Sunday, April 28, 2013

Revenge or Justice, what are YOU going to do?

I must have done something very bad in a former existence because the devil himself couldn’t have imagined a worse HELL than what I went through while the elitist Ivory Tower crowd was celebrating the George W. Bush Library. Fuck you too assholes… Maybe we should erect a monument to every criminal who killed LESS people than Bush/Cheney.  COME ON?

I understand there’s about 400 wealthy powerful families that loved the Bush/Cheney era, what with all the public money going into private pockets and deregulation that went on, but for 99.50% of us, it turned out to be a never-ending nightmare. From the Corporate Crime Wave to the unnecessary 4 TRILLION dollar War in Iraq to that deregulatory fertilizer bomb that went off in West, Texas, ALL Americans will be suffering LONG TIME from the results of sick, twisted Neo-con ideology policy decisions…

So, PLEASE someone reply and explain to me why Americans waste tax dollars to save the Bush family legacy?

Bush World - where fuck-ups come alive”! 
Bill Maher
the Imperials - "rack'em up"

I really am starting to despise the Ruling Class… They’ve been conducing covert Class War on average citizens using our own broadcast air waves against us. How the news media missed all the waste, fraud, abuse of power, war profiteering of the last few decades.  Then you losers have the audacity to celebrate yourselves and lack of journalistic responsibility? FUCK YOU TOO!

I want to say that Correspondents Dinner may be the social gathering of the year but it really is a disgusting display of opulence, celebrities and elitists in a time when 50 million+ Americans are struggling below the poverty level. You Washington DC mofo’s are some real self-serving, cold-hearted, vicious demogorgons, aren’t you?  If I had any power I’d have these money wasting, do-nothing Congressional members cleaning government building rest rooms to save tax dollars like Peter Reeves on the Ramsey Town Council, Britain… CAUSE YOU MORONS DON’T SEEM TO BE GOOD FOR ANYTHING ELSE!

If it wasn’t for tax revenues, police protection, high priced lawyers/spin doctors and all the talking points BS, politicHo heads would be on stakes lining Pennsylvania Ave.  Republicans AND Democrats!
Charlie Stunats

I don’t know about any majority but I’m sure there’s at least 15 MILLION fellow citizens who are as disgusted/angry with the system as myself and ITCHING FOR A FIGHT! Add another 10 MILLION if Progressives could get mixed-up Libertarians on our side.

Americans are inundated with the hypocrisy and propaganda 24/7 now. The Ivory Tower Correspondents dinner and the George W. Bush Libarry opening in one week, REALLY? These co@^$*~!ers reward themselves for their failures and mediocrity. Responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s blue dress and the Bush/Cheney Administration did more harm to the USA than any terrorists activity.  So WHAT THE F*** are you aristocratic @$$holes CELEBRATING? 

ALIENATION? Liberals, Progressives and Independents who are NOT focusing on DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and RATIONAL STANCE… I say f. y. too!

Conscious Man Consultants are going to give the Obama/Biden Administration one more out (excuse) before the Class War begins:

Tip O’Neil said “all politics are local politics”, that’s important to understand WHY so many local governments are controlled by Republicans or why Obama can‘t get anything done…  it’s BECAUSE Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Independents DIDN’T GET OUT TO VOTE IN 2010! If Progressives can’t change their own communities why should Obama trust you people to make a difference on the national scene?

Why should the President do anything to jeopardize his family if the people don’t get in the game and force him to act the way Progressives would like. What have the PEOPLE done to change things? Call talk radio feels good but it ain’t going to make a difference. Progressives/Liberals are always making fun at the Conservatives/Republicans but I can’t understand why we’re laughing. In the last 30+ years the GOP has strategically kicked the Left-wing’s butt. 

 Now I’m hearing all this talk about not voting for Democrats in 2014, and I say WHAT? Ok maybe we need a new plan, how’s this: “Don’t think of it as voting FOR weak Democrats but focus on voting AGAINST insane Republicans”.  PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

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UPDATE: 5-7-13
“You mean to tell me there wasn’t enough Democratic voters in South Carolina’s 1st District to beat a slouch like Mark Sanford?

