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MORE FUN than a Tennessee TEA PARTY... yeeehaaaa!


UPDATE: 2-7-10 Sarah Palin on Fox Spin (news) Sunday:
So that’s IT, huh… Sarah Palin is the ONLY answer Conservatives can come up with? NO solutions, NO rational plans, clear agendas or common sense policy… JUST SARAH PALIN and BLAME Obama???

Come on, are you right-wing wackos #*~/’n INSANE? Am I missing something here but didn’t  Conservatives just have 8 YEARS of Bush/Cheney and Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) to put your ideology into practice?  AND DIDN’T IT ALMOST DESTROY THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!

NOTE: (just because you SHAMELESS bastards REFUSE to take responsibility for the RECKLESS economics doesn't mean IT GOES AWAY!)

But you want Democrats/Progressives to believe if you only had one more chance it can work? The very definition of insanity, isn’t IT? Just separate yourselves from Bush/Cheney… bullshit stupid people into believing they’re part of a NEW Conservative Movement. (I thought the LAST Neo-Conservative Movement was the NEW thing?)

You want the American PEOPLE to put their faith, trust and government in SARAH PALIN (with hand notes... her telePALMter)  lol  memories of the Reagan good old days, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and those numbkulls making up the Tea Party cult?

NOTE: (WHAT’S THAT SAY ABOUT John McCain when SARAH PALIN explains how she KNEW NOTHING during her stint as the Vice-presidential candidate for the Republican ticket??? Ohhh I get IT! Now that she’s getting $100,000 per, SHE knows all about vital issues??? If nothing else at least Sarah allows Tea Party groupies to feel good ABOUT VOTING FOR the Bush/Cheney DISASTER)

I got this whole Tea Party cult figured out. You Conservative Tea Baggers all have yours, right? Screw the other guy (fellow American) Most of you are retired, non-union shop workers or small business owners and you think if the OTHER GUY goes down, IT WON’T HURT YOU! But that’s really not TRUE is IT?

Most of those loyal customers who used to buy your goods/services are not around anymore, ARE THEY? The value of YOUR home has dropped because of all the foreclosures in you neighborhood, hasn’t IT?

As a matter of fact, haven’t you been working for LONGER HOURS FOR LESS PAY, lately? The ONLY reason you think it’s COOL is because of all those reality TV shows where the boss is yelling at employees, making them stick to unreasonable deadlines or eat worms (lol) or something. (Hell’s Kitchen, American Chopper, The Apprentice, etc…)  

You shop at WalMart to make up for the loss in pay.
Your pet died from poisoned pet food, the kids have lead based toys, the sheet-rock & toothpaste are TOXIC and the Chinese are making things from BRITTLE METAL!
(notice all the collapsed cranes and bridge repairs) 

You’ve forgotten about American PRIDE in work and skilled Union craftsmanship? Gave it ALL up for a CHEAP foreign spin off...

Jeez, by the TIME you stupid mamajama’s FINALLY wake up... the good ole USA will be no better than a corporate owned police state.

I’ll criticize my OWN… I wish YOU would DO THE SAME! (ya jerk offs)

Dear President Obama, US Congress and Supreme Court;

Tell me something… WHY the #*~/ has there been NO SUBSTANTIAL INVESTIGATION or REGULATION of the Wall St., Financial Industry, Insurance companies or ANYONE INVOLVED IN THE CORPORATE CRIME WAVE?

NOTE: (and how many of these corporate CON MEN have been prosecuted… 1?)

With those highly paid bureaucrats at the SEC spending work hours watching porn (among OTHER government, regulatory agencies) HOW the #*~/ are the taxpayers going to know if they’re getting ~^*&ed in the @$$ AGAIN? Every economist on the expert scene say ALL THE FRAUD, SCANDAL and CORRUPTION will lead to another economic MELTDOWN!

Your going to carry on that foolish Bush/Cheney notion that scam artists will REGULATE THEMSELVES? Come on! Don’t be such stiff @$$holes… If the government doesn’t go back to pre-Reagan standards of REGULATION then the American PEOPLE are #*~/ed. IT'S SIMPLE AS THAT!

What do WE need a government for... if ELECTED OFFICIALS are NOT working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE they supposedly REPRESENT? I mean it IS still about the PEOPLE, right? Y’know, all that about “OF, BY FOR, EQUAL/UNALIENABLE  RIGHTS AND JUSTICE”…  

NOTE: I find it quite disturbing that all you spoiled stiffs in the PUBLIC SECTOR have the kind of job/pension/healthcare SECURITY those of us in the PRIVATE SECTOR (or middle class) can ONLY DREAM ABOUT!

