Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supreme Court CAUGHT legislating from the Bench and lazy Democrats...

*or  "The Death of Democracy"

NOTE: (I find it disturbing there wasn't ONE NEWS STORY about this Supreme Court ruling in ANY of the Conservative Spin... ahhhh, I mean News media)

Believe me I’d like NOTHING better than to NEVER have to talk about the Bush/Cheney years AGAIN! But these criminal corporatists did SO MUCH damage to both the economy and Constitution, the terrible RESULTS of their pandering and incompetence keeps popping up in ALL segments of our society.

Today the Supreme Court proved George W. Bush appointees Chief Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts (among the other 3 Conservatives) are there to do the bidding of multi-national Corporations and wealthy individuals.

The last time the 3rd Branch of our government sunk this low was on April 10, 1950. The Supreme Court gave in to hysteria and washed it’s hands of the Constitution leaving rights and justice to H.U.A.C. (House Un-American Activities Committee) That time is best remembered as the McCarthy Era

Today’s ruling has the potential to do MUCH MORE damage to the USA than ANYTHING we’ve faced before. The Court has opened the doors for a wave of Corporate and foreign interests to INFLUENCE our election process and government officials. AND YES I WILL SAY IT… to buy politicians for about the same price as a long term relationship with a high class prostitute.

What I don’t understand is how the Court overreached it’s authority in this one particular case. Wiped out a 100 years of precedent and any chance McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill had to restrain influence of wealth on our elections. Justice John Roberts WILL never admit to it but this is LEGISLATING FROM THE BENCH!

Really, the case before the court was supposed to be Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In 2008 Citizens United (a Conservative Labyrinth front group) wanted to spend HUGE amounts of money to promote a feature length movie making outrageous criticisms about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But somehow Citizens United attorney Ted Olson (Bush/Cheney) started arguing that “Corporations are People”.Someone should have been there to bitch slap him and yell "Bring back the Tillman Act".

Olson made a case that Multi-national Corporate entities have the same rights to Free Speech as any American Citizen. (with Limited Liability of course, lol) Conservatives (as usual) kicked civility and truth to the curb. The biggest losers are the VOTERS who will have to endure unlimited campaign ads with expensive/elaborate productions either tearing down or building up the candidate of Corporate America’s choice.

I think President Obama best described this Supreme Court decision:
“…this decision is a VICTORY for big Oil, Wall Street and foreign interests. The ruling gives special interests and their lobbyists even MORE power in Washington, DC. This while undermining the influence of average Americans who make small contributions…”

Ralph Nader came out as soon as the bad news hit the wires and called for a Constitutional Amendment to negate this ruling.

Not for nothing, but the best thing for America is for one or two of those Conservative Chief Justices to DROP DEAD! Maybe we could say a prayer or click our heels and make a wish or something… right? lol

I can imagine how angry the Christian Right will be when the stupid m’#*~/’s realize the whole anti-Abortion Issue thing was just a ruse to get the fascists…. Ahhhh I mean Corporatists on the court.  

I guess all the right-wing degenerates celebrating this ruling haven’t taken a minute to consider the worst part of this Supreme Court decision. FOREIGN INTERESTS INFLUENCING OUR ELECTION PROCESS! These pitiful fools don’t even know the TRUTH about FOX NEWS and Radio Free Conservative.

UPDATE #2: As soon as the Massachusetts election results came back Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (owner of FOX Spin… ahhh I mean News) made an unholy alliance with the Saudis. Bill O’Reilly’s, Sean Hannity’s, Glenn Beck’s, etc… their BOSS is now a Saudi Prince. (Check out mafia hit-man looking Prince Alwaleed on Charlie Rose)

The Saudis really appreciate the way Fox News was able to brainwash the ignorant masses…  Groupies of Fox News and am Radio Free Conservative want to put ALL Americans under the thumb of the Saudi Royals and Commie Chinese… THANKS FOR NOTHING, you #*~/ right-wing monkeys!

I can’t BELIEVE the damage these so-called great Americans have done to the good ole USA.  WHO would’ve ever believed our Conservative Chief Justices would become TRAITORS to the Constitution???   (I know a red ant hill to stake these evil m'#*~/er's out on)

Anyways the best way to fight this ruling is to vote for the candidate with the LEAST MONEY! lol

© 2010 by F. G. E. 

Lazy ass, apathetic Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, etc...

Rant aired on Stephanie Miller Radio Show 1-21-10 (not on tape)

I’m so sick of these Democrats, Progressives and Liberals complaining about President Obama… I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT all the volunteering YOU DID DURING THE 2008 ELECTION season  for Obama… I worked hard too… But what have you done since then?  The Conservatives ORGANIZED a whole protest movement in a few months but Democrats have been sitting back FOR A YEAR living off their victories of 2008

Did the Left-wing DEMAND accountability, single payer health care or that Bush/Cheney be prosecuted? Did you get out to the streets to voice your ANGER OVER Wall Street bonuses or to counter the Tea Partiers? Have you really backed up President Obama like he begged you to do?

Democrats in Massachusetts couldn't even get out enough of a vote to defeat a male nude porn model… (for god’s sake didn’t you people have any voter registration drives. Citizens of Mass could have registered right up until the day before the election)

The PEOPLE want CHANGE?  You’ve got to WORK FOR IT… AGAIN! 

Obama  provided a FREE website for us all to gather around. It’s called ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA and there’s probably an office near you. Use IT or lose it... ya apathetic m'#*~/er's

I mean what’d  you think… Obama/Biden was just going to take power and in one year fix 8 years of Bush/Cheney  incompetence, scandal, fraud and corruption?

©2010 by SPO

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