Y’know, I’m getting almost sick of the LEFT WING as I am of the RIGHT WING. When do you Liberal/Progressive Democrats actually do something to change things?  I know Liberal political junkies like bad news about the Republicans/Conservatives but I, for one, DON’T NEED ANYMORE EVIDENCE TO CONVINCE ME that Republican Party criminals have driven our political system into the gutter dragging ALL Americans with them.

I was convinced YEARS AGO, after the Bush/Cheney disaster… I didn’t think the Right could get any worse but I was wrong. Honestly, Republicans have sunk LOW since Barack Hussein Obama was Elected President, can you say incompetent fools… maybe racists… for sure shameless hypocrites?  Take responsibility for your low grade thought processes.

The sick part about this sad state of affairs is with all the overwhelming evidence against them, there’s STILL enough brainwashed idiots out there voting these criminals into power. I could go down a long list, Cruz, Issa, Scott, Vitter, Craig, Foley and now Sanford, all criminals, liars, deviates and a f**k’n Canadian coming down here to tell us our business… (sic) This Conservative cult is killing our great nation with their very poor voting choices.

These degenerate morons hate Nancy Pelosi but they don’t know why beyond Rush Limbaugh demonizing her. Congresswoman Pelosi was one of the most productive Speaker of the House in US history. She almost single-handedly pulled Congress out of a stupor of the 1994 to 2006 Republican controlled Congress.  No that wasn’t good enough for the imbeciles and ditto-heads, NO! These morons spent campaign millions for what? Speaker Boehner… REALLY? (losers)

I wish Liberals & Progressive pussies would FINALLY get an angry reaction to what the GOP has done to their children’s future. I’ve been begging for states like Texas, Alabama, South Carolina to succeed. The majority of Red state voters are f**k‘n insane and will hand the nation over to a bunch of silver spoon trust fund baby con artists if we don’t stop them.  I’m not going to go through another Bush/Cheney… 

Please RED STATES, form you own country and so the rest of us can lead a life without all your hate speech, racism, incompetence, abuse of power, arms dealing, religious delusions, environmental degradation, war profiteering, corporate crime waves, etc… love it or leave it you sick twisted brainwashed blaspheming morons!” 
Spo101, SPQR, FGE

Police need to stay the hell out of our way when we try to demand accountability from the real enemies of the USA. What you associated @$$holes did to the Occupy Wall St. movement was a crime against the Constitution. Protect & Serve, remember?”  
Giovanni  X


Sunday Morning bullshit:
Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani & Rich Lowry on “Meet the Puppet”,  ahhh mean “Press” this week (5-5-13) The Corporate news media has really been on a binge of revised history to try and keep the GOP relevant. Our political system is broken because YOU corporate news people keep giving precious broadcast airtime to insane, incompetent, shameless Republican liars. It’s so easy  for Republicans to conveniently forget about the Bush/Cheney disaster or how the Republican controlled Congress of 1994-2006 WORKED SO HARD to sell out the American Middle/Working Class.
Something has got to be done about the almost criminal way TV/cable networks have used the public airwaves. There is NO PUBLIC SERVICE in perpetrating ILLEGAL propaganda with-in the borders of the USA. I consider news ancHOrs traitors and should be treated as such.  It’s time for the LEFT to play offense

5-3-13 A GOOD LAUGH, but I’m crying inside…
“I don’t know about most Americans but the 1000 or so friends/associates at Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank always get a good laugh at the expense of the GOP. The way they edge on Obama/Biden to make the same mistakes Bush/Cheney/Reagan/Bush made. These lying GOP devils get President Obama to adopt their policies and then BLAME HIM FOR THE TERRIBLE RESULTS! (wtf)

These Republican Corporate Ho’s are biggest joke of 2013. I’ve never been witness to a bigger bunch of shameless, incompetent, self-serving fools. They dance around vital issues like they’re in a padded room with a straight jacket on. (there’s a picture of Grover Norquist on the jacket, lol)

For example… just look at the way they try to bulls**t Latinos with Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. With all the gay Republicans, it seems candidates are chosen are by their boyish good looks.  Rubio is from a rich Cuban family who has no idea what the average American struggles through and Ted Cruz IS A CANADIAN! All the Latinos in Texas and the Republican Party couldn’t find one that agrees with the failed Conservative ideology?  ( or blow the Koch Bros like Rubio, Cruz and the Boehner)

Latinos and most Americans already know these hard head, Republican know-it-alls never offer any solutions to the many problem they created.  They just don’t seem to possess the capacity to understand WE TRIED IT YOUR WAY and IT WAS A MISERABLE MIND-NUMBING FAILURE!

