Thursday, November 21, 2013

No fascist police state for USA, you sick RWNJ fools

The fascists ALWAYS go down hard!

...AND when American PEOPLE finally get angry enough for classwar U RWNJ, Tea Party, GOP Koch motjherfuckers could very well end up like Mussolini

NOTE: Spo101, Charlie Stunats and Sal Celeste (2nd cousins) had ancestors who were in the crowd at Piazzale Loreto when they hung and burned Mussolini. It was brave Patriots who ended Fascism in Italia. WE WANT some of THAT in USA, mofos! LMAO

Vital things to remember or tweet: (lol)

Trickle-UP economy, constant obstruction, never-ending strife. NOW this fuck'n affordable health care sabotage. THIS AIN’T LEADERSHIP   

It's happening, the PEOPLE  FINALLY get IT! To get anything done we must scare the shit out of our leaders. Ask Boehner when he looked out his window

Concerned Citizens going to face their leaders. Taking their power back & demanding accountability. Tell me please, what could be MORE American than THAT!

Either you LAW assholes crucify Trey Radel (R-Fla) 4 coke possession like
a poor defendant or change the damn drug laws. EQUAL JUSTICE my ass!

MS Clinton; YOU worked for & know the Walton Family (Walmart) How many billions do they need before THEY GIVE BACK?  Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” by director Robert Greenwald. You'll never be President until you address this issue.

Bunch of #CONTROL by #AUTHORITY, #law enforcement #fascists w/ the Neo-Cons have set up the American #PEOPLE like Capos & #Mafia strong-arm tactic
{Pitiful Conservative wacko fools whine & complain but they just aren’t smart enough to come up with any SOLUTIONS beyond praying
 while I was watching this video half the GOP flashed in my minds projection

$ shot... sometimes the PEOPLE rise up yelling "it's us or them". And I think to myself Bush/Cheney & Republican Party fucked over 99.8% of the American PEOPLE for about 400 rich families...

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