Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Really, don't you COWARDS think it's TIME to fight back?

NOTE:  (The New Orleans Times Picayune reports “four people were arrested on Monday for allegedly posing as telephone technicians and trying to tap the phones of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in her New Orleans office…”

One of the men involved is a Louisiana Prosecutor’s son… another was filmmaker James O’Keefe who’s best known for playing the part of the pimp, along with prostitute Hannah (lol) Giles tried to demonize ACORN by asking advice for a brothel. The ONLY question here I’m really interested in is just WHO financed these covert operations?

NOTE: (damn that Giles little conservative Ho is FINE! She’s got a body that was made for men to droll over. I’ll bet she’s been given high paying job offers from every Republican in Congress. I wonder if Hannah one of those Conservative fanatic, assembly line, female news/pundit, Ann Coulter $sluts the Claire Booth Luce Institute pumps out every few years?)

And WHAT the #*~/ do Conservatives have AGAINST ACORN and Community Organizers? They teach young people to use their Constitutional Rights, register voters and help poor people… Again, WHY DO YOU WANT TO DESTROY THEM? Don’t these mentally unstable morons realize this great nation was conceived by COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS?)

Progressives can be very, VERY afraid… or FIGHT BACK!

Recent events has led me to the conclusion that there is NO WORKING with Republicans/Conservatives. What I can’t figure out is WHY NO ONE ON LEFT WANTS TO HELP ME FIGHT THESE RIGHT-WING FOOLS? It’s not like these idiots haven’t shown their TRUE INTENTIONS. They want to destroy Progressive thinking people like me and our cherished belief system which includes “LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE

There has to be Democrats, Progressives or Liberals out there with the COURAGE to DEFEND THEMSELVES? These dumb@$$ Conservative degenerate m’#*~/ers want to destroy our way of life and our children’s future and all anyone on the Left can do is #*~/’n TALK! That’s the problem with having leaders would’ve NEVER BEEN IN A STREET FIGHT! There comes a time for one to throw down and get plain mad dog mean before the other guy kills you

I’m talking about all the right-wing extremists that exist on the American scene nowadays. COME ON! You know they’re out there… The WAR profiteer crowd, the Corporate Crime Wave scumbags, all those Conservative Labyrinth* think tank troublemakers, the Skinhead, Nazi racist holdovers… ohhhh and HOW CAN we FORGET the Fundamentalist Christians...

* (Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth by John S. Saloma III)

The real problem here is Republicans/Conservatives finance their fighters.  (y’know, those of us willing to go to extremes or do WHATEVER IT TAKES to WIN types? …non violent of course)

It all started after Bill Clinton was elected. Republicans/Conservatives decided that OBSTRUCTIONISM was more important than sane domestic and foreign policy. You remember all that “nasty, naughty boy” bull$hit from all the sexually depraved Republican Larry Craig types. The evil lawyer, Ken Starr Conservatives used the 300+ MILLION dollars for the Clinton/Lewinski investigations to PERFECT their dirty tricks and propaganda techniques.    

You saw them suddenly appear to disrupt the 2000 Presidential RECOUNT in Florida… They showed up in 2004 as those Swift-boat evil bastards… Once again in 2008 during the John McCain presidential campaign and NOW we know them as the Tea Party Movement. Decades of huge budgets to BUY Republican election victories.

The only question that really matters here is WHY DON’T THE WEALTHY, POWERFUL DEMOCRATS, PROGRESSIVES OR LIBERAL finance those who are not afraid to take on and counter the right-wing fanatics in a WAY THEY CAN UNDERSTAND.

NOTE: (Pay ME, m'#*~/ers… Me and mine can come at the pathetic right-wingers in WAYS THEY CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! (all legal methods, of course) lol

In his 2010 State of the Union address, if President Obama comes out with that whiny “work with Republicans” crazy bull$hit then I can’t help him anymore. What the first Black President really needs is to form a Department that regulates and protects all Americans from these pitiful right-wing reactionaries. Really, WE need to thin the herd. These #*~/‘n maniacs are the types who cheered for the Joe Pesci character in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”. lol

NOTE: (You want to freeze spending why don’t you Washington, DC m’#*~/ers cut back budgets for the Military/Pentagon WAR Profiteers,  Corporate/Wall St. welfare, those longtime losers at DEA and the “tits on a bull”, gay lover bureaucrats at Homeland Security. There's an old joke circulating in activist circles about the ONLY thing taxpayers got for their Homeland Security dollars were those idiotic color coded terror alerts)

Republicans/Conservatives have been calling you Mr. President, every name in the #*~/'n book… They question your motive, integrity,  patriotism, EVEN YOUR CITIZENSHIP. They made 2009 a living breathing hell for you and all those who WORKED SO HARD to get you ELECTED! Ruined MOST of your plans, called you a LIAR and insulted your mother-in-law, wife and kids… AND he’s STILL trying to work with other side of the aisle? COME ON!