What the hell does the Conservative right-wing have to be angry about, anyway?  Moonshine & inbreeding is illegal? A Black Man is in the White House?  These idiots hang on to their racism like they got a Confederate flag rammed up their ass.  (look at Ted Cruz’s face)
Everything they believe is BS. There is no death panels, environmentalists were right and Hussein Obama isn’t going to take their bleeping guns or god .  These RIGHT WING FANATICS WOULD DRAG DOWN THE USA WITH THEM… rather than admit they were wrong.  (I say let them have their guns, those so-called responsible gun owners mostly shooting themselves, thin the herd, less idiots to vote for Republican Corporate Ho’s)

I don’t understand what my Liberal/Progressive spokes/news persons are trying to accomplish. I have all, the information I need to make angry for 100 years (centi ani, mofos) The news segment about the Bush library that was my last straw.  Those poor children being exposed to that sick, craven, shameless revised history and evil propaganda was more than I could take. WHAT I NEED is time and place of the revolution/class war to make things right…   IT‘S WAY PAST TIME TO PLAY OFFENSE!”

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leaked letter intercepted by *Anonymous

February 11, 2013
Dear President Obama;
I want to congratulate you on a amazing job of keeping the USA on the right path. Must admit, I was worried you might change the course just because Progressive Democrats and Liberals got out the vote for you in both elections. It’s true you would have never been elected President if dedicated serious activists were not in every state strong-arming the 3rd Party LEFT to vote for you.

It was all about the "lesser of two evils" (ha) to voters after the wonderful Cheney years.  I find it funny how many Liberals suspected you’d sell your soul to the status quo once you got to Washington, DC. I don’t think many of them have trusted Democrats since Jimmy Carter. (Ha Ha) Every President since Carter has received a communication from me. Ask them but they’ll never admit it.
oxoxoxo from Route 666  

I laugh at every BS speech you politicians make to your adoring supporters, I ’m so proud of your ability to pull it off with such ease. You and Bill Clinton are some of my greatest victories, the hypocrisy is legendary. At least the Republicans aren’t afraid to admit they’re vain, self serving, self absorbed, double-dealing BS artists.  Love what you did with the killer robot drones… 

Ohhh and everyone in HELL gets a good laugh when your Justice Department punishes to all those do-goody “whistleblowers” while leaving my corporate minions do their bad work. General Hayden is a real piece of work, right? His greed actually helped lead to 9/11. His suffering will be legendary, even in HELL! 

Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, wealth off-shoring, arms dealing, environmental degradation, war profiteering, taking from the poor, death, destruction and mayhem has energized my work around the globe.  I’ve done this to so many civilizations… this planet is no different from any of the others. 

Earth is special among all the species I’ve corrupted in GOD’S creation. Earth girlie-men are easy. (ha) Usually I only need one species creation to kill the soul of a planet… but Humanity…ahhh you amazing bastards provided me with a wide variety of ways to destroy your planet. I don’t even need the weapons of mass destruction, it’s getting old so many civilizations make THAT mistake. NO, I’ve decided to allow humanity to get creative because you assholes don’t seem to care about consequences of your actions or creations.

OK, GOD says I must tell you what I’ve chosen to destroy the planet… just to see if you possess the courage/fortitude to stop it. YOU have the power right now in this time in history to foil my best-laid plans. HUMANITY will be the first to defeat me. (yes right, LOL!)

Scenario – Earth’s outer core is burning something to keep the whole Earth mechanism going, right? You know all that about gravity, atmosphere, rotation, etc… Now tell me what keeps the core stoked? OIL, COAL, NATURAL GAS, fools!

Humanity decided LONG AGO, their vehicles, industry, HVAC and OIL/COAL/GAS owners & stockholder pocketbooks are more important than GOD’s magnificent creation EARTH. EARTH - One of the most precious things GOD ever created and you suckers let my minions treat it like a fuck’n sewer. Watch how your FRESH waterways are ruined by man-made poisons.