More fun than a Tennessee TEA PARTY...
Oh my GOD, Sarah Palin is speaking tonight, wouldn't want to miss THAT, right? lol (you right-wingers are NOTHING but groupies)

HA! Tom Tancredo putting down Obama voters, THAT'S A GOOD ONE! THIS while surrounded by the most ignorant voters in US history... lol  You want PROOF?  Bush/Cheney, not ONCE but TWO times... need I say more?

Republicans/Conservatives need to face the FACTS! Anyone who calls themselves a PROUD/PATRIOTIC AMERICAN has got to leave behind Party politics and REALIZE it was the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) that GOT the USA IN THIS HORRIBLE MESS! So DO WHAT’S BEST FOR AMERICA and quit being brainwashed by FOX Spin…. Ahhhh, I mean News and AM Radio Free Conservative! Your children will thank you later.

Funny I didn't hear a word from these so-called Great Americans during 8 YEARS of waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, corruption, reckless economics, pettiness, DEBT, lies, war profiteering and Constitutional VIOLATIONS dished up by Bush/Cheney.

All those TEA PARTY dolts blaming President Obama for the outrageous DEBT and DEFICIT can’t possibly be that ignorant. What with all those legitimate FACTS and STATISTICS that prove Bush/Cheney didn’t PAY for 2 wars, tax cuts for the rich and Medicare part IDIOT, passing the HUGE debt on to future generations without a second thought. George W. Bush (and the Republicans) spent our national wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card. 

Pharmaceutical Industry should find a cure for the Conservative severe superiority complexes,  paranoia and religious delusions...

Rupert Murdoch leads FOREIGNERS charge to “divide and conquer” the USA. 

So let me get this straight… There’s American citizens like Frank Luntz who believe LYING to the American PEOPLE is the right way to go. Rather than reform and regulate those that participated in the CORPORATE CRIME WAVE that almost destroyed the US economy. I’ve been looking at the Luntz background and I think we don’t need any more proof this man is at best a HO for the rich and powerful, at worst a TRAITOR to everything the USA stands for.

I’ve researched the AM Radio Free Conservative/FOX News propaganda machine and it turns out spokespersons like Luntz, O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity are working for foreign special interests that want to “divide and conquer” the American PEOPLE. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is now controlled by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talai. 

(It seems the Prince appreciates the way FOX News was able to brainwash so many ignorant people in the USA)

QUOTE by Joseph Trento (35 year veteran of National Security News Service and investigative journalism)
“…I had said to FOX news anchors that Saudi Arabian money was STILL financing Al Qaeda. They REFUSED to react to my comment… Ten days later I learned that FOX’s parent company News Corporation was (at the time of my interview) negotiating with a Saudi Prince to VASTLY increase his stake in the company…”

CONE ON, you dumb@$$, tough on terror, right-wing chicken-hawks,  YOU'RE BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS! 

YOU remember Prince Alwaleed? He’s the one who (after 9/11) offered then NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani a 10 million dollar check to be his bitch. Rudy turned it down but those greed stricken mad-men at FOX news don’t care who pays them to be Ho’s.

This is the SAME Saudi Prince who personally donated money to the families of Palestinian/al Qaeda suicide bombers. I heard rumors that FOX news has a plan to turn attention AWAY from Middle Eastern terrorists and point fingers at Liberals as the true enemy… Just listen to hosts like Glenn Beck cleverly insight violence against his ideological adversary’s…  

Isn’t there anyone on the LEFT side of the political spectrum who UNDERSTANDS it’s time to FIGHT fire with FIRE? Help me to get on one of the FOX news shows and if they interrupt me, I promise I’ll jump over the anchor desk and beat the doughy bastards down for being TRAITORS!

NOTE: (did you see the video of Ailes, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and the rest of FOX news puppets lining up t0 kiss the right shoulder of the Saudi Royals. It’s even more sickening than all the hand holding/kissing Bush Jr. used to do at the ranch in Crawford TX. George W. Bush always resembled a smitten school girl ever time he was in the presence of Saudi Royals or BIG OIL)

These Conservative morons are always preaching about fighting terrorism but they allowed the Saudi Royals and Communist Chinese to do a hostile takeover of our most valuable industry and resources. One more Republican in the Whitehouse or takeover of Congress and the American PEOPLE will be UNDER THE THUMB of a Multi-National Corporate Police State…

Then you silly, stupid, scared, victimized, self-absorbed, apathetic, racist, celebrity worshipping right-wing numbskulls will have to explain to your children/grandchildren how you let FREEDOM to become a delicate concept.

Thanks for NOTHING you right-wing monkeys… 

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