Tuesday, July 6, 2010

STOP the LOYALISTS, sarcasm and fireworks...


I celebrated Independence Day like a true American patriot, SARCASM and fireworks. My Sunday Cyber Bitch Slap emails are meant to wake up the Conservative wackos to life’s realities. Concerned Citizens of America will NOT allow the Conservative Labyrinth* to destroy all that is GOOD about the United States of America… (*John S. Saloma III)

Something has GOT to be done about George W. Bush’s Supreme Court appointments Roberts and Alito. Can you say legislating from the bench? These two men with their fellow Conservative Justices are trying to hand over the USA to foreign corporate interests. Then we must push Obama/Biden to get rid of the Bush/Cheney Justice Dept/Judiciary before anymore Don Siegelman type malicious/vindictive prosecutions occur.

The American PEOPLE must ORGANIZE… NOW, to get rid of the Corporate Conservative propagandists before they work the rightwing nutcases into a murderous, Civil War type frenzy. Limbaugh, Beck, Krystol, Hannity, Palin, etc must be stopped because there’s too many stupid, uneducated weak-minded Americans who fall for their crazy think tank BS!

Conservative clones/spokespersons/pundits use hate speech, race baiting, bold-faced lies, fear mongering, warped interpretations of the Bible and other textbook forms of bias persuasion to create a cult of right-wing wackos. 

And don’t give me that line about Conservatives deserve the rights or freedoms to spread their vile propaganda. THEY’RE DESTROYING THE NATION! The rich guys who own the news media might as well give national broadcast air time to Al Qaeda… I mean for all the BAD Republicans have done for the last 3 decades+. 

Waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, reckless economics, welfare for the rich, deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions…. The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

Where was the Tea Party Movement THEN?
#*~/ ignorant hypocrites.

Conservative wackos want Democrats/Progressives to believe if only Conservatism had one more chance it can work? The very definition of insanity, isn’t IT? Over and over AGAIN! Just separate yourselves from Bush/Cheney… bull$#!~ MISINFORMED people into believing they’re part of a NEW Conservative Movement.

In OTHER WORDS Republican Party talking points are based on the ignorance of their constituents. They revise history and LIE because they CAN… because pathetic morons who vote for Republicans DON’T KNOW THEIR OWN HISTORY! 

WHAT... do Republican voters have to elect ANOTHER Bush Crime Family member before you tomfool imbeciles realize Republicans are NOT WORKING FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

This ain’t NO Tea Party… this is a CLASS WAR!

Do I miss George W. Bush?  #*~/ NO! WE’VE GOT TO STOP THE MADNESS! A new American revolution to give power back to the PEOPLE! (or at least give Progressive agenda a chance… FOR ONCE)

Let me tell you a brief story about revolutionaries getting the job done. The Republicans/Conservatives of 2010 can be compared to the Loyalists of the 1760’s-1770’s. Loyalists were the Joe Barton’s of their time. Nothing but apologists and flunkies for the British Crown (or British Petroleum). The Loyalists were like the Tea Baggers, sticking up for a bunch of wealthy, corrupt aristocrats...

The Loyalists did all they could to impede the PROGRESS of our Founding Fathers to form this great nation. They obstructed and spoke out against any talk of CHANGE or an American Revolution. Just like FOX news and AM Radio Free Conservative is doing to a Progressive movement.

Thank GOD the American Patriots had the wisdom and courage to recognize what a THREAT these Loyalists were to the USA. They ORGANIZED, tracked down these traitor, DESTROYED their printing presses and PUNISHED THEM for their treasonous activities.  

If the Republicans of today had been in charge in 1776 we’d still be living under the Queen of England… (or at least Goldman Sachs)

Ohhhh, I see the Queen is coming to America to save her BP pension.

© 2010 by FGE

“I’m going to the Gulf Coast , with ALL MY FRIENDS and DARE the BP police state to arrest us.  How dare the US government give so much power to a foreign corporation. It’s the most un-American thing I’ve ever witnessed. FREE DIANE WILSON!”   John Henry Falk III 

SARCASM - I don’t think we’re ANGRY enough:
Why is temperament such a talking point with everything Obama Administration. Even comics, Liberal pundits and Progressive talk radio hosts make a big deal about how cool, calm and collected President Obama is. All White people like Black Man who’s even-tempered, right?

