Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drill baby DRILL... we'll clean up later, right?

Author’s Note: (Please excuse my use of biting sarcasm and vulgarity. I met Abbie Hoffman while involved with Love Canal protests. He taught me the VALUE of a well placed demur. So #*~/ the FCC! For those with tender sensibilities I could apologize after every outburst...

Chemical dispersants? TOXIC? Worse than the oil gushing into the once beautiful Gulf… Fuck YOU TOO assholes. I’m going to get you big oil motherfuck’n cocksuckers! This the last straw, you silver spoon degenerates deserve a mussolini. Y’know, “Oceans 11” calls it a ceausescu.


I‘m sorry ya fuck'n pussies... This oil drilling catastrophe in the Gulf pushed me over the edge)

Drill baby DRILL”, right? 
It’s as thought GOD himself has come down from heaven to rub Republican/Conservative noses in the evil BS they’ve spewed for the last few years. It seems like just yesterday when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck worked their groupies into a cult frenzy with calls for off-shore oil exploration.

(Yea, don’t ya just love those wonderful commercials on TV where Oil Companies and other multi-national Corporate entities are our best friends and patriotic Americans... when I snap my fingers you'll feel happy and refreshed, right? lol) 

WHO KNEW that safe, environmentally sound British Petroleum oil rig in the Gulf was going to blow up and cause the worst environmental disaster since the Exxon Valdez. I’m sure all you Drill Baby Drill” right-wing, fanatic rednecks in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Georgia and crazy South Carolina are looking forward to all that valuable oil washing up on your coastline and wetlands… you’ll be RICH, right?
You pathetic, morons chant “Drill Baby Drill” but think Oil Companies should NOT be responsible for SPILLS? These anti-government degenerates have NO PROBLEM letting the government use our tax dollars to take care of the environmental disasters. Ohhh and guess what? The oil from that doomed rig wasn’t even benefiting the USA. That oil was going to Communist China…

(WHAT? I’ve GOT to look into THIS!  Research time… shameless Conservatives might want to try it sometime…)

I’m going to WRITE, call talk radio, make speeches and work tirelessly until you right-wingers go down in history as the worst sucker fools ever. Republicans and their Corporate masters have ravaged and expatriated most of this nation’s wealth and resources… WHY WOULD ANY GREAT AMERICAN SUPPORT THAT? The way I see IT, Conservatives are a bunch of anti-American traitors.

That’s the problem here… President Obama has been TRYING so hard to cater scandalous multinational Corporations and their nutcase Republican/Conservative flunkies… he’s forgetting about the serious Progressives who got him in the Whitehouse.

EVERY TIME Obama announces Center Right policy decisions to make Republicans happy his poll numbers go DOWN in the community that VOTED for him in 2008. You got to STOP this Mr. President. The Right-Wing ISN’T WORTH THE SACRIFICE… I WANT THE CHANGE that was promised m#*~/’s!

The LAST thing the USA needs right now is for the Republican Party low grade thought processes to TAKE BACK Congress…

I’m overjoyed to see the Democrats are FINALLY starting to take on the Republican Party of NO! Harry Reid must of got a shot of testosterone or something because he muscled the Republicans to allow debate on Wall Street Reform. OK Republicans, filibuster! Explain to the American PEOPLE exactly WHY you think regulation and reform are bad ideas.

Now that the entire Gulf Region of the USA is threatened by this horrific oil spill… maybe Republican voters can remember Bush/Cheney removed all safety and environmental regulations from oil rig operations.  (NO safety shut-off valves, WHAT?) 

During the Bush/Cheney Administration, regulatory oversight of the OIL Industry was devastated in much the same way as the financial industry. Cheney had his secret meetings with Big Oil executives and put the American People under their thumb. “From 2001 to 2007 there were 1443 serious accidents in off-shore drilling operations resulting in 41 deaths, 302 injuries and 356 oil spills.” (NY Times)

The regulation from the Bush/Cheney Interior Department and Minerals Management Service were turned over to Oil Industry lobbyists. Regulators were too busy with the company sponsored Ho/cocaine parties to notice inequities of the OIL drilling methods and safeguards.

THIS is just one example of 100’s of ways the Republican Party has hurt the American PEOPLE. Who could possibly be stupid enough to keep voting for these Republican/Conservative candidates?

