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I WANT TO GET PAID! Revenge & The devils Advocate

Community Organizers in "da Hood"

*Authors UPDATE: (RIP to brother Rodney King. I met King several times at protest rallies in So. Cal. Surrounding the questionable police shootings of Tyisha Miller and Irvin Landrum Jr. I’ve been criticized by the LEFT for this essay but I know they don’t have a clue… When is the last time a White Progressive spokes person has been to an inner city ghetto? Fuck political correctness, I‘ve got a GOP to destroy. GOD bless America & R.K

PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS DISRESPECTED, what are you going to do about it?
The racists think they can get away with their sinful actions because FOX News, the GOP and that fat disgusting mofo Rush Limbaugh will find a way to reward them in  backroom deals. The whole mechanism works because the LEFT rarely holds them to account. Sure the LEFT has its protest rallies, marches, demands and commentary but (I don’t know if Liberals noticed) the RIGHT ISN’T SCARED OF THAT ANYMORE!

I’m gut-wrenched with frustration… Here’s Democratic/Progressive/Liberal spokespersons & comedians making fun of Republicans/Conservatives while the LEFT was GETTING IT’S ASS BEAT… for 30 years!
WHAT the **** are you Liberal know-it-alls LAUGHING AT? Republicans/Conservatives have gotten so bold because they know the LEFT won’t do anything about it. 

NOTE: (*Republicans LIE and revise history because they can, because their voting base are a bunch of misinformed, racist dumb@$$es, auditioning for a spot on FOX News or rich guy groupies. The GOP is depending on the ignorance of Republican voters because it worked so well in 2010)

For anyone who doesn’t think the LEFT has been f***ed over, ask any activist who’s been forced behind barbed wire, pepper sprayed or wrongfully jailed. The Progressive/Liberal agenda has been in the back of the bus since Reagan/Bush… Bush/Cheney got elected not once BUT TWICE… AND they robbed your children of their bright future… YET the Left-wing is still stuck on stupid chic-chic 60‘s mind set and paying taxes.  Millions of fickle groupies for political comedians and giddy news anchors…

THIS IS A REAL FIGHT, ACT LIKE IT you **** ‘n cowards! (especially the Black community with has had it’s rights violated, vote suppressed and leaders insulted/slandered on a daily basis)

Authors WARNING: (Maybe people with no sense of humor or tender sensibilities shouldn’t read this. I’m a wise ass and can’t help myself. Besides I’ve been a serious political activist long enough to have earned the right to criticize my fellow Americans)

The USA has become a nation of Suckers and Ho’s… Republican voters have made all Americans into the United Suckers of America. While Conservatives remain brainwashed sheep and Liberals political comedy, Huffington Post groupies... the Ruling Class has bent the whole country over and shoved it up America's ass. Republicans must like the vulgar violation because they want more of the same...

But the Right isn't the only problem. Please allow me to play devil’s advocate and point out a few things wrong with the Black and Liberal communities: 

Definition - “White devil - evil, silver spoon, trust fund babies like the Duke Bros… ahhh, I mean Koch Bros”.  (COME ON, you n*****s saw the movie “Trading Places“, right? lol)

First of all,  the White devil is disrespecting the Black community because a huge segment of Blacks don’t VOTE. Now, whether that statement is true or not, that is what the white people perceive.
1) In the last election 58% of the American people neglected their right to vote.
2) Republicans can win in areas where huge populations of Blacks reside.
3) so 1 + 2 = heaven for the GOP. Apathy is the GOP’s savior.

WHAT TO DO? All you wealthy Progressive spokes persons and business owners need to set up a fund so poor people can afford the ID, birth certificate, NRA ID, etc… one needs to vote in their community. Then the poor people need to get off their asses and VOTE to destroy their GOP oppressors.  Let’s get rid of Republicans in Local, State, Federal government. 

Like good ole Tip O’Neill used to say; “…all politics is local politics”. 

