Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm NOT laughing, *******'s

WOW Young Turks, just what America needs, ANOTHER goofy comedian to fiddle while Rome burns.

It tears me apart with frustration… Here’s Democratic/Progressive/Liberal spokespersons making fun of Republicans/Conservatives while the LEFT is getting it’s ass beat...

For anyone who doesn’t think the Left has been f***ed, ask any activist who’s been forced behind barbed wire, pepper sprayed, wrongfully jailed. The Progressive/Liberal agenda has been in the back of the bus since Reagan/Bush. AND Bush/Cheney got elected not once... BUT TWICE, yet the Left-wing is still stuck on stupid. Millions of fickle groupies for political comedians and giddy news anchors.

The progressive News people slay me too. Yea, give me another fact filled story about what a bunch of corrupt, degenerate liars the Republicans are or how bad their policies turn out. Yea go ahead… because I and millions of Democrats/Progressives/Liberals don’t already know that, especially after the Bush/Cheney catastrophe.

Do I need MORE evidence? F*** NO! What I need is a comprehensive plan to destroy our adversaries before the GOP criminals steal our children’s future. If the LEFT doesn’t pull together and VOTE to destroy the GOP, then silver spoon twit Romney will win in November and then all you fancy Liberals can kiss all your noble causes/issues goodbye…

"...According the prophecies of the minister of GOD‘s wrath, (see jinnbad.blogspot.com) Ralph Reed, Scott Lively, Richard Land & Tony Perkins will be caught with male prostitutes and methamphetamine. (I heard they appreciate Kentucky bourbon too) lol.  Shaun Hannity’s voice will rise to the pitch of a 11 year old girl like Mark Levin… (lol)

Dick Cheney will be burning in hell suffering from satan’s enhanced interrogation techniques before the November election. I want Dick Cheney to know I’m making a special trip to piss on his grave m******er.

What throws me into a slaughterous rage is when these hedge fund, derivative @$$holes on Wall Street say Obama/Biden is targeting them because they are SUCCESSFUL… WHAT?

The ONLY reason you greedy m******’s still have anything is because Bush/Paulson bailed the losers out before they left office, USING THE HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! You so-called successful business people took approximately 600 BILLION more than all the welfare mothers on the planet. (f***’n parasites)

And now you don’t want to pay you’re fair share to bring America back from the brink? (f***’n TRAITORS)

The only reason you’re not in a crowded holding cell wearing chains is because Obama/Biden has been using you to fix what the vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon con artists have broken. Obama/Biden gave you jerk-offs a second chance and HOW DO YOU REPAY THEM? By donating millions to the GOP and Mitt f***ing Romney, his spoiled wife and five sons who didn’t serve in the military in a time of two Republican wars? F*** YOU TOO!

Do you morons think angry Americans are going to just let you buy the 2012 election? Do you think Conscious Man Consultants won’t have Concerned Citizens observing every computerized voting machine and Republican controlled voting district in America? And if you think the police will continue protecting Wall St Aristocrats, then watch what happens in what will be remembered as the ANGRY SUMMER of 2012.

We’re talking to law enforcement every day and I know the Occupy people has been preaching the word while walking the police lines. We’re watching/listening to the corrupt police brass talking kick backs from the Ivory Tower crowd, the propagandists at FOX News, Drudge Report, the am Radio Limbaughs and know their every move...

The head of the adversary is about to be cut off and there’s NOTHING you can do about it except move to Dubai like Halliburton. The expatriate clause the 90’s Republicans hid in Clintons Family Leave Bill is about to be challenged so you won’t be able to take your stolen loot out of the country PENALTY FREE!

What stolen loot? You richy riches have the nerve to ask that?

The results of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) speak for themselves. Waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers, arms dealing, environmental deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a corporate crime wave of epic proportions. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth & resources in the history of mankind…” FGE

Yet these shameless hypocrites have the audacity to act they’re the responsible adults at the table, BULLS***! “Let them eat cake”, right mothaf***ers

Here’s the thing Obama/Biden should be leading the campaign charge with. “America TRIED the Republicans way and IT DOESN’T WORK!”

When does the USA give Progressive Democrats a chance to lead? The Concerned Citizen of America are going to organize, Organize, ORGANIZE until we have enough angry Americans to be able to round up all you rich @$$holes along with your ho’s in the news media and government , chop you up and feed you to Gulf wildlife. “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” the crowd replied..."

© 2012 by Charlie Stunats

WANTED: Camera crew to film when the Feds come to arrest Charlie for his constant threats against the spoiled, silver spoon, trust fund baby Ruling Class. (lol)

chop chop

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