WHY is it that every other civilized nation on the planet, EXCEPT the USA, REQUIRES Oil drilling operations to have back up plans and top shelf shut off valves in case of emergency? I guess British Petroleum thought $500,000 was TOO MUCH for a workable shut off system. I know they LOBBIED in 2003 against the US government putting such REGULATION into place… (and I heard Cheney’s Halliburton is involved with this and other spills)

NOTE: search Greg Palast

Ohhhh and isn’t it telling the Times Square idiot bomber tried to make a hasty escape to Dubai? …Just like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton. A corporation who made a fortune from shoddy workmanship. Unlike the average American, corporations like Halliburton, Massey Energy and British Petroleum can get away with shoddy workmanship, mining explosions and oil spill disasters because the Republican Party (and some Blue Dog Democrats) are their paid for Ho’s…

IT’S ACCOUNTABILITY TIME! If the PEOPLE don’t DEMAND it now then you don’t deserve rights and freedoms the USA represents.

All legitimate EVIDENCE proves the Republican Party is setting up the American PEOPLE for a big fall we’re going to take because of all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, deregulation, reckless economics, welfare for the rich, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions….

The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND! All the result of 8 years of Bush/Cheney and the Republican Controlled Congress of 1994-2006...

Where was the Tea Party anger THEN? ya #*~/ ignorant hypocrites...

© 2010 by FGE

UPDATE: Response to article "The Worst Spill in American History" WHTC 1450 (5-8-10)
"Right wing message board propagator American_Patriot  is a complete numbskull. Every point you made came from FOX Spin... ahhhh I mean News or all the Rush Limbaughs on the AM radio. I don't have time to argue with you... everyone else read this blog for all the answers one needs so you don't end up a brainwashed fool like this so-called American_Patriot.

I don't care what Bush or Obama did. Here's the PLAN.

STEP 1) DEMAND Ethics, Responsibility, Accountability.

STEP 2) Get rid of the Republicans, the root of the problem. Kick the Republican Party down to 3rd Party status.

STEP 3) Progressives and Independents do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party.

STEP 4) Force the US Government to get back to it's original purpose of working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE

JOIN NOW! Form a chapter in YOUR community...



Barn Al said...

Honestly, it's not often that I post comments to blogs. This morning, I was merely searching for news about the drilling accident and came across your piece here.

I understand you are frustrated with the right wing wacko numb brained self centered idiots just like I am. But what in the heck do we do about our other relatively smart people who still need just as much energy as the dumb ones? Tell me, do you sit in your tent with the lights off burning candles eating your dandelion salad by the campfire every night? I don't either. Where does the energy we consume come from?

I am on your side, but wow. Until we can identify and discover a better way to circumvent the laws of physics, we are stuck with what we have here. An alternative lifestyle involving tents is another possibility, but this just is not acceptable for a majority of us. I consider it an honor to live on this planet, and I'll say it hurts me personally when we shit on it. The accident in the Gulf had nothing to do with the Republicans or the Democrats or the Mohicans or the Germans, any more than it did with the pine trees or the chickadee birds.

Instead of blasting away at each other, I don't understand why we don't or can't have an intelligent discussion about energy policy and see if there are ANY points we can agree upon. Then we can go from there. The bottom line? I am afraid it is going to be very very expensive in terms of things beyond dollars for us to maintain our extravagant ways. But we are going to have to get along first.

Anonymous said...

But we are going to have to get along first.

that's been my approach, but i am about the dumbest person on this planet. well, my head is up in the clouds, that is how i manage. thanks for the article. found you on some forbes page and saw your www. saw simmons on dylan's RS. simmons is the man. read some of his analysis on shale shit gas.

Julie said...

I've been reading about peak oil and environmental issues for some time now and can understand that it's hard to wrap the brain around new concepts that goes against existing beliefs. I get the idea that the 'right' feel this primal need to "go forth, exploit and consume in the faith of human advancement" without slowing to look around them. Why be bothered with pesky things like "what if?" until it's too late. It’s a mind set and I fear that even this catastrophic event will not wake them up to the harm we, as the human race, are doing even though it is already to late.

California Environmentalist said...

I don't think you're helping the cause of progressivism by posting profanity-laden rants like this. I actually agree with much of what you were saying, but I think calling the entire population of the Gulf Coast states "right-wing, fanatic rednecks," is a bit unfair, not to mention untrue, and that type of hateful invective alienates far more people than it draws in. Basically, if you want to be taken seriously, writing rage-filled screeds like this isn't going to work.