Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A serious misallocation of resources... NO ONE WILL ADMIT TO!

The US Government is broke because of a serious misallocation of resources. We all know about the wars, corporate welfare, Medicare Part Idiot and tax cuts for the rich, right? But what about all those 1000’s tits on a bull agencies that waste the taxpayer dollars on a DAILY basis. Want an example? Look at the DEA…

I watched a DEA operation on cable TV… IT was one of the most ridicules WASTE of tax revenue I’ve ever saw. A whole room full of highly paid agents working OVERTIME on a suspected meth case. 36 hours into the bust the agents had yet to find any drugs in the truck in question. After 42 hours the agents had to let the driver go on with his job of delivering Washington apples to New Jersey…


The US government got money for THAT but not for health care for all? Then Americans have to listen to these MULTI-MILLIONAIRE politicians like Evan Bayh whine/cry about the deficit and how government has to stop spending. Where were these fools while Bush/Cheney were spending our national wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card?

These elected hard heads won’t consider maybe they’ve been WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS.

I notice the public sector has the kind of job/pension/healthcare security those of us in the private sector could only dream about. Civil servants my @$$… just who is serving WHO?

I once spent 15 hours in a County hospital emergency room trying to get treated for a broken hand. In that time I saw 16 Deputy Sheriff’s going in/out,  flirting with cute nurses or transporting jail inmates. The County had resources for THAT but in all that time County government allocated revenue for ONLY ONE DOCTOR ON DUTY!  Does that sound right to ANYONE? Or does that tell you what a vicious police state the USA has become?

If I was a Narc I’d be ashamed to admit it. When was the first drug law enacted, 1914? Productivity like THAT in the private sector and we’d still be hauling ice and shoveling coal.

Who cares if there’s degenerates among us STUPID enough to get hooked on meth or crack? The idiots would be smoking banana peels if there was nothing else so quit wasting our national wealth on trying to save these losers… It’s time to thin the herd, both hard drug addicts and right-wing wackos

It’s the Blue Dog Democrats (and Joe Lieberman) that screwed up BIGTIME! You middle-of-the-road @$$0’s gave power BACK to a damned Republican minority…  You Bart c@*/$ Stupak m*~/^#!’s are ruining any hopes I still had for CHANGE. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

I CURSE you traitors to the worst part of hell. I hope all that talk about revolution, chopping the aristocrats up and feeding them to the homeless, IS TRUE! Cause you Blue Dogs would be the FIRST ON MY LIST!

How’s that for being the wacky LEFT? Thank GOD there’s cutting edge, bold Progressives on the American scene with the COURAGE to make DEMANDS for ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY

©2010 by Salagogo

UPDATE: Someone PLEASE shut Liz Cheney up…

Liz Cheney all the proof one needs that our mainstream news media is FUBR. This spoiled, silver spoon, right-wing reactionary compares the Obama Justice Department to Al Qaeda and she gets national attention… Her father’s evil corporation Halliburton moves to Dubai to escape investigation/prosecution and I didn’t hear a word…

Aaahhhhhhggggggg, MADNESS!

"I've seen the disturbing evidence against the Diebold voting machine company. Someone please tell me,what better definition of TRAITOR than those who corrupt the voting process? If the Justice Department refuses to prosecute and the US government set up strict national voting standards then we're going to nail the Diebold people to trees alive and let them rot"
Charlie Stunats 

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