Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Whats GOOD for YOUR kids, is good for OUR kids" Initiative

"Whats GOOD for YOUR kids good for OUR kids" Initiative

Law Enforcement doesn’t kill children of Ruling Class/well-connected so don’t DARE abuse the children of the PEOPLE!

Presidents, Congress, Supreme Court, Wall Street CEOs & Police & Correction officers associations… and NOT ONE OF THEIR (non-violent offenders) CHILDREN ARE IN JAIL/PRISON!

Equal Justice MY ASS!

Hey silver spoon, trust fund baby, Aristocrats and your CONTROL by AUTHORITY police strong-arm… let our children GO!

Warriors have sent ops to High Schools & Universities all across USA. It was easy to gather a list of 1000s of police, politicians, news ancHOrs & wealthy families children who use drugs.  END THIS MISERABLE WAR ON DRUGS OR ELSE!

You send our youth to fight in questionable wars… We send Ivory Tower children to serve their nation too.

(ignore us and 100s of Warriors all over USA have special "targets" in their "crosshairs", we're WATCHING you, bitches)

Side issues:

49,933 homeless Veterans

50,000 wounded/disabled Veterans

2.5 MILLION Americans in jail/prison system

50Million Americans struggling below poverty

And you DC fucking degenerate fools are sending our hard earned tax dollars to other nations and foolish wars? STOP OR WE WILL HANG YOU ALL …devils
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