In 2000, if more Blacks in Florida voted or rioted because they were denied the vote (over 20,000) then Al Gore would have been President and America would still be intact as a world economic force instead of the debt slavery state Bush/Cheney left for us. The bastards in Florida State Government took away Blacks right to vote… and you don’t want to fight back? What are you people afraid of, you’ve got the Creator and the Constitution on your side.

Now to be fair there is the book end to this problem. There was all those so-called principled Liberal assholes who voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and didn‘t vote in 2010... but the lacking numbers of Black voters in swing states is telling.  Like Malcolm X used to say “they keep the Black man down…”

Can I talk about Gangsta Rap now. The White devil stole the message/sound/stylee from Reggae and turned into a gangsta rap weapon that has ruined generations of youth. The silver spoon, trust fund babies used the worst gangstas to keep the Black community down. According to CIA operatives (such as Tosh Plumlee) it wasn’t Black people bringing crack cocaine to their own communities.

I don’t know if anyone noticed but some of the worst crack dealers in CA and NY are now superstar celebrities who play cops in TV and movies… Why is that? Reward for helping the White Devil with his evil plans, right? That's why you see Snoop Dog in the Stadium Sky box with George W. Bush all the time.

I’m not being a racist here, the whole gangsta culture revolved around disabling the Black man. The bling bling, gin and juice, blunt smoking, video game lifestyle made several generations of youth stupid and lazy.

You morons actually got tricked into believing baggy oversized pants hanging below you ass was cool but in reality the White Devil caused you to lose the use of one of your hands because you had to hold up those stylish pants when walking. Nothing sadder than a one armed Black man… (lol, sorry)

And graffiti… All I can say is, where I’m from one must actually DO SOMETHING before they leave their mark on society. Not for nothing but if I was dealing crack, f***’n Ho’s and drive-by shooting innocents… I wouldn’t f***ing ADVERTISE IT!

Anyone who lived it, knows the 80’s was an evil decade. Started with the murder of John Lennon, the death of Bob Marley, then propagated by Reagan/Bush and ended with the questionable death of Abbie Hoffman, who was hated by George Bush Sr.

The White devil made sure only those advocating the money hungry, drug dealing, gang lifestyle made to the top of the charts. Fuck all those in the Black community who got addicted to crack, it was all about the deadly sin of GREED, “Mo Money” and “get’n yours”, right?. Capitalism on cocaine and steroids. The enormous coffers of Republican campaign funds awash with laundered cocaine profits that lasted until 2006. (now being replenished by Afghani smokable heroin profits)

The MAN used the media, sex, Bling envy and celebrity worship against the Black community until they were slaves of their own desires and temptations. Look at the hierarchy of the Black 1% who did NOTHING while Bush/Cheney set back minority rights back along with the failing economy. And what about all though bueagie n*****s who sold their soul to get a well paid gig on Fox News?

Let's not forget the Black masses stood by and DID NOTHING for over twenty years while the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) spit in their faces.

IF THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOESN’T GET OUT THE VOTE IN 2012 AND BEYOND… then you’re fucked… What are you sucker fools going to do about THAT?

I was in Southern California during the 1998-2003 spree of questionable police shootings. I was part of a community organizing team that reached out to the local Black communities and was rejected, threatened and ridiculed.

In the Inland Empire where many of the police on Black shootings took place, the youth was telling me the killings of their sisters and brothers (Tyisha Miller, Irvin Landrum Jr.) was “…old news…” Of course with the lack of support from the Black community the movement was squashed by the powers-that-be. The lessons of we taught about Black youth threatened by hand guns was lost and now we have Trayvon Martins all over the place and ...

...Progressives act surprised.

