Thursday, June 14, 2012

Organized Crime

 Bush the dancing cheerleader president. *Coming soon: Mitt Romney dances for billionaires!

Wow, I bet Obama & Holder regret not prosecuting Bush/Cheney...

Fast and Furious, huh? That original program WAS instituted by Bush/Cheney, right? Hey, what happened with all those Mexican Special Drug Agents who were armed and financed by George W. and then started working for the Drug Trafficers?  What about those two Federal Air Marshalls who were caught smuggling cocaine? Did Issa or anyone in the Republican Corporate Ho Party investigate ANYTHING during Bush/Cheney?

Funny but I didn’t see any Issa hearings after 175,000 weapons turned up missing in Iraq during the Bush/Cheney disaster. By the way, wasn’t Darrell Issa a car thief? What a bunch of shameless hypocrites. It seems the real crooks are politicHo’s making laws to protect themselves from being prosecuted for the 100’s of crimes elected officials have committed since 2000.

When I heard real life “Goodfella” Henry Hill died, the first thing I thought of was how much Republicans reminded me of the crooks and con artists, RIP paisan, ya ****’n rat (sorry, lol)

They say Mitt Romney learned how to be a Vulture Capitalist watching the scene in “Goodfellas” where the hoods takeover the chump’s restaurant.  Voting for Romney is a vote for fascism, “…more appropriately called Corporatism…” or will he make the trains run on time? (lol)

Italian-Americans got a saying about Rudy Giuliani, “Rudy got rid of the Mafia in NYC and then the US Government took over organized crime”.  (LOL) I know, I KNOW, it’s just another coincidence a new smokable form of heroin showed up in inner city America not long after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld invaded Afghanistan. The same thing happened during Reagan/Bush with crack cocaine, Tosh Plumlee & Iran/Contra… strange, right? Rumors since tell how the GOP learned to launder drug profits through their campaign contributions.  Evil?

What about those Capos in the Supreme Court legislating “Citizens United” from the bench?  Americans haven’t had a Court this criminal since the McCarthy Era. The 5 Conservative wacko Justices essentially made bribery legal and negated the argument that Republican do work for the People because Corporations are now PEOPLE too. Also they gave the rich guys an advantage by tightening the grip of Unions having the freedom to spend their own money. Supreme Court appointments are an important factor when picking Presidents, one more Conservative Justice and the USA is f***ed!

NO kidding, I've heard George W. Bush’s favorite movie is “Goodfellas”, lol. I wonder who killed more people and  stole more money, the Mafia since 1932 or the Bush Crime Family since 1988.  I know, I KNOW, it’s just another coincidence every time a Bush is in the White House Americans have to suffer through a banking/financial crisis/scandal... ya suckers.

WASP, white collar, Bank robbers with police and Secret Service protection, now THAT is Un-American. Maybe economic terrorists? Talking about an evil mob, the Republican Corporate Ho Party turned us all into the United Suckers of America.

A long list of legislation starting with “fiscal conservatism” and “trickle down economics” led to the decline in federal aid to local governments from $64 per resident in 1980 to $29 in 1992. To REPLACE the lost funding, a mandate for LAW ENFORCEMENT and Criminal Justice (sic) System to generate revenue for itself, State and local governments. PROFIT margins created a government VS. the PEOPLE mentality.

NOTE: (Sunday, April 16, 2000 Press-Enterprise B-1 article titled “San Bernardino County leads nation in forfeitures” WHAT? Joseph D. Mcnamara, a research fellow at Stanford University and former police chief in San Jose, said: “I think in general it’s a BAD MISTAKE to have the police interested in anything other than the pursuit of justice

Add the special interest pandering which further separated the PEOPLE from “LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE”. As a mater of fact JUSTICE became a commodity bought and sold by the wealthy, powerful and well-connected. Jail and forced slavery for everyone else who can't afford to PAY UP…

Southern speed traps, stupid drug laws, Red State expensive toll roads and Arizona routine traffic stops. Hidden taxes through police ticketing, tolls, fines penalties, code enforcement, seizures, court costs among other  ways law enforcement generates income for itself and local governments.  The whole system reminded me of something I couldn’t put my finger on when it hit me… a shake down by ORGANIZED CRIME!  

"All the adults of my youth were Italian immigrants, so I’ve heard the stories about living under Mussolini during WWII. They suffered, they endured and they DAMN WELL KNOW A FASCIST POLICE STATE WHEN THEY SEE IT! So forgive my inbred hatred of anything resembling totalitarian tyranny". FGE

Speaking of tyranny has anyone read the new Free Trade Agreement?