Only a very few "Conscious" individuals understand that the Earth is actually a living being. If humanity uses all the Earth's lifeblood of outer core fuel then guess what happens? Earth cures itself by creating more fuel... In other words everything on the surface of the planet will be laid to waste and covered by TIME! Humanity will be the fuel of Earth's future. It's inevitable, the more oil/coal Humanity uses, the quicker the END comes. In the last 100 years you greedy fucks have used 100,000's years of humanity's future.

OK, one of the big RULES from the Almighty is: I can’t use anything GOD created to destroy a planet. It must be a sin, action or invention of the species I can corrupt. Humanity takes great PRIDE (my favorite sin) in man-made… You sick, twisted fuckers even made babies in test tubes… GUESS WHAT? Every one of those man-made people are MINE! 

And genetic research & the likes of Monsanto, Why wasn’t what GOD provided you with enough? GREED, my other favorite sin. LMAO! Like I said… providing lots of ways to destroy you

Intelligent life forms work to make me wealthy and powerful. I steer their leaders toward funding space travel & weapons research. Like all the others, someday you’ll reach the point where transport to another planet is possible for myself and a chosen few… Just like THAT I'm gone... leaving HELL behind.

I must confess I like Earth and fireworks shows. I might stay to destroy your planet with all the weapons human beings wasted all their wealth and resources on. Then I can start all over again… (Ha Ha Ha, very good…) Since the beginning of time, your precious JEHOVAH god has yet to create life forms smart enough to stop me. 

But the American Right stands out for it's unrelenting stupidity... IT will be written on the pillars of time just what a bunch of ignorant suckers the Right Wing really was. These imbeciles still haven't figured out Ronald6 Wilson6 Reagan6 was my creation, the anti-Christ who ushered in an era of greed-stricken evil. Thanks to Thatcher, Reagan and the Bush's, I control most of the Earth's wealth.

Well, stay the course young man and there will be a special place in HELL for you, Michele and your progeny. It will be filled with celebrities you and your wife are so enamored with. YOU, with the Bush family, made it possible for me to sit upon the throne on Babylon once again.
Thank you

PS: Thank Eric Holder for keeping all my money-loving minions from prosecution. “Devil Advocate” movie wasn’t that far off the mark.

Jesus! I'm scared..


Saturday, April 13, 2013

You know what? We’ve got more important things to fight for in the USA. While Liberals are clucking about gay marriage, Hilary or gun laws AND Conservatives are stuck on crazy/stupid… a very few, very corrupt billionaire silver spoon, trust fund baby Pimps and their Republican Corporate Ho’s are planning the military/police takeover of the USA

Plans are being finalized in Los Angeles this weekend between the billionaire Aristocrats, the Cheney’s, Reince Priebus (RNC), law enforcement officials, corporate bigwigs and regular gaggle of conservative talk radio propagandists. (Radio Free Conservative, see

Let the Christian Conservatives have their anti abortion. Nothing one can do or say to change their minds… they’re fanatics about the cute little baby fetuses. What woman must do in protest is like the women of ancient Greece that quit giving the men sex until they stopped WAR!

Let the “guns & god” have their way. The end is coming soon for them…
( )

Conservative “responsible gun owners” are being murdered by their own children who were influenced by all the GOP propaganda, hate speech, religious delusions and racism. The sad truth is people who vote “guns & god” and want exaggerated gun arsenals are usually the ones who are too crazy to have the guns in the first place.  Conservative wacko, NRA guns & god enthusiasts. BLAME THEM! In ALL of these school shootings, how did so-called responsible gun owners allow their mentally unstable sons get a hold of their guns and ammo? Doesn't sound too RESPONSIBLE to me, right?

Conservative wackos aren't concerned with consequences of their actions, they'll give a weapon to any degenerate who has the cash. Lest we forget these degenerate, ignorant Neanderthals voted to hand the nation's nuclear arsenal to George W. Bush... (the horror, the horror) You right-wingers really are hopelessly insane. (lol)

Irate Liberal groups” says Stephanie Condon…? More like, “sell-out the American PEOPLE news groups”. The LEFT wing has nothing to be angry about, right? Just because “Irate Conservative groups” almost took down our economy, shipped our jobs/wealth/resources to COMMUNIST China and lied to get us into an unnecessary war in Iraq… No reason to be upset, right Stephanie?

Other Liberals go along with the hype..."Liberal over-reach...",  fyt Chris Hayes! Americans would be crazy NOT to be angry in these times, RIGHT?  

