Thursday, February 4, 2010

Laura Flanders, Mike Malloy VS. all the young, dumbass, right-wing extremists

I think Mike Malloy spoke for ALL of us on the LEFT side of the political spectrum.  (2-3-10)  SOMETHING STINKS within the Federal Government of the USA and it seems to be coming from Republicans/Conservatives. Even WORSE (as far as I’m concerned) is that Obama/Biden and the Democrats know IT STINKS but are too TIMID to CLEAN IT UP!

Malloy’s rundown about the James O’Keefe VS Senator Landrieu phone TAPing case took a lot of balls to say on the national radio airwaves BUT was definitely what most of us were thinking. (continued…)

NOTE: (just to be fair Laura Flanders/GritTV did a show exposing this subject on 2-2-10)

Speaking for myself, (and a growing number of Concerned Citizens joining the Civilian Oversight Movement) I’m NOT willing to give up on my Progressive hopes, issues, dreams, agendas, etc, just because 25-30% of Americans are STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE WHAT RUSH LIMBAUGH/PAT ROBERTSON/FOX NEWS TELLS THEM!

Up until last week (when Obama FINALLY grew a pair, stepped up and CALLED OUT the Republicans)  I was starting to think I WASTED the last two and a half years of my life…

2007-08 - WORKING MY ASS OFF to get Obama/Biden and Congressional Democrats ELECTED… for CHANGE!

2009 - pulling my hair out and gritting my teeth watching Obama/Biden play footsy with Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats WHILE FORGETTING ABOUT people LIKE ME.

I didn’t wear out shoe leather, register voters, petition, canvas and use all my cell phone minutes so Obama/Biden could carry on the policies of the Bush/Cheney DISASTER!  (#*~/ you too assholes)  I WAS PROMISED CHANGE, m’#*~/ers, AND I’M GOING TO GET IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

Think about this… If you Democrats aren’t PART OF THE SOLUTION then they’re PART OF THE PROBLEM. Want MY support in 2010-12? Then you wimpy m'#*~/ers better start representing the PEOPLE who got you elected.  I’m so glad Obama recently stopped thinking Progressives are as ignorant as Conservatives to fall for the Party line propaganda…

By the way, how’d that reaching out to Republicans thing work out for you? I mean did you REALLY BELIEVE the Republican Party was going to HELP YOU IN ANY WAY? Come on…! 

LISTEN m’#*~/ers, THESE CONSERVATIVE WACKOS ARE NOT THINKING CLEARLY… THE TRAITORS WANT TO DESTROY THEIR OWN PRESIDENT! They will use whatever budgets, dirty tricks, Diebold voting machine scandal or hard-line, right-wingers in the Intelligence Community/Pentagon IT TAKES to SABOTAGE Obama/Biden and the Democratic Party.

Republicans/Conservatives STUCK IN A VICIOUS CYCLE, the same game plan over and over thinking it will have different RESULTS… They’re suffering from SEVERE superiority complexes, paranoia and religious delusions. The motherfuckers have revised history so many times they don’t possess the capacity to use reality based solutions to solve the many problems the USA is facing…

In other words Republicans/Conservatives are INSANE! These vain, incompetent, self-serving, power mad elitists want to drag the rest of us into the sewer of their warped minds and LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES!
IT STINKS down there...

NOTE: (HOW COME silver spoon, right-wing assholes like Stan Dai, James O’Keefe, Robert Flannagan, Joseph Basel can get government grants and ideologue financing for foolish covert/CIA work but somebody like me can’t get paid to expose the pathetic Conservative bastards. AND WHY ARE THESE four so-called, patriotic 24 year old, CHICKEN HAWKS NOT IN IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN fighting for their COUNTRY?)

Now that the Democrats/Independents/Progressives/Liberals are FINALLY showing some signs of unity and a FIGHT BACK attitude maybe we can GET SOMETHING DONE! Believe me it doesn’t matter what pet issues/projects ANYONE on the LEFT is working on/for… if Republicans take back our government WE’RE ALL #*~/ed! It’s sink or swim at this point and WE’LL ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER if we don’t HELP each other NOW! SNAP the #*~/ OUT OF IT and get busy to save the future for our children/grandchildren.

©2010 by SPO

“…if that bitch James O’Keefe and his covert op suck buddies get away with their FEDERAL CRIME then I’m going to find them on the street and ****. I guess it would mean Progressives/Liberals can follow Republicans in Congress, Right-wing Christians Organizations, K-Street lobbyists, Conservative think tanks, etc… set up video/audio surveillance to DESTROY the pitiful m'#*~/ers, RIGHT?
I’ve been sick of this Republican dirty tricks/Black ops stuff ever since Ollie North sabotaged the Iran Hostage Rescue Mission so Ronald6 Wilson6 Reagan6 would get elected President…” Anonymous


"It was on the National Day of Prayer when I thought of the best way to get rid of the Conservative wackos that want to ruin the USA. The Cross… yea CRUCIFY THEM! The Romans used crucifixion with great success when it came to TRAITORS.  Think about it… These religious delusionals think GOD is their close friend and JESUS a personal savior. Right-wing fanatics have already put themselves up on the cross… all we have to do is nail them to IT! Maybe THEN we can move on with the serious business of  saving ourselves from the HUGE MESS the Republicans left for the American PEOPLE to deal with…"

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