Sunday, July 1, 2012

A sad goodbye to a radical genius

UPDATE July 4th 2012: 
After all the flag waving, patriotic songs and fireworks... love of the USA and doing what’s best for this great nation took over. I couldn’t bring myself to help Republicans no matter how much money was offered. A while back I decided to ask legitimate questions about a Mitt Romney Presidency and the answers I got were quite disturbing. One struck  me as particularly hypocritical since the Conservative wackos made such a big deal about the pitiful lies concerning Obama taking his oath on the Holy Koran. I was shocked to hear that if elected President, Mitt Romney will swear an oath with his hand on the Book of Mormon. What do all you holier-than-thou Evangelical Christians think about THAT? I can only hope and pray readers remember who said it first before all those Liberals plagiarize my writings again...
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Never Mind:  X (*deleted) 
NOTE: I had a major family catastrophe and needed $ fast, AND THE CONSERVATIVES OFFERED BIGTIME! I had a moment of weakness...
But when it came down to it I would have never sold out to the big $ assholes no matter how bad things got. I'm back now, "Send the GOP to hell in 2012"
CONFESSION: I made this decision after watching the 60 Minutes segment on Qartar (7-1-12) It hit me how badly our so-called representatives in government screwed over the American PEOPLE for a very few wealthy *****’s and how few citizens are holding them accountable. So I decided to act like the majority... watch out for my own best interests, watch out for my own best interests, watch out for... (lol)

I was going to give the Obama/Biden campaign the one sentence that will ruin any White House hopes the Romney’s had.  Since I almost single-handedly strong-armed 3rd Party Liberals/Independents in New Mexico to vote for Obama in 2008... FOR FREE, I thought good information might be worth $. But the Democrats don’t pay for their community organizers and political activists like the GOP does. It wasn't easy, the 3rd Party Liberals/Independents really hated Obama (watch local Indy Media broadcasts 2007-2008)

Now NOTHING is for FREE anymore, the sale signs are going up because I’ve come up with questions and answers that can sway the 2012 Presidential election for Obama/Biden

No KIDDING  here, if I write or speak these words then it will spread throughout the land and turn Conservatives against Romney.  I’m hoping the penny pinching, tight @$$es in the Democratic Party pay up because the last thing I want is for that silver spoon trust fund baby Mitt Romney to win the White House. It would be a death blow to any rights and freedoms enjoyed by the average American citizen. The One World Order dreams of elitists like George H. W. Bush (41) would come true as well of his statement; “…this is an ownership society”. 

The problem is I’ve lost faith in our system, 3 branches of US Government and in the American PEOPLE who don't seem to care the Republicans turned us all into debt slaves. 

Mitt Romney, the Bush Crime Family, Koch Bros, Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court and all those rich *******’s on the Council for National Policy are going to try an buy or rig the 2012 election and only a handful of Americans are DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY!

I can’t imagine how these misinformed, apathetic *****’s  are going to explain to their children/grand children how they did nothing while a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad silver spoon con artists ravaging/expatriated most of our nation wealth/resources and THEN turned FREEDOM into a delicate concept. This will be especially difficult for voters who remain loyal to those degenerates in the GOP. The youth will curse their very existence.

The rich guys actually got the dumb@$$es to vote against their own best interests or not to vote at all. I’m starting to despise the Left as much as I do the Right because they refuse to put up a real fight against the Conservative wackos.  The LEFT WING has never learned the value of long term strategic planning dimension in politics 

After the Bush/Cheney disaster I thought the American PEOPLE would rise up to demand accountability and take their power, public airwaves, financial system and representative government back… But those cunning, scheming, vicious but well financed son of ***** used the average citizens anger against them. The Tea Party and 2010 GOP victories were an abomination against everything I believe in.

I want at least $250,000 before the deed is done. The first camp that pays me off will get the information needed to win the election and the data against them will be destroyed. THIS IS NO JOKE, this info against Romney is so damaging he will never recover… 

As far as Obama/Biden is concerned they’ve done nothing wrong other than off-shore oil drilling policy, accountability issues with the Wall St criminals and not prosecuting Bush/Cheney. This isn’t personal it’s business… I've got nothing bad about Obama/Biden... this is about a strategic plan I've worked out for the Obama campaign that would assure them a victory. I’ve always volunteered and supported Democrats but they’ve been plagiarizing me for so long without giving me credit for my work, I’ve had it. 

I can only hope the youth gets their heads out of their consumerism lifestyle @$$ and carry on the political activism/community organizer work I’ve spent half my life volunteering my precious time to. The blog post concerning ORGANIZED CRIME will be the last I write. SPQR, Spo101, Sal Celeste, Lloyd the Baptist, Charlie Stunats, Mary B. among others will continue to carry the serious radical torch. I’ll be too busy writing both a non-fiction and fiction version of my manuscript before my time is up…
Goodbye and good luck,

NOTE: Contact my associate Special Political Operative at Conscious Man Consultants to start the bidding.


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