Once again Progressive agenda gets sent to the "back of the bus", especially now that Republicans forced those pussies in the Obama/Biden Administration to put the pain on the poor, elderly, ill and disabled on the table INSTEAD of going after and seizing ill gotten profits from the WAR profiteers and Corporate Crime Wave! NOOOOOOOoooo! We can’t get angry about it, we got to play along and support an evil status quo?

The only thing that ever “trickled down” from the silver spoon, trust fund baby Pimps was their corrupt nature and vicious philosophies… YES trickle down through the Federal Republicans in Washington, DC to all the Republicans that control State and local governments… even lower into the gutter they fall to the contract vendors, cronies, dumb brother-in-laws and then all the BS settles on the poor Republican voters who drag down the entire country with their POOR, UNINFORMED VOTING CHOICES of the last 30+ years.

COME ON! You morons have seen with you own eyes how low the GOP has sunk. YOU’VE SEEN WHERE THEIR POLICIES HAVE LED! The results of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) speak for themselves. Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, privatization, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy contractors, arms dealing, environmental deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth & resources in the history of mankind… Yet these shameless hypocrites have the audacity to act they’re the responsible adults at the table, BULLS***!

The Bush/Cheney people spent our national wealth like crack Ho’s with a credit card. OBAMA IS PAYING THE BILL THEY RAN UP! ADMIT IT! Your god Ronald6 Wilson6 Reagan6 RAISED TAXES during his recovery, so QUIT with the Obama Derangement Syndrome LIES! (bs) Conservative spokespersons have become some of the most shameless, hypocritical propagandists in World history… A very few Billionaires have turned our news media into highly paid Ho’s to spread their lies and disinformation. You don’t think these devils are capable of stalling technology and the spread of vital information to keep the people down so they can steal everything of value and turn workers into low wage slaves… WITH POLICE PROTECTION! It’s all very un-American…

NOTE to news media: So quit diverting attention away from smart energy grid, stop & frisk (police abuse of power issues) the environment and ALL the godamn, money-loving corruption between Congress and K-St. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED THE PROPER INFORMATION TO MAKE WISE CHOICES AT THIS TIME. The USA is at the crossroads, PLEASE help the PEOPLE make the right choices… If journalist don’t then they’re part of the problem and will be treated as traitors!

Class War NOW!
( )

“…someone PLEASE find Cheney, the RNC and Hewitt in LA this weekend and put a stake in the heart of this evil entity…”  Professor Dale Cassidy heard at a political meeting in Riverside, CA

Speech by Professor Dale Cassidy, heard in a church basement in Albuquerque, NM:
Here’s the problem. Federal, State, County and city governments made some very bad decisions from 1994 to 2006 and then borrowed against pension funds, retirement accounts and Social Security benefit trusts… That was bad enough but then these silver spoon, know-it-all, retards thought they could make up for the losses by investing in risky Wall St schemes/derivatives.  The dumb@$$ politicHo’s don’t want American workers to know pension funds & safety nets are all gone… but most local governments don’t have enough money to pay workers back.

Republicans know this because they legislated most of the groundwork for this sort of waste, fraud, abuse of power, deregulation, scandal, mad lending, war profiteering and corporate crime wave during the Bush/Cheney disaster that almost brought down the world’s economy… 

Even worse, now the peoples of every nation on the planet now despise us for being so stupid to elect a fool like George W. Bush  or con artist, anti-christs such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Gingrich, Delay, Gramm, etc… Foreigners watch our idiot reality shows like Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shores, then investigate our educational system and realize a growing number of Americans have become fat, lazy and very stupid. Stupid enough to send their money to false prophets like Pat Robertson or get stuck in adjustable or reverse mortgages.  Stupid enough to keep voting for the same con artists over  & over & over &.., like they’re all f***n insane… They don’t respect us anymore, do they

ENTER: leaked intelligence document:
Secret planning bunker for Kim Jong-Un. North Korea’s Presidential silver spoon wants to eat Big Macsin the Big Apple, **** American party girls and sleep in the White House.  This cubby little mad man has plans to CHOP UP fat Americans and feed them to his people. China and Brazil are plotting to dump US dollars because Republicans refuse to pay off the Bush/Cheney debt..."

Good night and good luck suckers!
2013 by SPO101, D.C. and FGE