Saturday, April 13, 2013

You know what? We’ve got more important things to fight for in the USA. While Liberals are clucking about gay marriage, Hilary or gun laws AND Conservatives are stuck on crazy/stupid… a very few, very corrupt billionaire silver spoon, trust fund baby Pimps and their Republican Corporate Ho’s are planning the military/police takeover of the USA

Plans are being finalized in Los Angeles this weekend between the billionaire Aristocrats, the Cheney’s, Reince Priebus (RNC), law enforcement officials, corporate bigwigs and regular gaggle of conservative talk radio propagandists. (Radio Free Conservative, see

Let the Christian Conservatives have their anti abortion. Nothing one can do or say to change their minds… they’re fanatics about the cute little baby fetuses. What woman must do in protest is like the women of ancient Greece that quit giving the men sex until they stopped WAR!

Let the “guns & god” have their way. The end is coming soon for them…
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Conservative “responsible gun owners” are being murdered by their own children who were influenced by all the GOP propaganda, hate speech, religious delusions and racism. The sad truth is people who vote “guns & god” and want exaggerated gun arsenals are usually the ones who are too crazy to have the guns in the first place.  Conservative wacko, NRA guns & god enthusiasts. BLAME THEM! In ALL of these school shootings, how did so-called responsible gun owners allow their mentally unstable sons get a hold of their guns and ammo? Doesn't sound too RESPONSIBLE to me, right?

Conservative wackos aren't concerned with consequences of their actions, they'll give a weapon to any degenerate who has the cash. Lest we forget these degenerate, ignorant Neanderthals voted to hand the nation's nuclear arsenal to George W. Bush... (the horror, the horror) You right-wingers really are hopelessly insane. (lol)

Irate Liberal groups” says Stephanie Condon…? More like, “sell-out the American PEOPLE news groups”. The LEFT wing has nothing to be angry about, right? Just because “Irate Conservative groups” almost took down our economy, shipped our jobs/wealth/resources to COMMUNIST China and lied to get us into an unnecessary war in Iraq… No reason to be upset, right Stephanie?

Other Liberals go along with the hype..."Liberal over-reach...",  fyt Chris Hayes! Americans would be crazy NOT to be angry in these times, RIGHT?  

Once again Progressive agenda gets sent to the "back of the bus", especially now that Republicans forced those pussies in the Obama/Biden Administration to put the pain on the poor, elderly, ill and disabled on the table INSTEAD of going after and seizing ill gotten profits from the WAR profiteers and Corporate Crime Wave! NOOOOOOOoooo! We can’t get angry about it, we got to play along and support an evil status quo?

The only thing that ever “trickled down” from the silver spoon, trust fund baby Pimps was their corrupt nature and vicious philosophies… YES trickle down through the Federal Republicans in Washington, DC to all the Republicans that control State and local governments… even lower into the gutter they fall to the contract vendors, cronies, dumb brother-in-laws and then all the BS settles on the poor Republican voters who drag down the entire country with their POOR, UNINFORMED VOTING CHOICES of the last 30+ years.

COME ON! You morons have seen with you own eyes how low the GOP has sunk. YOU’VE SEEN WHERE THEIR POLICIES HAVE LED! The results of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) speak for themselves. Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, privatization, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy contractors, arms dealing, environmental deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth & resources in the history of mankind… Yet these shameless hypocrites have the audacity to act they’re the responsible adults at the table, BULLS***!

The Bush/Cheney people spent our national wealth like crack Ho’s with a credit card. OBAMA IS PAYING THE BILL THEY RAN UP! ADMIT IT! Your god Ronald6 Wilson6 Reagan6 RAISED TAXES during his recovery, so QUIT with the Obama Derangement Syndrome LIES! (bs) Conservative spokespersons have become some of the most shameless, hypocritical propagandists in World history… A very few Billionaires have turned our news media into highly paid Ho’s to spread their lies and disinformation. You don’t think these devils are capable of stalling technology and the spread of vital information to keep the people down so they can steal everything of value and turn workers into low wage slaves… WITH POLICE PROTECTION! It’s all very un-American…

NOTE to news media: So quit diverting attention away from smart energy grid, stop & frisk (police abuse of power issues) the environment and ALL the godamn, money-loving corruption between Congress and K-St. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED THE PROPER INFORMATION TO MAKE WISE CHOICES AT THIS TIME. The USA is at the crossroads, PLEASE help the PEOPLE make the right choices… If journalist don’t then they’re part of the problem and will be treated as traitors!

Class War NOW!
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“…someone PLEASE find Cheney, the RNC and Hewitt in LA this weekend and put a stake in the heart of this evil entity…”  Professor Dale Cassidy heard at a political meeting in Riverside, CA

Speech by Professor Dale Cassidy, heard in a church basement in Albuquerque, NM:
Here’s the problem. Federal, State, County and city governments made some very bad decisions from 1994 to 2006 and then borrowed against pension funds, retirement accounts and Social Security benefit trusts… That was bad enough but then these silver spoon, know-it-all, retards thought they could make up for the losses by investing in risky Wall St schemes/derivatives.  The dumb@$$ politicHo’s don’t want American workers to know pension funds & safety nets are all gone… but most local governments don’t have enough money to pay workers back.

Republicans know this because they legislated most of the groundwork for this sort of waste, fraud, abuse of power, deregulation, scandal, mad lending, war profiteering and corporate crime wave during the Bush/Cheney disaster that almost brought down the world’s economy… 

Even worse, now the peoples of every nation on the planet now despise us for being so stupid to elect a fool like George W. Bush  or con artist, anti-christs such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Gingrich, Delay, Gramm, etc… Foreigners watch our idiot reality shows like Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shores, then investigate our educational system and realize a growing number of Americans have become fat, lazy and very stupid. Stupid enough to send their money to false prophets like Pat Robertson or get stuck in adjustable or reverse mortgages.  Stupid enough to keep voting for the same con artists over  & over & over &.., like they’re all f***n insane… They don’t respect us anymore, do they

ENTER: leaked intelligence document:
Secret planning bunker for Kim Jong-Un. North Korea’s Presidential silver spoon wants to eat Big Macsin the Big Apple, **** American party girls and sleep in the White House.  This cubby little mad man has plans to CHOP UP fat Americans and feed them to his people. China and Brazil are plotting to dump US dollars because Republicans refuse to pay off the Bush/Cheney debt..."

Good night and good luck suckers!
2013 by SPO101, D.C. and FGE

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