Saturday, September 15, 2012

work together OR ELSE!


I’ve had it with you low grade thought process, Conservative idiot motherfuvckers. I’M NOT GOING TO ALLOW you brainwashed numbskulls to fuck up our future any more than you’ve already done… You people better take two steps back rethink your actions cause that Koch Bros, Tea Party, True the Vote, Lyin Ryan/Romney, Nathan Sproul, voter suppression, fear/hate mongering bullshit is going WAY too far

I ain’t your Mommy’s Liberal, suckers… There’s MILLIONS of strong, ANGRY Progressives who are JUST ITCHING FOR A FIGHT! If I had any power I’d shoot you right wing nut job, Neo-Con, racist, fundamentalist Christian freaks down on site, chop you morons up and feed you cocksuckers to Gulf wildlife.”
Charlie Stunats & the Warriors
Excerpt taken from “
TOP 100 Most Evil People”  by Professor Dale Cassidy

LA TIMES comment:
rhythm79 at 5:37 PM September 2012: "Notice Mrs. Romney is using a Canadair Challenger 601. Outsourced even the aircraft".

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