Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who votes for these cowards?

The GOP is full of cowards, racists and hypocrites... WHY oh why do they keep getting over on the LEFT? Anyways, this segment was great and we at CMC take back anything bad we said about the Young Turks.

Bloody Mary screamed "…NO, Ann Romney… IT’S OUR TURN!"

Now, many Liberals/Progressives/Independents have the wrong impression President Obama has sold out his base, buckled in to the big banks and failed to prosecute Wall St… but I understand how things work in Washington, DC in the 2000’s…

I’m sure the “Too Big To Fail” crowd, subtlety suggested to the President that if he interfered with their agenda they would crash the economy and very likely have Obama assassinated by one of the flying monkeys working for Eric Prince of Darkness or whacked by a Capo in the Bush Crime Family.

This is why Obama begged his base to MAKE DEMANDS to force him to make CHANGES we all know the nation needs. OBAMA/BIDEN CAN’T DO IT BY THEMSELVES! All Americans need to stand up and defend our President from the crazies, criminals and likes of Rupert Murdoch & the Koch Bros.

From Rush “Tokyo Rose” Limbaugh to Mitch “Turtle” McConnell to Tea Party baggers to that Un-American draft-dodger Ted “Scratch” Nugent have threatened our President’s very existence.  It’s hard for me to believe, or understand, the misplaced hatred the Conservative wackos feel for President Obama. Domestic terrorism, Joseph Stack, Jared Lee Loughner and Timothy McVeigh come to mind… If ANYTHING happens to my President because some Bill O’Reilly mofo is screaming Dr. Tiller, then  there’s going to be hell to pay. 

Concerned Citizens will come at you antagonists in ways you can’t even imagine. It’s going to be open season on anyone who participated in the “Conservative VS Liberal divide and conquerscam. (See

I’m convinced most on the Right Wing don’t even know why they’re so angry at Obama. He’s done a fantastic job in the face of overwhelming odds. He saved the economy from the Bush/Cheney disaster... He made sure insurance companies don’t rip off  the vulnerable or sick people anymore… He oversaw the end of Osama bin Lunatic, al Qaeda, Gaddafi and put fanatics, all over the world, in their place…

Oohhh, and HE DIDN’T TAKE YOUR PRECIOUS GUNS! (I’ve got several myself)

Even though it cost him support, President Obama (like South African President Mandela before him) realized he was leader of ALL THE PEOPLE… and gave the Republicans across the aisle respect and enough rope for the Conservative monkeys to HANG THEMSELVES! 

And boy wowee, you Republican really did string yourselves up. Your Conservative philosophies almost ruined the greatest nation on Earth. The accomplishments of Republicans since 2008 are nada, NOTHING! Obstruction, lies, hate speech, propaganda, racism don’t count for anything in the USA in case anyone forgot that vital point.

USA didn’t become great because of a bunch of selfish @$$holes screaming “me, Me ME…” or pointing finger at the other guy for their own mistakes. Republican rule has led to some of the worst problems we’ve ever faced… I know, I KNOW… it only a coincidence every time a Bush in the White House Americans have to suffer through a banking/financial crisis

I think the sane Republican voters have FINALLY realized that results matter. Who wants to be led by people who are wrong all the time? The evidence is set in stone, not even the best bullshit artist, spin doctor can explain away the last 20 years of Republican Party failures.  Only a foolish idiot or ignorant racist would vote against President Obama in 2012 for that silver spoon twit Mitt Romney or any other GOP hopeful . The Conservative wackos need to remember it was ANOTHER silver spoon twit George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) who trashed our economy.

Republican voters are like some kind of rich guy groupie cult. Crazies...
gutter scum


The Secret Service scandal? I wanted to ask those Columbian whores, just who paid for them to be in the hotel so close to the President’s Secret Service detail?”
 John Henry Falk III


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Special Politcal Operative said...
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Special Politcal Operative said...

Blah, blah, gooche managia, blah blah. Bring it on anytime you’re ready to die fascista… Is that a Ted Nugent cop threat, lol? Woooohhhh I’m so scared. You’re threatening a man who will hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine. I got jumped by two Republicans once and got knocked out, when I came to they started threatening me again so I stuck a Bic pen in the big guys neck and hit the other one with a landscaping brick before they ran off like a couple of pussies. Cause that’s what Conservative wacko are… COWARDS who can’t take responsibility for their poor voting choices. Get ready to spill some of your blood asshole…