Thursday, January 14, 2010

Massachusetts voters, rational stance and common sense??? Not likely

UPDATE: 1-19-10 7:06 pm PST

Ok... you Conservative dolts REALLY stuck it to Obama, right? NOW WHAT? Thanks to you #*~/'s NOTHING WILL GET DONE IN wASHINGTON dc.

#2) Congratulations Massachusetts, you’re the first state to elect a nude porn model as senator. Scott Brown??? You dullards might as well voted for Sarah Palin…. THIS is how you reward Ted Kennedy for a lifetime of service?

What’s this nation coming to? Voters in Massachusetts THOUGHT it was a good idea to elect a male nude porn model to the US Senate… I heard rumors about ooolala Curt Schilling but I didn’t know there was SO MANY gay men in the state. Please next time don’t let your sexual preferences steer your voting choices… lol

We’ve been getting disturbing reports of voting machine irregularities from all over Massachusetts. A paper trail seems to indicate ballots are coming back already having voted for Scott Brown. If Republicans/Conservatives think they’re going to get away with election crimes like the ones perpetrated in 2000 they better take a step BACK!

What better definition of TRAITOR than those who would corrupt the election process. Our people in New England are heading to the offices of Diebold affiliate LHS Associates at this very moment with sawed off baseball bats. (and Curt Schillings house too)

see you pathetic idiots in 2 years...

as posted on comment boards in every newspaper in Massachusetts

As soon as the Massachusetts election results came back Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (owner of FOX Spin… ahhh I mean News) made an unholy alliance with the Saudis. Bill O’Rielly’s, Sean Hannity’s, Glenn Beck’s, etc… BOSS is now a Saudi Prince. The Saudis really appreciate the way Fox News was able to brainwash the ignorant masses. Maybe all you Conservatives can kiss the PRINCE’S right shoulder now... Groupies of Fox News and am Radio Free Conservative want to put ALL Americans under the thumb of the Saudi Royals and Commie Chinese… THANKS FOR NOTHING, you #*~/ right-wing monkeys!

WHY the Scott Browns of the nation WIN
Conservatives FIGHT! The right-wing has a superior spin machine.  Republican/Conservative spokespersons (like Karl Rove) can LIE so convincingly (while waving the flag) they’ve made FOOLS of just under half the voting public.  Their ideological leaders have so much control in the mainstream news media THEY CAN ACTUALLY REVISE HISTORY for their own benefit.

Don’t take MY word for IT… Try this social experiment by going to conservative rag website (like the Weekly Standard or Boston Herald) go to the comments boards and ask the brainwashed ditto-heads who was responsible for the economic meltdown.

Anyone with half a brain tied behind their back can AGREE Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) had a HUGE part in almost taking down the US economy. You can present all the fact, statistics, CONTENT and legitimate evidence one needs to prove the point. BUT the reply to your information will be met with hatred and scorn. Conservatives will BLAME Bill Clinton, they’ll BLAME Barack Obama. IT’S LIKE BUSH/CHENEY NEVER EXISTED!

According to 95 percent of those Herald readers polled it was Clinton, Obama, the 2006 Democratic takeover of Congress and poor people with adjustable mortgages that RUINED THE ECONOMY?

Conservative have been trained like a circus monkeys. “Duuuuhhhh Conservative good, Liberal bad”… In the face of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY!

John S. Saloma III WARNED Americans about this phenomenon WAY BACK in 1983 in his almost prophetic book “Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth”. (READ it, IF you can find a copy. NEVER has a book been buried like this one)

Unfortunately for ALL Americans, Saloma died (mysteriously) not long after completing his enlightened manuscript.  All the CONTENT one needs to UNDERSTAND what exactly happened to the USA. How Conservative think tanks laid the groundwork make us all into the United Suckers of America.

I think I’m starting to despise Democrats worse than the Republicans… For poor planning, for being COWARDS and NOT FIGHTING BACK! The whole political scene has become an affront to anything our Founding Fathers had in mind.

If Obama/Biden and the Democratic MAJORITY doesn’t start taking Progressive seriously in the next year then the 2010-2012 election cycle will be a disaster. The GOOD NEWS is after Republicans take back power and complete their job of totally ruining the USA… Well… then we can ORGANIZE a REAL revolution with a powerful 3rd Party that will take America by storm.

NOTE: (by then most Americans will be so bad off they won’t care if the boat-rockers chop up the wealthy Corporate Crime Wave types and feed them to the poor… 

On a personal note I actually had Italian family ancestors who were in the crowd when Benito Mussolini was SHOT, HUNG and LIT ON FIRE! Lord that must have felt SOoooo GOOD after years of the fascist corporate/state bs)

Original post:
NOTE: (On January 19th, 2010 a special election to fill the US Senate seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy. Democrats Martha Coakley is ahead in a tight race with Republican Scott Brown)

I want to remind Massachusetts Democrats to ORGANIZE and get out the vote for candidate Martha Coakley. Also it’s time for Progressives, Liberals, 3rd Party voters and disgruntled Republicans to step up and vote for a little SANITY and what’s really best for the good ole USA.