Everyone always talks about Obama playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers… but I was kinda hoping our President was playing “rope a dope” with these crazy @$$ Republicans, JUST WAITING TO THROW KNOCK OUT PUNCHES to the head!  It won't hurt them much, the damn Neo-Conservative monkeys aren’t using their brains anyway…

What could the LAW do? He’s the PRESIDENT. I mean G.W. Bush killed WHAT maybe 1-200,000+ people in his War in Iraq… THEY LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THAT! Be a MAN, stand up and FIGHT BACK... A MAJORITY Americans will be back you up if you show you're SERIOUS about the CHANGE thing!

UPDATE: I just heard on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” about today’s “worst person in the world” It seems Bill O’Reilly has been calling for Democratic leaders Pelosi and Reid to be kidnapped and tortured… Y’know, the same O’Reilly who used hate speech on FOX News to get some right-wing Fundamentalist Christian nutcase to WHACK D. George Tiller? Believe me these Neo-Conservatives are preparing for a new bloody Civil War…

WHY the #*~/ isn’t  Bill O’Reilly in PRISON for using the public airwaves to incite violence on American citizens? I keep telling chi-chi, stuck in the 60’s Liberals, who are STILL preaching their non-confrontational, pussy-ass-bitch,  response training bull$hit… that their whole way of life is being THREATENED on a daily basis and they need to PREPARE for the FIGHT! 

I think it best if ALL Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and sane 3rd Party CONCERNED CITIZENS get together and give the hard Right as taste of their own bitter medicine.  The best thing the LEFT could do right now is to set aside all the 100’s of issues that consume your time to focus on helping us destroy NEO-CONSERVATISM in the USA. Republicans/Conservatives LIKE undercover, surveillance??? Get out your camera phones and hidden video cams and FOLLOW a Republican near you…

With a reasonable stipend I could put together a crew of serious activists with PROVEN TRACK RECORDS of bringing their adversary’s to their KNEES! (Once in So. Cal. I ruined the careers of both a Judge and DA who gave me 75 days in **** County jail for attending a protest march)

We only use legal methods and techniques meant to make the adversary ANGRY. There’s no hiding one’s true nature when one is pissed off. Soon as the enemy has exposed their weaknesses that’s where we come in to make their lives the living, breathing HELL they deserve...

©2010 by SPO

"...IT can be said that those who do not completely UNDERSTAND their adversary's point of view do not full understand their OWN"
David L. Bender

UPDATE: 1-27-10
Well, I think the President gave the perfect speech for this time in US History. Obama laid out the facts and realities of the present State of the Union. He called out Democrats, he called out Republicans, he even had the ciones to call out the Supreme Court sitting right in front of him. 

I don’t see how any sane, reasonable, RESPONSIBLE, concerned American Citizen could criticize Obama for such a speech. I actually DO believe he wants to work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE. He needs our  help… every Democrat, every Republican, every Independent to fix a nation devastated by greed, incompetence and reckless economics. The Stimulus statistics and CONTENT proved his Administration had successfully halted the economic meltdown of the previous Administration.

He made an excellent points about Obstructionism and the eternal campaigning politicians are caught up in. It isn’t about winning elections, it’s about problem solving… He stated the facts about ALL PROBLEMS Bush/Cheney left for him and all Americans to struggle through…  how just saying NO to EVERY piece of Democratic legislation is NOT LEADING…  and he challenged Republicans to come up with a better plan than just finger pointing and the tired BLAME GAME! Ohhhh, let’s not forget JOBS and tax cuts, Tax Cuts, TAX CUTS!  

As usual the Republican side of the Hall looked like Constipation/Impotent Alley. The five Conservative Supreme Court Justices appeared insulted, I thought Alito was going to yell “LIAR”, lol. The Republican rebuttal from Viginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell left me wanting. Once again I didn’t hear any Republican solutions to the MANY problems the USA is facing.

That’s how you can tell if your fellow American is a brainwashed FOOL. Following politicians leading them NOWHERE! Following an ideology that almost DESTROYED the greatest nation on Earth and then NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT! Observing NOTHING, knowing nothing, forgetting history… The only thing these pitiful excuses for American citizens believe is what Tokyo Rush Limbaugh/AM Radio Free Conservative and FOX Spin… ahhhh, I mean News tells them.

How else can one explain how the shameless bastards conveniently FORGOT about all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, corruption, reckless economics, pettiness, DEBT, job loss, lies, war profiteering and Constitutional VIOLATIONS dished up by Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006)

I wish the Pharmaceutical Industry could find a cure for the severe superiority complexes and religious delusions most of the Right-wing is suffering through.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These Conservative monkeys always reply to my blog posts and newspaper comments with their useless accusations, name calling and high, mighty, holier-than-thou bull$#!~… They have the NERVE to call me stupid and crazy when it’s them who VOTED FOR George W. Bush not ONCE but TWO TIMES? Can you say SMALL-MINDED, DUMB@$$, right-wing FANATIC FOOLS?

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