Friday, January 29, 2010

One of the few Americans I had any respect for... Howard Zinn dead at 87

  “…to engage in whatever nonviolent actions appeal to us. There is no act too small, no act to bold. The history of social CHANGE is the history of millions of actions coming together at critical points to create a power governments CANNOT suppress. We find ourselves at one of those critical points…”   HOWARD ZINN

Ahhhh Howard Zinn… an ORGANIZER to the end. Zinn died at 87 (Wednesday, 1-27-10) while preparing to deliver a lecture in Santa Monica. When I first heard the news my breath was taken away… The world had lost a GREAT MAN!

Howard Zinn served as a bombardier during WWII. Professor, author, community organizer, social activist and my friend… While I was in jail 75 days for attending a protest march... The police state mo f**kers put me in housing full of aryan, skinhead, nazi types where I had to watch my back the whole time.  Howard sent me a letter full of wisdom, strength and encouragement that got me through the tough times. 

"...don't get desperate... Remaining non-violent in the long run, pays off. Otherwise you become self-destructive"

One of the reasons I remain active,  writing my biting commentary and expose is because Howard, after reading some sample chapters of my manuscript, called the work “VIVID and COMPELLING”. He signed his name in a letter and said I could use that review WHEN I get published. Since Howard is one of a few Americans I still had ANY respect for…  I KNOW I’M ON THE RIGHT PATH! 

Thank You Howard Zinn for fighting the GOOD fight… 

F. G. E.



"Howard Zinn lived in Massachusetts… I believe his heart was broken after his fellow citizens voted for a mad Conservative to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. YOU RIGHT-WING, male nude model loving  c*@$#^~'s killed my HERO! HOWARD ZINN  DIES... the Class War BEGINS"

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