Martha Coakley is the very definition of honesty and experience. As Mass Attorney General she recovered Billions for taxpayers. Coakley took groundbreaking steps to hold predatory lenders and Wall Street con artists ACCOUNTABLE for their reckless economics.

Scott Brown represents the Sarah Palin, Rudy Guiliani, Pat Robertson right-wing wacko crowd rather than a rational stance, common sense approach to public policy. All these Republican types have to offer is fear and the old timey, irresponsible, finger pointing, blame game that got us in this mess in the first place. If you liked George W. Bush you’ll love Scott Brown… NEED I SAY MORE?

NEVER FORGET it was the Republicans who set us on the path severe recession, job/health care/pension loss and 8 miserable, mind numbing years of Bush/Cheney. If Brown beats the odds and wins this election all the dead Kennedy’s will turn over in their graves…

Obama can’t win this one for you Citizens of Massachusetts . It’s up to you to stand up, get involved and vote for the best interests of ALL Americans and the Democratic Majority in the Senate.

"You Massachusetts voters are going to be haunted by all 4 Kennedy Bros AND the spirit of Martin Luther King… Since the Republicans paid off millionaire jocks like Curt Schilling to sway the ignorant masses… If Republican Scott Brown wins this special election… WARNINGS from GOD indicate Massachusetts will NEVER HAVE A WINNING SPORT TEAM AGAIN. Not in baseball, football, hockey or basketball.  This WRATH of GOD will last until the generation who voted a Theocratic madman like Brown into power are gone."


Anonymous said...

Douchebag liberals say what?

Anonymous said...

You are out of your mind with your Leftist wacko rant. You are blaming the economy on the Republicans?

Which party pushed the banks (with threats of crackdowns and denials of petitions to expand) to lend money to people who had no credit qualifications for a home loan? That would be your precious Democrat Party.

Which party has caused the loss of American jobs to overseas labor? That would be your precious Democrat Party with their never ending march for higher taxes on the producers of this nation and their entrenched Leftist hatred for capitalism.

Who has made this country less safe from Islamic terrorism? Once again, your precious Democrat Party that can't even bring itself to call it a War on Terror any longer. Your willingness to lay America on the altar of political correctness while you bury your collective heads in the sand to the very real threats that surround us is EXACTLY why the American people have lost faith in your ability to safeguard their security. Your slavish devotion to political correctness will cost American lives, in a manner illustrated by our narrow escape from disaster on Christmas Day in Detroit. You have made this bed of anger and mistrust and the American people are going to make you lie in it, starting tomorrow with the defeat of your buffoon candidate, Martha Coakley. Enjoy watching the Obama Presidency go down as a colossal one-term failure. I know I will. And the best part is, you only have yourselves to blame. You guys have screwed up so badly, even Massachusetts voters have rejected you. What do suppose November will look like? I can't wait and neither can millions of others who are fed up with your condescending attitudes. We pay the bills in this country and we have decided that your services are no longer required. You are dismissed. Start packing.

Anonymous said...

I always have to laugh at the madness of left wing, kool-aide drinking, communist libtards. You're one sick puppy and stupid too. You can't even get your facts straight. Another uneducated sheeple, hell bent on destroying our great republic.

Anonymous said...

You're clueless. Take a course in Economics, market theory, and open your mind to what big goverment is doing to our country. Go BROWN!

Anonymous said...


Special Politcal Operative said...

Just look at all the Conservative monkey's. Come on, REPEAT after Limbaugh/Hannity:

"Conservative GOOD, Liberal BAD" lol

It's time for ANOTHER Civil War...

Jim Dobbins said...

Hmm, you should do some fact checking my friend. Just look up Barney Frank and his role in the banking/mortgage/credit meltdown. The Democratic party is the party of hate and intolerance under the guise of helping the poor and unfortunate. Elitists who feel they have to "babysit" our lower class because they cannot think for themselves.

Democrats have been allegedly working to help the poor since the 50's YET we gain more and more poor every year here. Massachusetts and California alone show that the Democrats should not be left up to their own agendas. Open your eyes, man. Become independent. 2 party system is the downfall of our country.

Yipicya said...

Wow somebody didn't his way now he's going to whine like a spoiled little trick.

You better get back on DU/Kos because they, like you are the only ones who didn't get the message. No one wants your BS policies.

Rock on you idiot.