God forbid he act like any of us angry, outraged, vocal activists/organizers. This is the USA… so get in line, don’t rock the boat and righteous rage will get you 75 days in  the County Jail…

Americans don’t get angry. If one wants to VENT… they can go to Iraq/Afghanistan… Maybe I need anger management or attend a protest rally RESPONSE TRAINING WORKSHOP! And what ever I do don’t say the word fuck...
HEY, I can’t SAY THAT! (I can apologize after every outburst if I’ve harmed anyone’s tender sensibilities)

INFORMED Concerned Citizens have NO REASON to question our government and corporate leaders, right? They’re all doing such a great job. Everything is perfect! No need for change here. What problems? Nahhhh, it’s nothing but an ANT. Phil Gramm was right when he called Americans a bunch of whiners, right?  Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. Don’t worry, be happy

The Status Quo is much more important than the best interests of  American PEOPLE and worth protecting at all costs, right? Suck it up, quit criticizing  the Republicans and let’s all work together to make sure the aristocrats, oil companies and war profiteers get richer… What’s really important is that silver spoons like Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski can get on the “Curb your Enthusiasm” discussion panel. It the IN place to be

aaaahhhh… it’s called sarcasm. Sharper than any sword, more destructive than anything the Conservative think tanks can come up with. We have the Creator, Constitution and REALITY on our side. That’s why I use Conscious Man Consultants  when I want to CRUSH my adversaries. The FIREWORKS will come later…

NOTE: I think the Conscious Man Consultants technique is the ONLY way to reach the Republican voters before they do something stupid like give the Congress back to Republican rule.

The Concerned Citizens of America

12/1/2000 - CIA document Case# F-2001-00009: Buried by Bush/Cheney
International Crime Threat Assessment” defines “Kleptocracy,
…rather than serve PUBLIC INTEREST, top leaders use nations resources solely to enrich themselves and their cronies. To cover up crimes the stage is set for social and political upheavals

Everyone has been thinking it but too afraid to say anything. Republicans put the American PEOPLE under the thumb of Big Oil. And when one thinks of Big Oil the Saudi Royals quickly come to mind.

The really disturbing part of what the George H.W. Bush lip readers witnessed were his stories about how the Saudi’s have suckered Republicans into destroying America from within. They’ve been playing the right-wing extremists for FOOLS since 1994. It seems Prince Bandar and Prince Alwaleed bin Talai have USED Republican and Conservatives to upgrade their dawah programs.

First they set up schools, clubs, associations all over the world to convert any and all non-Caucasian locals.  (example: Association of Latin American Muslims)    

Then they invested in the Military Industrial Complex and are now among the leading arms dealers on the planet. (see yearly arms show in Abu Dhabi) Of course they’ve indirectly been involved with every economic disaster and terrorist act since Reagan/Bush came to power. The consequence is their profit margins have increased by 75%.

I know, I KNOW, it was just a coincidence most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi’s. Of course that retard George W. Bush decided our enemy was in Iraq "because Poppy was personal friends with the Bin Laden’s".

The Saudi’s wants NEVER-ENDING WAR and they know the suckers in the Republican Party will make their long term strategic plans possible. Our own Republicans and Conservatives have sold us out to foreign corporate interests.

NOTE: That’s why after 9/11 George W. told Americans to go shopping. Because of investments between the Saudi’s and China, Americans stopped being citizens and became nothing more than consumers. “BUY SOMETHING, o get out” 

The Saudi’s have donated billions to promote Conservative spokespersons and Republican candidates over the last few decades. Legitimate evidence shows the Gulf oil drilling disaster may NOT have been an accident... closer to an act of TERROR on the USA!

A great American would at least THINK ABOUT IT, right? 


Associated Press article: 

BP's Hayward flies to Mideast to meet 'partners'

By ADAM SCHRECK , 07.07.10, 04:37 AM EDT

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- BP's embattled CEO is in Abu Dhabi to meet business partners amid speculation that the oil giant is looking to drum up cash to cover clean up costs from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Chief Executive Tony Hayward arrived in the Emirati capital Tuesday and would be staying "a couple of days," BP ( BP - news - people ) spokesman Andrew Gowers said. He would not say whether Hayward planned to sit down with the region's powerful investment funds.

"He's visiting partners as he does from time to time. He's conducting normal business," Gowers said.
con't on FORBES.com

We’ve researched the AM Radio Free Conservative/FOX News propaganda machine and it turns out spokespersons like O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc… are TRAITORS working for foreign special interests that want to “divide and conquer” the American PEOPLE. PROPAGANDA on a scale not seen since Tokyo Rose…

I’m sure the Saudi Royals (Kingdom Holding Co.) who are now majority stockholders in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp/FOX News are confident of their long range strategic planning.


NOTE: (did you see the video of the TRAITORS Ailes, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and the rest of FOX news puppets lining up t0 kiss the right shoulder of the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talai? I got ill during the Saudi sword dance celebrating how they got the American, ignorant, right-wing fanatics to VOTE AGAINST THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS!

…It’s even more sickening than all the hand holding/kissing Bush Jr. used to do at the ranch in Crawford TX. George W. Bush always resembled a smitten school girl ever time he was in the presence of Saudi Royals…

HA Republicans… nothing but #*~/’n obstructionists who allowed a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon CON artists to ravage and expatriate most of our nation’s wealth and resources. The USA is in the middle of a fire sale where drug trafficers, Saudi Royals, India and communists China are buying up our most valuable assets…   Thanks for NOTHING you Republican/Conservative wackos.

Happy Independence Day, m#*~/ers!

I heard in the second Obama term he plans to kick some Republican ass


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