Monday, May 21, 2012

Serious misallocation of resources better known as the WAR on Drugs

“…come’a California on vacation, I & I leave on probation…” SPOACT (on You Tube)

So the State of California has a debt problem… With all those people railroaded to jail/prison... With all the vendors and seizure artists profiting from them. With all those police fining, harassing,  penalizing, abusing power, ticketing, searching, seizing, code enforcing, among techniques of law enforcement generating income for itself, state and local government.  It's funny, CA government can’t get it’s act together.

I was listening to the news describing how drug agents were burning tons of marijuana seized in CA State Parks… Ok let me get his straight State of California. ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? Not only do youi waste money on all the law enforcement used for this operation but then you burn one of the most valuable commodities on the planet? You stupid m‘*****ers deserve to go under.

That goes double for the Feds… If I was a DEA agent or Narc I’d be too ashamed to admit it. Did you know the first drug law was enacted in 1914, huh? With productivity like THAT in the private sector and Americans would strill be driving Model T’s, hauling ice and shoveling coal… (lol) 

I am somebody who hates a serious misallocation of wealth and resources

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Men on fire?
I have a question for Conservative voters. Do you care that Karl Rove is lying to you… AGAIN? Conservative men are always bragging about toughness but they let Karl Rove treat them like they’re stupid fools over and over.  Rove has been lying to the Conservatives for over a decade now but the COWARDS refuse to call him on it. It’s actually the most pitiful, pathetic thing I’ve ever been witness to.

Karl Rove and his super PAC Crossroads/GPS has come out with an anti-Obama/Biden ad that is so deep with lying BS I don’t know how he gets away with it. Either Conservative voters are getting some really bad information or you people really are the biggest suckers in the history of mankind.

That's how it goes for the news media. Oh Lord, I wonder if there is ONE Conservative news person who will come out and do a rundown of the lies from the GOP and Crossroads political ad? Will one newsman hold Rove accountable?  I know it won’t be on FOX…

When are Americans going to realize WHAT IS TRUTH? Who are the real enemies of FREEDOM? Rich @$$holes like Rupert Murdoch have deep connections in China. In the last 3 years, I feel a number of scenes were staged to make the Obama Administration (and Democrats in general) look bad and to gain bargaining tools for the Communist Chinese. FOX News has become a terrorist cell for the Commie Chinese and Saudi Royals. (lol) “Stellar Wind” huh? All made possible by Republican controlled Congress of 1994-2006 who legislated foreign ownership of our PUBLIC broadcast airwaves.

The best example being Fox news… This powerful propaganda tool uses a harem full of leggy, high heeled, leggy young Ho’s (from the Clair Booth Luce/Ann Coulter Institute) to deliver the Tokyo Rose one liners for the foreign agent Rupert Murdoch. I like to call it propaganda porn… (lol)

Murdoch is working for the Commie Chinese. (Murdoch married a Chinese intelligence agent and built his new mansion in China in case he had to escape prosecution from all the Western nations he screwed over.  This den of spies use FOX news as their cover and means to spread their “divide and conquer” propaganda. This and the economic terrorism on Wall Street proves Homeland Security and the Patriot Act  were HUGE failures.

Several studies have proven that people who watch FOX news are more misinformed than those who watch NO NEWS AT ALL! Conservatives wackos are traitors but they’re so ignorant they don’t even know it. If only they’d turn off the propaganda and look at the facts. What are the results of Republican rule compared to when the Democratic Party is in power? In every category the results speak for themselves. The American PEOPLE do better under Democratic rule.

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