Managia la America,

Mafia hit list to save the USA! by Charlie Stunats

1)The Republican Corporate Ho Party who’ve done MORE damage to the USA than any Middle Eastern terrorist or Mob street criminal.
"As far as I’m concerned, after the Bush/Cheney disaster, the Republican Party is dead to me. The results of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) speak for themselves. Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy contractor work, job off-shoring, arms dealing, obstructionism, environmental deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a corporate crime wave of epic proportions. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth & resources in the history of mankind… Yet these shameless hypocrites have the audacity to act they’re the responsible adults at the table, when they can’t even take responsibility for their own failures, incompetence and low grade thought processes. BULLS***!

2) The fake mainstream news media that tries to convince the American PEOPLE that crazy Republicans are still relevant after the Bush/Cheney catastrophe .

3) those ignorant, racist, inbred deadneck, numbskulls who keep voting for the insanity Republicans have offered over & over & over &…
"I’m convinced Republican voters are suffering from some propaganda induced madness. Severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia, racial hatred, religious delusions and all the pharmaceuticals Conservatives are ingesting have them making the same mistakes, over & over & over, expecting a different result…" (insanity). QUIT GETTING DUMBED DOWN BY FOX NEWS OR am radio LIMBAUGHs, ya freaks! 

4) Those rich, well-connected assholes like the Koch Bros, Bob Perry Diane Hendricks, Sheldon Adelson, Rich Devas, Foster Friess, Louie Moore, Trevor Rees-Jones and those greed stricken, power mad idiots who make up the Council for National Policy.

5) All those Sexual Deviates and Cougars at FOX News sexually abusing young impressionable interns.  These predators use their power to use the lure of an exciting, well-paid job at FOX to satisfy their twisted sexual desires.  Bill O’Reilly being the best example, passed on his evil legacy to those who came after him. The new generation of deviates includes Steve Doocy’s gay son who organized the so-called Millennials for guest appearances and scandalous after-hour orgies not seen since Nero’s Rome.  

How is it possible all that law enforcement/Homeland Security missed the Corporate Crime Wave that occurred during Bush/Cheney? Waste, fraud, abuse of power, corruption and war profiteering on a scale not seen since the Robber Barron Era. THE GREATEST LOOTING OF A NATION’S WEALTH/RESOURCES IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND and I didn’t see one Republican Party official or Wall St. derivatives manager get clubbed or pepper sprayed. Somebody is taking kickbacks…

It used to be called bribery, collusion and all those crimes covered by the RICO Act. How come they can get away with a white bred corporate crime wave of epic proportions but our jails are filled by pot smokers and Italian-Americans? WHY IS THAT, ya ****'n racists? These Wall Street guys ruined our economy with their reckless policies and deregulation, so why aren’t the American PEOPLE standing up to them? WHY AREN’T THE FED’S PROSECUTING?

The Wise Guys would’a loved the suckers of the Right-wing because the hypocrites are thick as thieves. Open your eyes and look at the Bush/Cheney catastrophe… The rich guys spit in American faces, pulled down Americans pants, f***ed Americans in the @$$ for 8 years and stole your wallet before they left in 2008.

Any American citizen with half a brain is VERY angry, demanding accountability but Republicans don’t see it that way. They liked the violations so much they want MORE! No wonder they vote for all those candidates with that certain boyish good looks (Rubio, Brown, Ryan, etc.) 

GOP - Gay Old Party, lol…I heard the Minneapolis airport men’s room was the most popular hangout during the 2008 Republican National Convention, lol.

NOTE: HA! Did you see the way Senate Republicans resembled smitten school girls talking to Jamie Dimon at the banking hearings? It was almost as bad as all the Bush Jr. kissing and hand holding every time the Saudi Royals came to the Crawford, TX ranch. Shameless Ho's... (lol) 

©2012 by FGE

Revised after Senate Banking hearings:
"After watching members of Congress questioning Jamie Dimon like they were a bunch of smitten school girls… and then listening to those sell-outs in the news media cover the banking crisis/scandal… I realized our government doesn’t have it’s heart in holding the rich guys accountable for their billion dollar crimes. Now, as laid out by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence it’s up to the PEOPLE to ACT!  If the PEOPLE don’t fight and take their power back then FREEDOM and RIGHTS will be reduced to delicate concepts. Allow me to explain how this is happening.

