Albuquerque so-called culture. Ch. 4 Weatherman Steve Stucker at the Balloon Fiesta, drooling over a Turkey Leg explaining to the vendors how they could squeeze a few more dollars from the tourists by making the turkey legs look like balloons. (lol)

I hope all you fools can come up with good explanations for your actions and agendas because CMC is going to make ABQ the FACE of all that is WRONG with America!

YEA, ABQ "a beautiful swan", Chavez called IT.

...HA, that’s a good one. Good Luck you ABQ turkeys with THAT kind of delusion… I’ve lived all over this great nation and ABQ IS THE WORST PLACE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED!

"I heard Santa Fe got a new Zoo... yea, they put a fence around Albuquerque"

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