Thursday, July 23, 2009

Impotent ABQ Government and it's scared citizens & Tea Partiers

Everyone involved with Albuquerque City government including the cops I’ve dealt with, have sent out one message. We will not take responsibility for Albuquerque being the auto thief capital of the planet… INSTEAD ABQ city government represented by Mayor M. Chavez will blame Mexicans… GET THE PICTURE? I CALL THAT HATE SPEECH and inciting violence on a ethnic minority

(If I don’t get my truck and tools back I HAVE TO BLAME SOMEBODY, right? Somebody’s got to pay cause I’m not taking the loss myself...)

The cop who came the morning my truck was stolen wouldn’t even get out of his cruiser to investigate the TWO tire drag marks my truck made when it was stolen by an EXPERIENCED tow truck operator. Or take finger prints from all the empty beer bottles littering my parking lot after the late night theft.

"NO mother#*~/er, too bad for YOU!" …right? As he drove off the unsympathetic police officer PROTECTED AND SERVED me by saying that my truck is “in Mexico by now” and there’s NOTHING he could do?
WOW he figured all that out just sitting in his police car huh? Genius....

I want citizens to stay up late one Saturday night. Go out to the bars and observe all the cops out waiting to pounce on party goers. THEN between 2:00 am and 6:00 am go back to your neighborhood and see if you can find a cop when you need them…

In my HOOD known as the WAR ZONE… ahhhh, I mean International District (lol) the criminals time their crimes to the routine schedules the numbed out police force follows over and over, week after week... How else was a tow truck and crew of thieves be able to lift a 5000lb work truck (NOT running, I was doing engine work) FILLED WITH TOOL BOXES AND LADDER RACK COVERED BY A HEAVY DUTY TARP.... drag it down the street WITHOUT ONE COP NOTICING IT???

Mayor Chavez is such a spoiled pussy he thinks living in a poor neighborhood where I can afford the rent is “risky behavior”. He wants to blame the Mexicans for my stolen truck and then for THAT and all the other crimes that have happened to me since moving to ABQ, it’s my own fault for not moving into a gated community… #*~/ you too asshole!

I CAME HERE to help turn NM in the monumental 2008 election and got stuck here after my truck/tools were robbed. I can’t find work cause no one wants a guy without a truck and tools. I DON’T LIKE Albuquerque anyways, so I’m not making any long term plans beyond getting the fuck away from this windy, dusty, crime ridden desert shithole. (I’ve stayed in the worst parts of NYC and LA and didn’t experience the vile bullshit I lived through in ABQ... I stay out of town as much as possible)

Since I can’t move all my needed possessions to my next assignment… I’m going to make my next assignment to #*~/over Mayor Chevez for being a scrub.

See, the Mayor and the Chief of Police will get on America’s Most Wanted and tell America they are doing a great job but the reality is they’re all bunch of incompetent elitists who couldn’t give two shits about citizens struggling below the poverty level. Since there’s 40 Million of us inside American borders, language and culture… I’m sure many will be interested how this city treats it’s citizens.

I don’t feel PROTECTED and SERVED when city officials and their law enforcement agents are SO busy making everyones lives HARDER with ALL THE fines, penalties, searches, seizures, code enforcement, tows, impounds, storage fees, bail bonds, court costs, attorney costs, etc… OHHH except those rich or well-connected enough to BEAT THE RAP!

Someone should tell Mayor Marty his $200,000 security detail can’t protect him from the TRUTH!

Note to the Tea Party Protest Movement:

COME ON! You Tea Partiers make me laugh… All you FOX Spin… ahhh I mean News inspired political experts (sic) want to change National Policy and you fools can’t even get rid of local Democrats like Mayor Marty Chavez. I’ve heard you pussies whining about taxes and red light cameras but you are NOT able to get rid of these corrupt New Mexico Democrats. The Democrats in NM have been a black eye to the National Party and the successes of the 2008 election. They should all just go away but there isn't a group in Albuquerque with the HEAVOS to get rid of them...