Friday, May 8, 2009

END the Party, for Mayor Marty

Maybe the PEOPLE of Albuquerque can tell me something because I’m not getting IT! What is your fascination with Mayor Marty Chavez? Is it the boyish good looks and laid back manner all the voters have a man crush on?

I’ve been in ABQ for about 2 years and I still can’t figure out anything good this guy and his dumb brother have done. I see him at all the best parties/gatherings around town with a SEXY, big lipped woman, is SHE part of that $177,000 a year security detail? Every TIME making patronizing speeches to whatever group he’s with that day… And there’s the Red Light Camera revenue generating, surveillance system he put in to CONTROL the population. But beyond that WHERE’S #*~/’n THE BEEF?

NOTE: According to those that help the homeless such as "Brother Ralph", Mayor Chavez HATES THE POOR!

I don’t see any strengths, creativity or innovative thinking involved with Mayor Marty Chavez that would get him a job with the Obama/Biden Administration. Really, this man is Mayor of a windy @$$, sun soaked city but he’s put NOTHING into making ABQ an alternative energy City of the FUTURE!

Albuquerque’s infrastructure maintenance, flood control and Urban planning looks like the work of 5th graders. AND Mayor Chavez oversaw a police department who IGNORED an CRIME/auto theft problem that makes Newark, New Jersey look like Disneyland AND FAILED TO WARN IT’S CITIZENS. That is UNTIL I started making a big deal about this huge problem after my truck window was shot out by a BB gun… And before I could get over THAT, the truck was was stolen by a scandalous but skilled tow truck operator… SO I’M TAKING IT PERSONAL Mayor Mo Fo cause your PD FAILED TO CATCH THE PERPETRATOR AND I GOT NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME!

For the remainder of my time in ABQ I’m going to do everything possible to make sure Marty Chavez couldn’t be elected dog catcher in Cucamonga….

I’m working on the End Mayor Marty Coalition war cry… How this for a start?
End the Party
For Mayor Marty
Give the boot
To the Chavez group
The reader can add their own verse…

Post by FRANK from ABQ as heard on Jim Villanucci's Hour of RAGE KKOB am770

@2009 by FGE

You want to get rid of a wimpy politician in YOUR city? Let me give you an example of HOW to bring down a government official by making EVERY big news story ABOUT THEM... lol

Devil’s advocate: The Tiffany Toribio Case, the murder of Baby Angel Tyrus Toribio

Part One
aired 5-3-09 on Terrie Q Show KKOB-am770 (on audio tape)

"I’m going to play devils advocate here because I’d like to get the Mayor Chavez view on what I’m saying because he knows Albuquerque better than I.

We’ve all seen how ABQ treats it’s troubled, desperate young women buried out on the WEST MESA. This is a direct result of incompetent police action, city hall, ZIA Pueblo and the general public not caring. NOBODY SEEMED TO CARE ABOUT WHEN THESE POOR WOMEN WERE OUT ON THE STREET. You drive by them everyday on the Westside, on Central Ave and in the WAR ZONE... ahhh, I mean International District (lol)

Poor Baby Angel’s young mother Tiffany Toribio getting kicked to the curb by both family and friends… Probably taken advantage of by local unsympathetic gang members, drug dealers and pimps. Led to believe in this failing economy she was worth NADA! Wandering the HARD streets of ABQ with a young child, in her sick, twisted mind NO ONE TO HELP . The Mayor says there’s HELP available but I done a lot of walking and don’t see any signs of help out on the streets where many of ABQ males are talking advantage of these young women on a daily basis"

Part Two
aired 5-28-09 on Jim Villanucci Show (on audio tape)

NOTE: (this call made AFTER news came out that Tiffany Toribio went to a police sub-station the day before THE MURDER to turn herself in on an outstanding warrant. Late at night, with her baby Tyrus in tow... AND THE COPS SENT HER OUT ON HER OWN! jeez)

"COME ON! What were talking about here is a culture that exists at City Hall and Albuquerque PD that puts more empathy on the city’s stray dogs and cats than it does on troubled young women. Any other time I might have given them a pass but we’re talking about ANOTHER sad story that’s riding the coat tails of all those young women buried out on the West Mesa. I guess all the cops were TOO busy trying to look good for Americas Most Wanted (FOX) to realize maybe MORE ATTENTION SHOULD BE PAID TO POLICY CONCERNING these girls/women walking the mean streets of ABQ. You can slant this story any way you people want but that doesn’t forgive the fact that a hell of a lot of Tiffany Toribio’s family, friends, pimps, drug dealers, the Mayor and local cops seemed to miss ALL THE SIGNS!

Maybe after all this recent tragedy concerning young women CITY HALL could start a rescue program for ABQ’s adorable, adoptable meth/crack Ho’s…

NOTE: This young mother and her child were the best example of the need for FREE CHOICE! Two generations of unwanted children who would have been better off not even being born…

It’s funny, all the stiff so-called Christian churches in ABQ and this poor young women and her baby couldn’t find the least bit of VIRTUE? So LOST in this uncaring society and it’s economic condition she thought it was a GOOD idea to smother her baby boy and bury him in the sand to save him from the kind of life she had struggled through…

It’s like what Randi Rhodes always says about the Pro-lifers: “Love the fetus, not so much the child.

CAN YOU SEE THE TEARS ON THIS PAGE? That's Mayor Marty watching his career go down the toilet... I've ruined the careers of government officials MORE POWERFUL than HIM! lol


Anonymous said...

HaHa this guy is some kind of comedian? I heard him on the AM radio show. Mayor Chavez is living the good life, no? I’ve got to go with the female instinct to judge the Mayor. I heard his own wife hates him so much she actually tried to run against him. I hope he leaves the population of this city better than he left her. HaHa

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Chavez on KKOB last week? The Mayor said anyone involved with "risky behavior" is asking to be a victim of Albuquerque's criminal element. But the Mayor is such a silver spoon wussy, he thinks risky behavior includes simply living in a LOW RENT neighborhood.

Rampart said...

Yes, I heard THAT! Chavez is too much, shameless. All that whining didn't convince me. Did you hear that ANGRY man that went off on APD? He was RIGHT! APD is so busy generating INCOME for the city, (Traffic traps, code enforcement, seizures, red light cameras, DUI enforcement,etc.) they're MISSING ALL THE CRIMES! And the criminals KNOW THIS!