I’m not surprised… The Left-wing has been a major disappointment since the late 70’s. Back then Liberals were living off the victories of the 60’s protest movements. Grooving to FM music while Conservatives quietly bought up all the AM stations for bargain basement prices and created a propaganda network that made Tokyo Rose appear an amateur. It was pure evil genius that left the Left with it’s dick in it’s hands. Don’t take my word for it, it’s best documented in the amazing 1984 “Ominous Politics…” by John S. Saloma III.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Liberals really don’t know anything about long term strategic dimensions in politics. Nooooo…,  Republicans won in 2010 because the Liberal pussies didn’t get out the vote. They were too busy living off the 2008 victories or shunning Obama/Biden like some jilted lover who didn’t get their way. Politics is a team effort and the Republicans remain loyal no matter how f***ed up their voting choices are.

What really makes me angry is those on the Left side of the political spectrum who still think working with the Conservative wackos is a good idea. I think what Obama/Biden did in their first term is genius. They gave the Republican monkeys enough rope to hang themselves.

2012 IS WHEN THEY’RE SUPPOSE TO HANG but we still have pussies on the Left who got all hearts and flowers about great events like Andrew Brietbart scared to death. I don’t want to work with these Conservative maniacs I want to destroy them or push them to secede.

NOTE: (And the news media? Most of the so-called journalists gave Bush/Cheney a free pass and sold out the American PEOPLE. you motherfuckers are going to pay)

© by Special Political Operative 101

LAPD and Concerned Citizens who DEMAND accountability

Rep. Allen West is as toxic as the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. I don’t know what kind of mental deficients voted this maniac into office but they need help. Like the Dow chemical poisons that are STILL killing children in India, West spreads his infectious hate speech and tilted propaganda.  Like some right-wing nutcase straight out of the 50’s McCarthy Era, West is pointing fingers placing the Communist label on his fellow Americans.

This very ignorant man doesn’t even realize the Republican Party he belongs to had a huge role in selling out the American worker to the Communist Chinese just so a bunch of silver spoon trust fund babies could make more money from Asian slave labor and easy toxic waste dumping. West pays no mind to reports that the Chinese government has been working against the American dollar since the start of the War in Iraq in  2003. (See Keiser Report on the news network RT, April 13/14, 2012)

West takes pleasure in his taunting Progressives hoping they say thing like he resembles a piece of s*** with a MC Hammer haircut. (lol) But I’m going to stick to the facts. I am somebody who fights against right wing nutcases

"I’m not quit sure why Republicans love the Chinese so much to have sold out the American worker. Other than slave labor camps and easy toxic dumping there isn’t much for the Republicans in China. For one thing the Chinese government isn’t afraid to prosecute it’s corrupt politicians… for much less than occurred during the Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave.

Ohhh yeeeaaaa, politicians, corporate leaders and even their wife’s are not immune from the long arm of the law. Check it out they’re going down like flies Bo Xilai and his wife or maybe Shanghai party secretary Chen Lianyu who was sentenced to 18 years of hard prison labor for bribery and abuse of power. WOW I wish our Justice Department would stop wasting our time and tax dollars on medical marijuana growers and focused on those bastards who almost sank our economy and committed war profiteering crimes.

The wrath of GOD will come down upon these evil Republicans before our own Justice Department has enough courage to hold politicians and corporate leaders accountable for their criminal activity. Ohh yeeaaa, look at this... The same day George W. Bush came out of hiding to make a speech on the economy, stock markets around t world had their worst day in years. The GOP is like a dark cloud over the USA. Thanks for nothing all you idiot Republican voters for dragging all Americans down with your poor choices
Frank from ABQ

Blog Administrator NOTE:  I'm going to find who violated my privacy and stole our pictures. Every   computer here will be examined by experts until I find who the dirty rotten punk ass bitch who robbed my hard work and creativity. When I find you I'm going to come at you in ways you can't even imagine. You, family friends, friends of friends, everyone you ever knew will become a target unless you restore what you've ruined. I detest you racist, right wing hackers the Koch Bros employ.


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