Corporations are people too?
Republicans believe Corporations have a right to do as they please. Most card carrying conservatives are so ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO… The Neo-Conservative credo is “limited intervention in the economy and substantial intervention in morality”… which means let the rich guys do whatever they want while pointing fingers at the little people

A “Conservative Labyrinth” preaching, jailing, fining, penalizing, taxing, code enforcing, pepper spraying and blaming the Average American. The Rich @$$holes almost bring down the world’s economy and the LAW ignored it but CONTROL by AUTHORITY targets the lower classes like they grew a tail and it looked like a cop (lol).

The Billionaire Aristocrats and their Republican Party flunkies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR! These vain, self-serving, power-mad, greed stricken silver spoon con artists have turned the USA into the United Suckers of America.

Reagan/Bush killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. By 2006, it is the exact opposite. Why? Years of Republicans selling out the American middle class, that’s why. The Bush’s and a Republican Controlled Congress (1994-2006) gave it up for a very few wealthy families.

And what did these elitists DO? Stall new technology, steal pension funds, move to China, India, Mexico. THIS while paying for those high priced, patriotic commercials, WE LOVE THE USA, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, etc. BS!  (when I snap my fingers you‘ll wake happy and refreshed… lol)

I think we need to focus on those in the TOP 1% Koch Bros, the Bush Crime Family along with their flunkies such as the Mitt Romney, Scott Walker types. An American Aristocracy, who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers… The water, air and wealth of resources used to manufacture the goods. The brain power and innovation, with American ingenuity, technology, ideas… using infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer… And how did they repay us? The silver spoon, trust fund baby m’f***er’s moved all our jobs to Asia, fouled our environment with stuff that would make a bill goat puke and turned our politicians into a stable of high priced prostitutes.

It used to be called bribery, collusion and all those crimes covered by the RICO Act. How come they can get away with a white bred corporate crime wave of epic proportions but our jails are filled by pot smokers? WHY IS THAT? These Wall Street guys ruined our economy with their ALEC, reckless policies and deregulation, so why aren’t the American PEOPLE standing up to them? WHY AREN’T THE FED’S PROSECUTING? WHERE’S THE IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATIVE NEWS REPORTS documenting the outrage?

It’s up to the PEOPLE to focus on those billionaires meeting at the Koch Bros, rich @$$hole Convention in San Diego. These are the true enemies of the our beloved USA who want to do a hostile takeover of everything Americans hold dear about our great country and turn the average American into a debt slave.

Conservative are insane, you brainwashed fools YOU! Here’s the thing Conservative/Republicans have yet to grasp. Sure we’re fighting war on terror (allegedly) at the front door but you people left the back door open to economic terrorists. Remember the COLD WAR? Remember our former enemy those Red Commie pukes? How much did we spend to fight them, TRILLIONS? AND WHAT BECAME OF THAT? The rich guys decided to sell the American worker out to the Commies. Communist China now owns a third of our national debt. Thanks for NOTHING m’#*@/r’s!

After the corporate crime wave that was perpetrated during the Bush/Cheney disaster… I can’t believe there is still morons/fools out there who think capitalism can survive WITHOUT ethics, responsibility and  accountability. Believe it or not, Republicans all over the nation are involved with a reverse Robin Hood philosophy of raising taxes on the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich… INSANITY!

If the government doesn’t start to regulate and punish the con artists on Wall St then the PEOPLE will rise up to get the power back. Like I always tell my Conservative wacko friends, this ain’t no Tea Party, this is a full scale Class War and the Aristocrats are kicking the American People’s @$$! If you don’t join the fight then you’re a coward who doesn’t deserve the rights and freedoms the Constitution affords.

None too soon, because the hypocrites are thick as thieves. Open your eyes and look at the Bush/Cheney catastrophe… The rich guys spit in American faces, pulled down Americans pants, f***ed Americans in the @$$ for 8 years and stole your wallet before they left in 2008. Any American citizen with half a brain is VERY angry, demanding accountability but Republicans don’t see it that way. They liked the violations so much they want MORE!

There’s only a few thousands of them but there’s MILLIONS of us. There’s 48 MILLION of us living below the poverty level. Probably another million+ non-violent offenders ruined by the jail/prison industrial/vendor complex & Convict Lease System. That’s a fight I’ll take… what about YOU?  I am somebody who despises cowards"

Frank from Albuquerque
© 2012 by FGE