Saturday, June 12, 2010

Conservative argument doesn’t hold up, so what's new?

I guess FOX News or Rush Limbaugh started blaming Liberals and government regulation for the Deep Water Horizon oil drilling disaster. These propagandists point out that environmental wackos pushed oil drill rigs to deep water and THAT is the reason why BP can't stop the oil gusher. 5000 feet is too deep they say... But what about the Ixtoc oil drilling catastrophe (June 13, 1979) off the Mexican coast in ONLY 200 FEET OF WATER?

GOD forbid Conservatives blame an oil company for ANYTHING. The delusional, right-wing crazies have formed a cult around being WRONG ALL THE TIME!

Thank you Rachel Maddow, you're a gem...

Isn't it funny how Republicans/Conservatives would rather fight against Progressives than demand accountability from BP. They hate those who prove them wrong. FACTS only get in the way, right? 

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